otp: never

A person like you will never fall in love with a person like me, and I struggle to deal with that fact every day of my life.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write

westallen + tv tropes

i want my beloved to be happy

You know you’d think that me getting a first in a 7000 word dissertation but barely scraping a 2:2 in a standard exam would be evidence to the education system that exams don’t measure your actual academic ability at all but u know they’re gonna continue forcing students to memorise information anyway 

okay semi-rational thoughts about tonight that will probably turn into a rant ramble because I have only just watched the ep and have not had time to digest yet

Things I loved about this episode

Character development for the win:

Can you believe that Robert Sugden, the man who lies for a living told the truth out of nothing more than guilt. He wasn’t pressured, forced, coerced. He did it because he couldn’t lie anymore.

Aaron acknowledging that he thought about self harm and did something about it by going to his councillor rather than harming himself. 

Aaron actually stopping Robert from walking away and getting him to talk about the situation rather than exploding. 

Robert acknowledging that he was wrong, not trying to blame it on anyone else but himself.

Robert making it very clear that the incident had nothing to do with him being bisexual, his defence of that part of him made me so happy. 

Aaron acknowledging that he’d hurt Robert whilst he was inside, and that they had both hurt each other, so they’re both partly to blame.

Robert looking so small and vulnerable as he nuzzled into Aaron, clinging on for dear life

Robert jamming that ring on Aaron’s finger like he couldn’t stand to see him without it for another second.

On a purely shallow note, the fact that Ryan Hawley has to stoop slightly to grab the door handle to the Mill because it’s so low down (bless)

Things I didn’t like so much:

The fact that Aaron said that Robert could have stopped it with Rebecca at anytime, even though he was drunk. I’m not going to go about the consent issue but he passed out, he doesn’t remember finishing or her leaving, so yeah that made me uncomfortable. 

The fact that Aaron said that they were never really married, that hurt. Yeah they’re not legally married but it still meant the same thing and to have him dismiss it like that. I know he was hurt and angry but yeah…

Rebecca, when Chrissie asked about the morning after pill and her response was “I wanted to forget about it” well surely you make sure that you can forget about it by making sure there’s going to be no baby as a result of your stupid one night

So on the whole I liked a lot more about this episode then I didn’t like, I’m just holding out for the fall out tomorrow. 

things I will never be over: 

Kara’s face when Lena talks to her

Kara’s face when she’s letting Lena into her apartment

Lena’s face when she didn’t know that Alex is Kara’s sister

The lip bite

Kara’s face when she thought Lena and Winn were getting frisky under the stage

This whole scene

Kara’s face when she’s defending Lena to everyone

Kara wingmaning herself

Lena’s face when Kara bent over to pick up her bag

Lena standing in CatCo like a runway model

The lip bite 2.0

Lena’s face when Supergirl saved her life


30 day otp challenge | day 4: cuddling somewhere

me dreaming about even bech næsheim being the main character of a 14 episode long season of norwegian hit series skam where his feelings and fears regarding the struggles with his sexuality and mental illness are being brought to light in the most beautiful way through his own eyes as he learns to love and be loved and waking up realising that’s never gonna happen