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He thinks about Kit, some kind of warped, ruined saint with all her broken morals and shades of grey, surrounded by all of her foolish righteous holier-than-thou comrades, whiter than white, and he swallows heavily, because finally he understands what she meant. He doesn’t understand you like I do though, does he? he thinks, but she turns her back before he gets the chance to say it out loud.


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Hi ^^ Maybe you notice it but i totally love your blog and sure Kaisoo 😊❤ Can i ask you on something? :3 You look like good and friedly person so i want know your opinion 😅 I'm with EXO only 2 years and i still don't know my otp 😂 So, have you some favorites jealous Kaisoo moments? 💕 Thank you so much and sorry for my bad english :/

Hello sweetie first of all sorry for the late response for your ask and thank you so much for liking my blog and don’t worry your English is fine i understood perfectly what you meant to say ^^ 

So let’s start there’s a lot of jealous moments when it comes to Kaisoo. So gladly i’m going to share some of fav jealous moments with you. :)

1) It was during an award function and kaisoo were really close and touchy that day. The moment Chen grabbed Kyungsoo’s hand Jongin looked at their hands looking really annoyed.

2) It was in a concert when all a sudden the leader began to get touchy feely with the jagi… Surely someone was not pleased at all but played it off as if it didn’t affect him at all.

3) Kai was not having it when the make-up artist was touching the jagi… and he made sure to show his displeasure

4) It’s not that i hate Taekai’s friendship but this is one of my fav moment where it shows that Kyungsoo was jealous of the closeness of taekai and he showed it vehemently by following them and repeatedly hit the bae until Tae let go

5) This was again in an award function i guess where kai was jealous of the hug that Hongbin gave to kyungsoo

6) it was during a radio show where an old friend of Jongin called and clearly Kyungie wasn’t pleased at all

And here are some random jealous moments which i found kinda endearing

But even if there are so many Kaisoo jealous moments it clearly shows 1 thing that their love is mutual and pure 

Note: All the pictures that have been used here are not mine so credit to all the rightful owners :)

List your top 5 6 OTPs from 5 6 different fandoms 

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1. Klaroline - The Vampire Diaries

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2, 3 and 4 (in no particular order): 

Stydia - Teen Wolf 

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Captain Swan - Once Upon a Time

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Olicity - Arrow

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5. Bellarke - The 100

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6. Snowbarry - The Flash

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lol sorry for being trash again but i feel like it’s expected, by now.  Idk how many of my followers are puppyshippers, but that’s like all I post and draw, so I’m assuming it’s a decent amount of you lol

I just wanted to say thanks to all 50 of my followers; that’s a milestone I reached this week, and that just seems like so many people! So here’s my gift of the OTP xoxo

Otp Prompt #26

A and B are lounging around their house on a Sunday morning. A is sipping their morning coffee/tea and B is on their phone. Out of no where B starts giggling. “What are you laughing at?” A asks, leaning over to look at B’s phone. “Nothing!” B says, defensively pulling their phone away. A and B end up wrestling on the couch over the phone.

“B, let me see.”

“No thanks!”


“It’s nothing A, I swear.”

“Give me the phone!!”

A ends up getting ahold of B’s phone and looks at what’s on it. Uncomfortably they look up at B and say:

“Are…are you reading Warrior Cats fan fiction?”


“It’s been a long time since you’ve felt anything close to warmth, after all.”

“This is why it comes as a big shock, an unexpected surprise, to suddenly feel blazing heat just a small distance ahead.”

“It comes in the form of that excitable middle-schooler from a few months ago.”

“Loud and brazen, rude, are the words you use to describe him as you poke at him with your sharp tongue and smirks, getting off on the wrong foot with him right then and there.”

“You didn’t think you would come to regret as soon as you did, but you are.”

“You slowly start to add to the tags and labels you attach to him the longer to observe him. You do so carefully, but you do it nevertheless. You can’t help it.”

“You feel warm.”

He is the sun, the light that attracts the moth with never-ending curiosity and failure to realise it will always burn just as it reaches its prize. It never learns from its mistakes and neither do you.”

“You can’t help but watch, can’t help but bask in the heat he directs at you from burning amber.”

You want, need, him to look at you to feel that rush of pleasurable heat, chasing away the permanent chill inside you. But you can’t get him to, no matter what, so you finish what you started.”

“You can’t help it.”


                          Happy MiyuSawa Day, everyone! [2/18]

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I've been following for for so long, and yes, all your legacies have broken me to pieces, and I've loved them all. But I will never love a couple like I loved Caleb, and Melody. The heart ache that I feel for them is so real. Every time I saw Caleb without Melody I got extremely emotional. They are definitely my OTP of your legacies, and I honestly don't think that will change (But maybe it will because you're so good at what you do) Please keep up the good work!!

oh my god, I don’t even know what to say, this just makes me so happy that you love them like I love them. omg. thank you so so much ❤️!!

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i have to say i'm a little scared sending this, because i don't how you feel about solangelo..but it would be ok, for the otp meme, solangelo + 17? thank you either way :3

otp meme thing: 17. who would make a blanket fort? would the other help?

will would start to make the fort, nico would continually try to fix it up. and then, exactly two minutes after nico has it just the way he wanted it the whole thing just…um……..


Reverse Falls!Pacifica Southeast and Gideon Pines

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Okay, so, I didn’t draw anything, but you know why??? BC IT’S MY BIRTHDAY, YAAAAAAY!!<3 <3 <3
And my friends drew for me some arts with JeffMads, bc they know that it’s my OTP. On the first picture writing in Russian, it means “Happy birthday!” in English. On the second picture Jemmy and Thomas in pink clothes bc it’s my favorite color, haha <3
Also, my other friend gave me a t-shirt with Hamilton emblem, aaaaaw!! It’s perfect and I love it so much :“3 /and I finally can change my age in the description of my blog, hhhaaa/

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I have no idea how long ago this was, but Can you do number 30 in the otp quotes challange thing please? If you don't mind of course lol

Thank you so much for you ask! Of course, I don’t mind! I hope it’s up to your standards, I wanted to get it out to you as soon as possible!

Prompt: ““You can’t run so it’ll be faster if I just carry you.”

“You can’t run,” Oliver raises an eyebrow to his observation.

“No, Barry, I cannot.” Oliver says, “it’s not completely obvious or anything.”

“I’ll let that slide, because I know you’re in pain,” Barry says with a smile. “If you would have let me finish- You can’t run, so It’ll be faster if I just carry you.”

“Barry, you’re not carrying me, I can kind of walk, it’s fine,” Oliver tells him, looking at his twisted up foot.

“Oliver, if you hadn’t noticed, we’re in the middle of the city. The cave is like 10 blocks south of here.” Barry told him. “I’m the Flash, just let me carry you. The fans will go crazy.”

Oliver rolls his eyes, staring at him with a sparkle in his eye that was reserved when he was looking at Barry only. “Oh yes, the Flash/Arrow fans that are obsessed with our relationship.”

“Yep,” Barry smirks, “Wouldn’t it be a shame if some of them didn’t catch me carrying you across Star City?”

“I would say no, but I know that’s not the answer you’re looking for.” Oliver laughs. He’s precariously sitting on an old air conditioning unit, Barry standing right beside him in the alleyway they have stowed away in. Barry gives him a look. “Okay, fine, I guess you carrying me is a better option than dragging my bum foot 10 blocks through Star City.”

“I knew you’d see it my way.” Barry smirks, “You ready to get out of here, Prince Charming?” With an eye roll from Oliver, Barry holds his arms out.

“Fine, but if I’m Prince Charming, does that make you Cinderella?”

“If the shoe fits, wear it, Ollie.” Barry says, before effortlessly picking Oliver up. Barry speeds off, holding Oliver close to his chest.

The next day, there are many news reports, (“They have nothing better to do.” Oliver says, rolling his eyes at the theories.) all pictures of the Flash reportedly carrying the Green Arrow across Star City. There are mostly theories about what type of injury Oliver would have had to sustain which resulted in Barry carrying him, but most of them were relationship based.


“Flash carrying Green Arrow across Star City, do we have a new superhero team in the works?”

“Flash looks too comfortable carrying Green Arrow after he is injured in a fight with the Tranmaker.”

“Green Arrow lets superhero boyfriend carry him across Star City.”

“The Flash and Supergirl VS. The Flash and Green Arrow: Have we placed our bets on the relationship of the wrong superhero duo?” (Barry snorts. “If they bet on me and Supergirl getting together, they definitely are going to lose their money.”)

“16 Reasons Why The Flash and The Green Arrow Are Definitely Dating.”

“Who cares? The Flash is seen carrying the Green Arrow. How invested are we as a society in celebrities and their dating lives?” (Barry and Oliver both snort at this. Oliver claims this is his favorite article out of all of them.)

“Mayor Oliver Queen has a new Beau and now The Green Arrow? These two Star City heroes can still get around.” (Barry says this is his favorite just because the headline is literally talking about the same person with the same boyfriend. Oliver rolls his eyes. “Barry, you find the most simple things to get excited about.” “Oh shut up, you love it.” “Yeah, yeah I do.”

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Who was emo, who kills bugs, who likes pda, and who gets the stray dog?

- Who in your otp had the Emo phase in high school?

I always like to think Papyrus had an emo phase where the only thing that changes is his clothes go darker and he nags Sans in a more whining tone saying things like “you’re not my dad”. And then he gets worried that he’s being too mean to him and apologise immediately.

But also– little ghosty MTT crying into his diaries saying “Blooky just doesn’t get me” and writing sad poetry is also pretty entertaining.

So both!

- Who is the one who kills the bugs?

Papyrus does! But he doesn’t kill them, he takes them outside to live their short lives. Who knows? That spider could be one of MTT’s many fans! Can’t just murder them! 

However, if the bug looks too… “threatening” (big spider, roach, etc) he calls Undyne to come round and take it outside. Mettaton’s left the house by this point. Bugs creep him out.

- Who likes PDA more?

THEY BOTH DO. Seriously. This one is on equal footing. Papyton is PDA central. They don’t care if they’re in public- they can’t keep their hands off each other. It’s impossible! Stop making puke noises Undyne!

- Who brings home a stray dog and begs the other to keep it?

Mettaton brings home the stray dog. Knowing Papyrus’ luck, it’s probably the annoying dog that’s always bothering him. Mettaton thinks it’s a little cutie but Papyrus has an expression like >:(. He’s not going to win this one easily. Not unless Mettaton has lots of smooches ready… Which he probably does.

But… if I cast my mind back, Mettaton also turns that dog into a bomb at one point… so something tells me he doesn’t have the best relationship with it either…

There’s not enough material of my otp so you’ll have to excuse me as I continue to draw Jearmins based on Erejearmin’s adorable playlist, in particular “A question” by Bombadil.