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DANCE MAJORS AU Part 1 (Part 1.5Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3 finale) Hip-hop dancer Keith in a ponytail. Everyone is just so mesmerized when he dances on stage or even just during practice. Outside the dance studio, he’s a huge space nerd who’s got a secret crush on the contemporary ballet dancer next door who he may or may have not thought of asking out… next week or next month.

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Lex is killed in prison. Lena's reaction is a lot more than she thought it would be but she tries to deal on her own so Kara comes to comfort her


The news breaks on Twitter first, and then later on the national news. Lena doesn’t hear about it until she’s walking out of a marketing meeting and checks her phone.

It doesn’t register right away. The words seem so benign as they flash at her from multiple notifications on the screen.


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Isak and Even basically inventing the concept of “heart eyes” (1 / 2)

becamitchell  asked:

31 and/or 34 with supercorp for the thing obviously

31) Who is more affectionate?

Lena remembers hearing once that the purest form of affection is a mother’s love.

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top 15 jeff/annie scenes (as voted by my followers):

15. annie is in jeff’s heart [urban matrimony and the sandwich arts]


                                                          I can’t get over it, really.
                        The fact that in some realities we aren’t even, you know, married.

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15, 36, 50. You know who

I assume this is about - no wait I can’t even joke. I KNOW WHO. 

15) Who is scared of the dark?

They’re camping. It’s something Lena Luthor thought she’d never be caught dead doing and yet here she is, seated around a campfire with Kara Danvers and family like it’s something ordinary. For Kara, Lena supposes, it probably is.

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