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that headcanon about sirius and remus leaving their memories to harry though!!! :(((((( what memories do u think they'd include??????

you mean this post i reblogged?? bc same i want to cry????

• I think what’s most important for them to include is James and Lily’s relationship in their 5th-7th years. Like, Harry only saw Hogwarts-era James and Lily in the perspective of Snape. Besides, I doubt that Remus and Sirius’ vague explanations( “She started going out with him in seventh year” “Once James had deflated his head a bit,” “And stopped hexing people for the fun of it”) were enough to show Harry that Lily Evans did not just ‘tolerate’ or ‘settle for’ James. It wasn’t enough to show that getting the girl isn’t the only reason James grew up. It wasn’t enough to show that he didn’t “earn” or “win” Lily like some prize. They both grew up, grew close, liked each other, and decided to be together.
• I want Harry to see James after the prank realizing how much things have spiraled out of control. I want Harry to see the boys gradually leaving Snape and other victims alone. I want Harry to see James put more effort in school and being a decent person and helping people out and sticking up for his friends without hurting anyone (i mean - except for when someone is throwing slurs at them or when someone makes a dig at Sirius’ family). But also stuff that James has always been doing like skipping class to tend to Moony post-moon, tutoring Peter in subjects he does not get, learning to braid hair specifically because he found out it helps Sirius’ relax, leaving McGonagall Thank You treats on her table without a note or anything everytime she turns a blind eye whenever the boys sneak out to visit Remus in the wing, etc etc
•  I want Harry to see the first partner work for Potions in 6th year (after Lily completely cut off Snape from her life) and James partnering with Sirius because he’s thinking “Ok so what if she isn’t talking to Snape anymore she’ll partner up with Marlene or Alice or Dorcas” and then him tripping over his own feet when Lily waves for him to come over and partner up.
• Since that is Sirius’ memory contribution there’s also a lot of 16-year-old Sirius going all “HOW DARE HE. IS THIS HOW IT IS NOW. MOONY BE MY PARTNER WE’LL SHOW HIM” “…Peter’s my partner” “god so BOTH of you are breaking up with me that’s just GREAT”
• Harry seeing James and Lily spend more time together. At first it’s just glimpses of their study sessions, Lily sitting with the Marauders or James sitting with Lily’s friends. Then glimpses of Lily walking James to practice, James trying Muggle candy and Lily laughing as she messes with his candy a little, Lily playfully elbowing James whenever they’re with other people when they pass by each other in the hallway. It turns to glimpses of their midnight talks , James kissing Lily’s forehead whenever they had to go to different classes, Lily holding James’ hand as he just stares at his breakfast nervous for Quidditch finals (cue Sirius across them being the mother hen to James for once “James Potter, you eat your breakfast NOW, we are not going to win on an empty stomach. Merlin you can’t expect everyone to feed their boyfriends everytime there’s a big match” “Sirius I do not feed him” “I was talking about ME, Lily gosh…im just kidding, Moony, g O D”). Basically Harry not knowing where the “just besties” ended and where the relationship started, because it just flowed and happened like the most natural thing in the world.
• OKAY, IMAGINE HARRY GETTING DISTRACTED  BY REMUS AND SIRIUS THOUGH BECAUSE THESE ARE REMUS AND SIRIUS’ MEMORIES, AND HE’S JUST WATCHING FROM WHERE THEY ARE. Imagine Harry sitting with them at the table and looking across like “…huh, mum and dad really did love each other. i guess that she really didn’t - OKAY WHY IS REMUS’ HAND SLIDING UP SIRIUS’ THIGH WAS THIS A THING THIS IS NOT WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR.” Or the Quidditch finals in Remus’ memories, seeing James and Lily hug - James picking her up and spinning her around and everything- when Gryffindor wins and Remus is smiling proudly at them but Harry is notable to appreciate the moment because right then he sees that Sirius has the microphone, raising the trophy, yelling “CONGRATULATIONS GRYFFINDOR FUCK THIS IS GREAT!!!!!! P.S. SHOUTOUT TO MY BOYFRIEND. MOONY, THIS TROPHY ISN’T THE ONLY PRETTY THING I’M GOING HOME WITH TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!″ (cue a Gryffindor-wide groan and McGonagall yelling at him) and Remus would usually roll his eyes and give him the finger, but he’s too proud of Sirius to joke, so he just smirks and winks and Harry wonders if it’s okay to throw himself off the stands because G OD THESE TWO.
• MEMORIES OF THEIR FRESH-GRADUATE YEAR. Just random memories of flat-hunting, and painting walls together, and nights when they’re out dancing (DISCO ERA, PEOPLE!!! Harry witnesses Sirius and Lily do their obviously-practiced-a-million-times routine in the middle of the dance floor. They’re amazing but James and Remus are still trying to pretend they don’t know these nerds who are taking up all the space)
• OKAY BUT ALSO HARRY’S BIRTH??? JAMES BAWLING, LILY SILENTLY CRYING, REMUS IN AWE BECAUSE THAT THING IS SO LITTLE HOW IS IT SO LITTLE, SIRIUS HOLDING HARRY IN HIS ARMS ALSO BAWLING AND ‘i swear i think he has my nose’. Remus arguing that ‘ok but he has MY eyes’ ‘UM JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE GREEN EYES TOO-’ and James is just holding a very tired Lily in the hospital bed as they look fondly at their life and joy being held by Sirius, and feeling lucky to have this beautiful baby boy - but also feeling lucky because they know that the two idiots arguing about their child will be an amazing extra set of parents to harry
• Remus’ memories of Baby Harry. Remus feeding Harry too much chocolate ( “Remus that’s enough” “But Prongssssss you are depriving your child”). Remus popping by to visit to see James and Lily passed out in bed already and when he goes to Harry’s room, Harry is awake again, looking lost without his parents and on the verge on crying but he breaks into a fit of giggles when he sees his Uncle Moony, who rocks him back to sleep while singing a lullaby.  Remus giving up his oldest, most worn out, favorite cardigan because somehow Harry got hold of it and won’t let it go - he’s bitter until he visits the next day, and Harry is still curled up in his crib with it. Remus and Lily doing lively readings of Muggle bedtime stories - they do the voices and everything - as Harry listens intently, still clutching onto his Moony Cardigan - his newfound safety blanket. Remus falling asleep on the Potter’s couch, with Harry sitting on his chest and drawing on him.
• Sirius’ memories of Baby Harry. Giving him a bath and shaping his hair into a little soap-mohawk. “OH GOD MOONY WHERE’S HARRY WE LOST HARRY” “…he’s hiding under your leather jacket.” Putting Harry on his bike, and joking that he was gonna take one-year-old Harry for a spin and watching James freak out. Sirius groaning as he takes out his Mirror in the middle of work like “James, what do you want now - oh” and finding out Harry is playing with the Mirror; Sirius smiles like an idiot as Harry giggles at seeing his uncle and tries to give him a hug through the glass. Harry’s hair growing long and curly, so Sirius always has those tiny hair ties (he keeps them on his fingers like little rings) to tie Harry’s hair back. Sirius taking a picture of Remus asleep on the couch and Harry asleep on his chest and keeps it in his jacket’s pocket. Sirius as Padfoot, being used as Harry’s new pony as he runs around the backyard with Harry on his back.
• Real-Time Harry releasing himself from the memories in tears because wow even before Ron and Hermione and the Weasleys, he experienced being loved and pampered. He experienced bedtime stories and lullabies and little adventures to the park and people bickering over what his first word would be and he can’t remember it - but now he gets to cherish it. Besides, after seeing all that, the Patronus charm gets a lot easier to do.

Chronological List of Kastle & Kastle Important Scenes

Complete with brief scene overviews and approximate episode timestamps!

For @thekastlediaries and the rest of the kastle fam! Tbh I had 99% of this post already saved on my computer for rewatching purposes; I just reorganized it and found the timestamps real quick, lol.

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[prompt! canonverse. the shipdom needs you. do it for the OTP.] "What's it like kissing Clarke?" / "I don't know, I haven't done it yet."

Ask and ye shall receive :)

Bellamy winces as soon as the words are out of his mouth. As expected, Raven pounces.

Yet?” She crows, gleeful. “Oh this is goooood, this is g-o-”

“Shut up,” he grumbles. When Raven doesn’t stop cackling, he marches over to her table and snatches her precious soldering iron, the one she’s been hoarding for months ever since digging it out from the wreckage of a crashed Ark section.

“Hey!” She lunges forward, trying to get it back, but he shoves it in his bag and reaches the door of the mechanic’s cabin before her hand even reaches the spot where he was standing. “Bellamy, give that back, it’s not just some random screwdriver. You don’t even know how to use it!” When he just raises an eyebrow, she curses and folds her arms, steaming. “What do you even need it for?”

“For insurance,” he says, and leaves.

The following day, Clarke doesn’t act out of the ordinary, so he wonders if maybe Raven has actually kept her mouth shut this once and done him a favor. But one morning he’s taking stock of the ammo with Miller when his friend decides to get clever.

“Did you see the list I left for you at lunch yesterday? It’s getting cold, we’re gonna need to shore up the cabins better.”

Bellamy grunts. He’d spent the day scouring the woods with Kane to better pinpoint the locations on the map hanging in the council room. “I was stuck patrolling. Haven’t gotten to it yet.”

Yet, huh,” Miller repeats slyly, and Bellamy’s head snaps up. “Sounds like there’s a lot of things you haven’t done yet…” He ducks just as Bellamy’s arm swings out. Chuckling, Miller thumps his back and disappears with a final wiggle of his eyebrows.

“Fucking mechanic,” Bellamy swears.

Someone appears at his elbow. “You rang?” Raven asks dryly.

“You’re not getting your toy back,” he says, stomping away.

“Then enjoy showering in the dark!” She hollers after him.

He almost pauses. Almost.

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OH! Love your writing! How about exchanging gifts with Supercat?

imagine Kara has just started working at Catco and isn’t supergirl yet

Kara makes little hot chocolate kits for everyone who works on the floor. It’s not a big deal. It’s a little expensive, sure, even with the simple mugs she bought at the dollar store, but it’s cute, and it’s the holidays—she can afford to splurge a little to make people smile. Cat bans Secret Santa, but she doesn’t ban gift giving as a whole. So Kara comes in extra early one day and puts the kits on everyone’s desk. It’s a mug, decorated with some sort of winter-esque imagery—snowflakes and candy canes and shooting stars, nothing religious, no Christmas trees or anything—and inside is a pouch of hot chocolate mix. She makes three different types: peppermint, caramel, and chocolate supreme. There’s mini marshmallows in every pouch, too.

Miss Grant gets a fancier mug, even though Kara is fairly certain she’ll throw it away—or at least never be caught using it where Kara would see. Her mug is big enough for Kara to fit all three kinds of hot chocolate mix inside, plus a little chocolate heart. Miss Grant is the boss, after all, she deserves something special.

Kara doesn’t expect a reaction from Miss Grant, and she doesn’t get one. What she does get, two days later after everyone else has gone home for the night and she is in Miss Grant’s office working on her tablet, is a present tossed onto the couch next to her. It’s wrapped in light blue paper with sparkling white snowflakes, white ribbon around it, tied off in a bow.

“What’s this, Miss Grant?” Kara says, not yet reaching for the gift.

Miss Grant rolls her eyes. “Generally you have to open presents to find out what they are, Keira. Otherwise what’s the point in wrapping them?”

Kara wonders if Miss Grant wrapped it herself.

“It’s for me?”

“I’m taking it back if you ask any more stupid questions.”

Kara grabs the present. It’s light, and doesn’t make any noise when she shakes it—though Miss Grant does, scoffing under her breath. Kara goes slowly, pulls the end of the bow gently. She tries not to tear the wrapping paper too much.

“Miss Grant,” she says when the present is fully opened, a thick notebook that feels heavier in Kara’s hands than when it was wrapped. “It’s beautiful.”

Miss Grant rolls her eyes again. “Please, Keira,” she says. “You use those cheap spiral bound notebooks until you tear them apart.”

Kara tends to tear them apart when she’s flipping through them and forgets to check her strength enough. She’ll have to be more careful with this one, though its hardcover feels sturdy even under her hands.

“Thank you, Miss Grant. I love it.”

“Yes, well.” Miss Grant turns back to her computer. “You may go for the evening.”

“Are you sure? I could—”

“Good night, Keira.”

Kara gathers her things, including the wrinkled wrapping paper. “Good night, Miss Grant.”