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FUNNY STORY ABOUT THESE: for whatever reason, the place I bought them from shipped them separately. Chirrut was to arrive on Monday, Baze on Tuesday. But when UPS tried to deliver on Monday, my roommate couldn’t get to the door in time. So I tried to have Chirrut delivered to my local UPS Access Point. But for whatever reason, it wouldn’t let me, so I crossed my fingers that they would deliver him with Baze the next day since I was planning on working from home. Then of course Tuesday, there was a snowstorm and UPS didn’t deliver anything. I was able to arrange to have Baze delivered to the Access Point, but it still wouldn’t let me have Chirrut delivered there. So I left a note for the driver to deliver to the coffee shop under my apartment instead. Then right before I left work today, my roommate texted me to let me know I had two large packages waiting for me. Long story short: there’s no power in the universe that can separate these two.

me: hey look at this picture i took today

friend: nice [swipes right]

me: [smiles while reading fan fiction]

parent: [leans over shoulder] who are you talking to

me: [writing headcanons for my otp on tumblr]

teacher: [squints] is that your essay

fathomless-a  asked:

How about Jughead and Betty having a date in the woods and suddenly the whole gang shows up and ruined their romantic date? 😬🙊

CHARACTERS: Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Archie Andrews, Kevin Keller
TIME FRAME: After S01E07
LOCATION: The woods
SUMMARY: Betty & Jughead plan a date in the woods, but the entire gang follows them and thus ends up ruining their date.
NOTES: I had so much fun writing this one! I’m always critical about my writing and never end up liking anything I write, but I rather like the connection between the beginning and the ending of this one. I hope readers enjoy this one shot as much as I enjoyed writing it! As always, tell me what you think. Don’t hesitate to request and send in more prompts!

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