otp: no one is better for me than you


“Who needs romance when you can have bromance”

Imagine Your OTP
  • Person A: What's your biggest fear?
  • Person B: You.
  • Person A: Me?!
  • Person B: I'm scared that one day you'll look in the mirror and see yourself as I see you. You will realize just how amazing you are and that you deserve better than me...
  • Person B: I'm terrified that you'll leave.

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Hi! For the poses meme, Victuuri 3c owo or You annnd idk who you ship her with but Chika I guess?

and I raise shameless Banquet Victuuri + disheveled&horrified Yurio in your honor  🍸 🍸🍸

(I also did YouChika but since I received multiple requests of them I will put them all together~~♥).


He thinks about Kit, some kind of warped, ruined saint with all her broken morals and shades of grey, surrounded by all of her foolish righteous holier-than-thou comrades, whiter than white, and he swallows heavily, because finally he understands what she meant. He doesn’t understand you like I do though, does he? he thinks, but she turns her back before he gets the chance to say it out loud.


it’s my first time making a tumblr collage background and it turned out better than i thought it would😀!! i still need more practice and i also want to try to make headers in this style, so if you want me to make one for you with Tobes or your Tobes otp just drop by the ask box and i make one😉!! please like this if you’re going to use this!!

Gaston: What’s your biggest fear?

LeFou: You.

Gaston: Me?

LeFou: I’m scared that one day you’ll look in the mirror and see yourself as I see you. You will realize just how amazing you are and that you deserve better than me… I’m terrified that you’ll leave me when you do.

Gaston: Damn, that’s deep. I’m afraid of having a bad hairday.

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30 sentence prompts
  • 01: "please stay"
  • 02: "I want to kiss you"
  • 03: "when I'm with you, nothing else matters"
  • 04: "I wish we could be more than this"
  • 05: "just stay with me, like this please"
  • 06: "will you lay with me beneath the night sky"
  • 07: "if I could do this all over again, I would"
  • 08: "my life would suck without you"
  • 09: "I wish you were here"
  • 10: "tell me that you love me"
  • 11: "I just want you to be with me, even just for a little bit"
  • 12: "you feel a lot like home"
  • 13: "can we take one step closer"
  • 14: "you're my favorite song"
  • 15: "you found me"
  • 16: "it's nice being loved back"
  • 17: "god gave me you and took you back"
  • 18: "we are a story slowly unfolding"
  • 19: "they said two is better than one and they're right"
  • 20: "i'll wait for you"
  • 21: "today was a fairytale"
  • 22: "I don't want to love somebody else"
  • 23: "I miss the old school love"
  • 24: "let me love you"
  • 25: "let's run away together"
  • 26: "you look beautiful"
  • 27: "I just want to show you off"
  • 28: "we keep this love in a photograph"
  • 29: "if you love me, let me know, before its too late"
  • 30: "love is not over"
Random song lyrics dialogue prompts
  1. “I look at you and I see myself”
  2. “I know you’re better than anyone else” 
  3. “He told me that loving him was never enough”
  4. “There’s an old man sitting on a throne and saying that I probably shouldn’t be so mean”
  5. “Won’t you carry me to the end?”
  6. “Do you want to be with somebody like me?”
  7. “January to December, do you wanna be a member?”
  8. “I knew my skin that wrapped my frame wasn’t made to play this game”
  10. “But believe me, I’m fine”
  11. “I’d die for you, that’s easy to say”
  12. “I thought of angels chocking on their halos”
  13. “Put on your war paint”
  14. “I’m gonna change you like a remix”
  15. “Be careful making wishes in the dark”
  16. “We are like young volcanoes”
  17. “I’m here to collect your hearts”
  18. “They sent me away”
  19. “I couldn’t stand the person inside me”
  20. “Who is in control?” (idk, stop it with the questions Halsey)
  21. “Goddamn right, you should be scared of me”
  22. “Tell me that you love me, even if it’s fake”
  23. “I think I’m too cool to know you”
  24. “We’re going down”
  25. “Let that hell of a drug emerge in your veins”

If you use any, please tell me ‘cause I’m bored most of the time and reading your stories would be lots of fun.

Uncommon Theatre AUs

Because so many of the theatre AUs I see are so generic when crazy things actually happen and are said in theatre.

  • Hey you’re literally on two minutes get out of the bathroom so you can go on stage – wait are you crying?? au
  • The girl playing your wife went home early today and I’m her understudy so I guess I’m your wife now haha why are you looking at me like that au
  • We’re playing ensemble members and have to pretend that we’re a family so quick you’re my spouse pretend you like me au
  • Alternatively: They brought in middle schoolers to be kids and we have to look after three of them now WAIT WHERE DID JOHNNY GO au
  • I literally hate your guts but I have to get you fitted for a costume so just put this on and wow you’re actually pretty cute au
  • I told you the tempo is 1-2-3-4 and THEN you start singing but you keep missing a beat just listen to me !! au
  • You’re so bad at keeping the melody meanwhile I have all three harmonies memorized so please just listen to me and do what I do au
  • Our theatre company is really tiny I was assigned as the swing for everybody so you have to help me memorize every single person’s part in this musical plEASE au
  • Alternatively: I learned all of the parts and we have 3 leads gone today so as a joke I’m filling in for all 3 but I’m having a breakdown backstage because the stress of all these characters are hurting my brain hold me au
  • We’re co-stage managers and we have to turn off the stage lights at the same time after the intermission but our walkies won’t work so we have to communicate via hand signals au
  • You got the principal part while I got the understudy role and I was super bitter about it but you asked me to help you memorize lines and you’re actually super nice I’m so sorry for hating you au
  • I FINALLY got a lead in a play and I’m super excited and I’m probably annoying you I’m sorry au
  • You have the most ridiculous costume in the entire play and I have to help you get into it but there’s four layers to your dress and is this skirt inside out or?? au
  • Our director is a jerk and you and I complain about them while we’re smoking outside even though they say it’ll destroy our voices because we just want to spite them au
  • Hey we have rehearsals in five minutes and you’re the lead you need to be here and what do you mean you only just woke up? YOU’RE GOING TO TAKE A SHOWER FIRST?? au
  • Alternatively: This is the third time you’ve been late to rehearsals just get here. No, I don’t care if you haven’t eaten yet, just GET HERE NOW au
  • I’m head stage manager and you’re my assistant stage manager so thanks for covering for me all those times I had to leave and WAIT WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE HEAD STAGE MANAGER NOW?! au
  • Me and someone else were supposed to carry this dead character out of the scene but that someone else isn’t here and even though you’re in full costume you gotta help me just COME ON au
  • Alternatively: I’m supposed to be carried out of the scene and I swear if you drop me I will end you au
  • Look I know you’re the one that plays the piano to get everyone to learn their parts but I can literally play so much better than you just let me do this au
  • It’s the night before our first performance and you don’t know all your lines so I’m helping you cram au
  • We’ve been at rehearsals for three hours and I’m starving just give me some money so I can go to the vending machine au

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Day 5 of my Draw Your OTP 30 Day Challenge!


Must be honest, I had a different idea, but for today let’s just do it soft (and in a very rush, had a busy day ;w; ), and well, what’s better than a “After love” picture?
Maybe one where they MAKE LOVE. And I promise I will do it once the Challenge is done!
For now… Enjoy!

P.S: I am ON for Commissions!


We all laugh together, and mine transforms into an overwhelmed smile. I look to Ryke, but I can’t do anything but nod at him—you know those moments where you’re just so full you can barely breathe? So full of feelings you only hope to meet.
They crash against me like freefalling. Like cliff diving and bungee jumping. Like screaming at the top of my lungs. Like one-hundred-and-fifty miles per hour.
All with Ryke Meadows.

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Jimon “Must be a day ending in y."

(special thanks to @sonhoedesrazao for helping me with gift ideas. <3)

Jace has never really had a serious relationship before. He’s been with a lot of people, but he never sticked around any of them for more than a month. Not letting himself get emotionally attached to other people was one of the hardest lessons he ever had to learn, still, it was one that stuck with him.

Despite his best efforts, despite every precaution he ever took to separate sex from feelings, this nerd still managed to waltz his way into his heart. With his bushy eyebrows and stupid glasses. Who smiles big and bright, unguarded. Never holds back about anything. Who wears his heart on his sleeve like he’s not afraid someone will pluck it out of him and destroy it.

For the first time in his life, Jace felt like he couldn’t let go.

So, no. Before Simon, Jace had never done the long term relationship thing. Never had to remember birthdays or anniversary dates or any of that corny mundane stuff. Never had to worry about buying a gift, which is why he’s freaking the fuck right out about this. 

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More Spiritassassin things

(More things no one asked for but that I wanted to do anyway. I stole this from someone else and then removed things that were similar to the last one.)

who is more likely to hurt the other?

Baze is more likely to have his feelings hurt if a joke hits wrong, though by this point he knows Chirrut’s every tone so they don’t really land incorrectly anymore. But when they young, oh when they were young, it was Baze whose heart hurt quite a bit because Chirrut said something and didn’t understand the impact it would have and Baze didn’t realize that the beautiful lovely boy was just playing.

Physically. Well. They both have quite a few bruises and scratches from both sexual escapdes as well as just general sparring and wrestling. Although Chirrut has been known to toss things at Baze occasionally with more force than he means to when Baze is distracted and then there might be an actual sort of injury but those aren’t on purpose.

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hi, i really love your blog can i have prompts for my OTP about their daily life after one woke up from comatose after 14 years?

Thank you so much! I’ll try!

1. It’s funny, the way things have changed. Sometimes, when I look at you, I do a double-take, because you’re so much older than before.

2. They stopped making my favorite brand of cereal ten years ago. You go out of your way to try to make one that tastes the same, and it’s awful, but I love you all the more for it.

3. My favorite show ended years ago, and we’re marathon-watching it together, but I’m getting really nervous about the faces you’re making. Is this going to end in heartbreak? Oh, no, THEY can’t get together!

4. I used to be able to make your coffee perfectly, but now, you drink it totally differently, and I haven’t been able to master your new order.

5. I can’t stop kissing you, and you think it’s cute, but the truth is, I’m scared I’m going to wake up from all of this, and it’ll all be a dream again.

6. You’ve redecorated everything, and I don’t want to complain about it, so I’m trying to slowly switch out the new decorations, and replace them with the old ones. Hopefully you won’t notice.

7. I get tired so easily now, and I hate it, but your encouragement helps me get through it.

8. I can’t believe that I have gray hairs now, but you still tell me I look amazing, and that makes me feel better than it should.

I hope these helped! :D

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What are your fav ships on tvd and why?

Jeremy/Anna was my favorite Jeremy ship, just putting that out there now. I never cared much about he and Bonnie together because imo they were a boring couple. I felt the connection so much more with him and Anna.

I also really love Steroline - it’s just a beautiful ship in general as cliche as falling for your best friend is; all the parallels and foreshadowing with these two just kill me. Everyone who says this ship ‘came out of nowhere’ really need to check themselves tbh. There was a time I was really, really, in love with Forwood too but TVD kind of ruined that ship for me after they had Caroline sleep with Klaus when he’d killed Tyler’s mother. Knowing that she did that, the thought of them being together or getting back together just didn’t seem right to me anymore (so thank you tvd, for ruining a great ship for your fanservice). As for Caroline/Klaus I think they had(have?) potential but he’s done a lot of fucked up shit to her and the people she cares about, and really hasn’t atoned for any of it. It’s like Damon, and all the people he’s hurt that ELENA cares about…(It’s always been a mystery to me how someone could ship K/C but hate D/E or vice versa lmao)

And speaking of that, my other favorite ship: Bamon. Back in like, season three I wondered why anyone would even ship this because the two hardly interacted at all. At some point though I read the books, and book!Bamon became like a hardcore otp for me. However, I kept that ship strictly to the books until season six happened. I think the moment that really won me over was the ‘There’s hope for you’ scene - because Damon had lived life being told over and over he was a monster (’there’s no good left in damon’) and he never seemed to believe that he could be better. Nobody else believed in him, so he didn’t believe in himself. But then along comes Bonnie, pointing out the one difference: He feels remorse, and that makes him different than someone than Kai. It means there’s hope for him and it means that he CAN change. But at the same time, Bonnie never pushed him to change either.

I used to ship Damon and Elena. At some point, I didn’t even mind Stefan/Elena either. But in S03 I got so tired of the love triangle that both of those ships became kind of… disgusting to me. With Stefan/Elena, the relationship was very one sided. I feel like most people only shipped them because of the intensity of Stefan’s love for Elena, but failed to see that she didn’t reciprocate that. Elena treated Stefan like absolute garbage and I just wasn’t here for that. And with Damon, she became just… really selfish. I hate how people are always giving her credit for ‘making him a better man’ when she really didn’t. If Elena made Damon better, he wouldn’t have been killing Whittemores while they were still together. Not only that, but Elena only seemed to want Damon to be a better man for her own sake. The ‘What does that say about me?’ line when Caroline goaded her to come clean about her feelings for Damon early S03 and the ‘I don’t want you to be what other people think that you are!’ during their fight scene shows that clear as day. Elena needs Damon to be ‘good’ so she doesn’t have to feel like an awful person for having feelings for him. She doesn’t want him to be good for the sake of being good, she wants him to be good because it reflects poorly on her for being in a relationship with him if he isn’t.

half-blood prince au
  • Harry: *sitting in common room complaining to hermione*
  • Hermione: *sitting in the chair next to him, trying very hard to be a good friend and continue listening*
  • Harry: Oh, man, what am I going to do? I'm in love with Ginny but she's with Dean! No one could ever understand how this feels--
  • Seamus: *walks in*
  • Hermione: *suddenly has idea*
  • Hermione: Hey, Seamus. You don't want Ginny and Dean together because you're totally in love with Dean, right?
  • Harry and his oblivious ass: What?
  • Seamus: Um... yes.
  • Hermione: *gets up and pats seat*
  • Hermione: Sit.
Otp prompt #10

Its Christmas day and your otp is gathered around the tree with all of their most beloved friends and family. The stack of presents under the tree is growing smaller ad smaller, and its narrowing down to just one large box that B told A they have to open last. A is sitting on B’s lap when they see that the box is the last present left. A looks to B with pleading eyes and B says “alright A, go open it up.”

A jumps off of B’s lap and runs over to the box. They pull off the sold and inside is nothing but a small note of paper. They pick up the paper and it simply says “turn around”. A does a instructed, and when they turn, they see B kneeling in front of them.

B reaches into their pocket and pulls out a ring.

“A, you are the most amazing person I’ve ever met. our relationship has had its ups and downs, but above all else, I couldn’t ask to be with someone better than you. You’re the love of my life and I want to live out the rest of my days with you by my side, so will you do me the biggest honour I could ever ask and marry me?”

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Courferre "I kissed you so the cops chasing me would pass by but it's been five minutes and we're still making out in this alley" au


  • i like to imagine this au with long term best friends courf and ferre okay please for a moment consider your standard best friends courf and ferre totally oblivious to the fact that they’re in love with each other
  • LET’S SAY courf and enjolras, in typical couf and enj fashion, have a TERRIBLE IDEA and they decide to try and bust one of the deans of the science program for doing some shady stuff on campus however this “busting” involves breaking into the dean’s office at night and courf isn’t exactly good at taking security systems or alarms into account and he ends up being chased throughout campus by the security guards, enjolras longsince forgotten about because Every Man For Himself and enj has never been the jock type so the guards probably caught him forever ago and it’s whatever. courf will have feuilly bail him out of campus jail later. 
  • IN THE GRAND CHASE OF A LIFETIME, courf sees ferre walking back to his dorm from the library and of course when ferre catches sight of him, he immediately gets that You Two Didn’t Tell Me What You Were Up To And Now Look Where You Are expression
  • now, since today hasn’t exactly been full of Good Ideas, courf’s first instinct upon seeing his best friend walking across the green is not to apologize or explain, but rather to practically pounce on him, grabbing his face with both of his hands and backing ferre up against one of the trees with only the words, “roll with it” before kissing him. 
  • it should be noted it’s not exactly a gentle kiss. courf practically sticks his tongue down ferre’s throat upon greeting and he has his hands tugging at ferre’s hair within seconds and it kind of might have a little bit more to do with the fact he’s always wondered what that would feel like (because he’s definitely always felt sick to his stomach watching ferre’s boyfriends and girlfriends do it) than it does with making sure the guards don’t look their way. it should also be noted that ferre drops his books and coffee the very second courf makes contact and he’s got his hands underneath courf’s tee shirt way sooner than should probably be expected. in fact, it dawns on courf pretty quickly that anything other than ferre pulling away isn’t really expected. 
  • so, after roughly five solid minutes, courf manages to pull back from his best friend’s face long enough to say, “i think they’re gone” in a voice way higher than his usual decibel 
  • and ferre, with his eyes still locked on courf’s mouth says, “better safe than sorry,” and he turns them so that courf’s the one with his back pressed against the tree. 

give me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons