otp: noah and rachel

So I've decided to go ahead and try it...

I started a new store on Zazzle for Puck and Rachel (and Puckleberry specific) t-shirts & accessories. This store will be pretty hard to find unless you see it here on tumblr or are referred to it by someone else. Every item will be tagged with p/r, so if you want to search on Zazzle for it, that is what you’ll have to put in the search bar. The url for the store is www.zazzle.com/mohawksandstars Here is the first shirt, because this is the first thing I thought of when I wanted a Puckleberry related t-shirt. I have made these the lowest possible price I can, it’s not about making money to me it’s about us Puckleberry shippers having something of our own. If you have any ideas or thoughts on something you’d like to have on a shirt please feel free to message me! I will attempt to keep this store as long as possible, hopefully it won’t get shut down with copyrighting issues. I will try to keep everything as vague as possible to keep it open. With that being said, here’s the first shirt from Mohawks & Stars! 

livinginrhythm  asked:

Puck keeps noticing Rachel checking him out in his uniform and decides he's not gonna let that go.

He notices her, noticing him.

It starts innocently enough, her eyes raking over him as he stands near Quinn in the choir room. He can always tell when a chick is checking him out, it’s like a sixth sense or something, and he can feel the heat of Rachel’s gaze on his back when he’s turned away from her.

Puck might be an asshole but he’s not enough of one to tell her that he sees her.

 At least not yet.


“Nice going, Berry. You scared him off!”

He feels bad for barking at her the second he sees her face drop as she watches Headphones (that’s what he calls the kid in his head since he has no fucking clue what his name is) basically run from the choir room.

“Hey,” he says when they are alone and he watches her sad eyes slide up to his. “Sorry, I’m just used to yelling at people all the time,” he jokes and she laughs quietly before looking away quickly. He doesn’t know what that’s about but he does realize that this is the first time that they’ve been alone in a room together in years.

The piano is between them and she’s looking away, almost like she’s shy, and he can remember years ago sitting next to her at this very piano while he tried to convince her to get drunk for the first time.

He’s still chuckling at the memory when he puts his hand up in a wave to leave the choir room, her eyes burning a hole through him all the way out the door.


Seven months.

That’s how long it took for things with Quinn to completely implode and as he watches her go over moves with two of the newest members of New Directions he doesn’t even really feel bad about it. That probably makes him a dick but so what? Like that’s news.

Rachel is watching him from across the room and he sends her a smirk as he works with Headphones (yeah, he knows his name is Roderick but the nickname kind of stuck) on a song arrangement. Rachel’s been doing that a lot lately, staring at him in and out of uniform.

Not that she’s seen him naked or anything, just that he doesn’t always wear his blues when he comes home to visit.

God, he kind of wishes that she’d seen him naked though because that would mean that he’d seen her naked. Which he decided a long time ago is something that he needs to do before he dies. It’s probably number one on his bucket list with a bullet.

He’s in his uniform today though and because he’s newly single and always an asshole he catches her eye when he sees her staring again and winks.

The blush that creeps across  her face is totally worth it.

No one is paying attention to him, except Headphones who is now scribbling away on his sheet music, so Puck excuses himself (yeah, he’s got manners. So what?) and heads over to where Rachel is standing in the corner.

“Berry,” he says with an easy grin and she narrows her eyes.

“What do you want, Puckerman?”

He laughs as he holds his hands up in front of him, palms out facing her. “Hey, feisty pants. No need to jump all over me. Unless…” He leans down a little so he can tell her something that no one else needs to hear. “Unless that’s why you’ve been checking me out for weeks.”

She’s sputtering as she backs away from him and he loves that he’s always been able to make her nervous. “Excuse me?” She asks defiantly, her cheeks flushed in embarrassment. “Checking you…Me? Checking you out? I don’t think so.” She’s shaking her head back in forth like it’s the stupidest thing she’s ever heard. He’s not buying it.

“No need to lie, Rachel.” He watches the way her breath hitches when he says her name. Noted. “I know for a fact that ladies dig the uniform.”

“I’ll have you know that your clothing no way affects the way that I look at you,” Rachel says and he’d believe her if her eyes weren’t flashing with this dangerous mix of mild hatred and lust. He’s been known to bring out that mix in women.

She’s breathing hard when he leans in closer and he doesn’t give a shit who’s watching when he places his hand on her hip to speak directly into her ear.

“Find me later.”

When he pulls back he searches her eyes to make sure he wasn’t getting mixed signals but then she’s licking her lips and nodding slightly.

He completely ignores the looks from the others (Quinn) as he makes his way out of the room.


He’s got her pressed up against the door of her room and he feels like he’s sixteen again.

Her fingers are gripping the lapels of his jacket and he grins against her lips as he presses his hips against hers.

“Damn, Rachel,” he breathes into her neck and the sound she lets out is practically perfection. “Who knew a little uniform would get you so hot?”

She giggles when he reaches down to pick her up, her skirt barely covering her thighs as he carries her over and drops her onto her bed.

“Uniforms are good,” she says breathlessly when she’s naked and he’s shirtless and unbuckling his belt but her voice catches when he steps out of the rest of his clothes. “But out of uniform is good too.”

He gives her a wicked grin as he pulls her by the ankle until she’s half on the bed, half off.

“Yeah,” he says, lifting her legs so she’s open and ready for him. “This is good, too.”


finntana/puckleberry au

Rachel thinks that Finn, her boyfriend’s childhood friend, is perfect for Santana, her best friend and co-worker, so she comes up with a plan to get them together, even if Noah isn’t too convinced at the beginning and thinks that this is other of his girlfriend’s crazy ideas and she’s just seeing things; he was so wrong.

This is for my beautiful Alejandra! Prompt: AU. Rachel bids on Puck at a charity bachelor auction.

going once, going twice

Rachel Berry does not need to pay for dates.

That was the first thing that went through her mind when her best friend Blaine Anderson brought up attending the charity bachelor auction that was being put on by the company that he works for.

Sure, she might not be beating men off with a stick but she’s confident enough in her talent and looks to know that she’s certainly not one of those women that has to beg for a date, let alone pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to force someone to take her out for the night.

Then Blaine had turned his puppy dog eyes on her and she found herself wishing (not for the first time) that he was straight because god he could make her do anything with that look. So she had just sighed and nodded her head in defeat and she couldn’t help but smile when Blaine clapped his hands in excitement.

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