otp: no whining

I just want Anders and Fenris to sit down and discuss their issues and come to an understanding and to eventually be friends. I want the whole crew to love and accept and support Merrill and Anders. I want a happy ending for the surviving Hawke sibling. I want Isabela and Aveline to be like magnanimous hatebros who exchange mutually amicable vitriol. I want Anders to figure out his issues with Justice and turn into a synergistic team with the support of the group. I want Sebastian to grow a spine and also some character development and stop being a pillock. I want Varric to write terrible romances and then Isabela to edit the drafts. I want Anders to get his cat and Hawke to get his dragon and Merrill to get her baby griffon named Feathers. I want the whole crew to get the fuck out of Kirkwall and go settle somewhere that isn’t a demon-infested shitsack of terrible. I want them to all be a great big nakama. 

I just. I just want them to be happy so bad. 

  • me: too hot-
  • coffee: hot damn
  • hot chocolate: hot damn
  • tea: hot damn
  • microwave food: hot damn
  • friends: hot damn
  • fictional characters: hot damn
  • band members: hot damn
  • shower: hot damn
Accentuating the Positive

I’ve had a crummy day today, but…

  • Even though I’m working late, I’m doing so from home in a comfortable hoodie.
  • Even though some of my coworkers rubbed me the wrong way earlier today, I still have a job that I like that pays me more than I’ve ever made before.
  • In less than two hours, I’ll be cracking open a beer.
  • Not too long after that, I’m going to do it with my sexy girlfriend.