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adrienette, winter

THIS GOT AWAY FROM ME but i really hope you like it!!!

“Stare some more and she’s gonna think you’re a creep.”

Adrien yelps, jumping a little bit at the sound of Alya’s voice. She, like him, chose to sit out on the chance to enter the skate rink (what if I fall on my butt and break my phone? How am I going to record when another akuma attacks?), at least for the while.

Adrien is glad to have a free day. It’s been so long since he last had one, and he made plans with Alya, Marinette and Nino as soon as Nathalie informed him of it. They decided to go out and wander for a bit, and in their walking they found the skate rink, in which Marinette and Nino are currently having the time of her life.

Well, Marinette is, Nino’s mostly just trying to do a sick move (possibly to impress Alya) and falling on his butt in the process.

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Title: We Can Just Be

Pairings: Hide/Kaneki

Word Count: 2,449

Warnings: Kaneki’s pretty gay for Hide, and I tried to write kissing, so consider yourself warned.

Notes: Firstly of all, this fic is dedicated to my lovely birb, Mari, since it’s her birthday. Mari, you’re one of the coolest people I’ve met so far on tumblr, and it’s all your fault for making me ship HideKane, so this is especially for you. I love you lots, and I’m so glad we became friends, because you’ve been such a blessing to me. *hugs you*

Since you got me to ship HideKane I decided to make my first fic with kissing in it to you. I figured you deserved it, and I hope you enjoy this half as much as I enjoy you. Have the best birthday in the world, birb~

Fic was also beta’d by my lovely child, Kenna~ thanks for this, my dear!!

Summary: “Then who are you wanting to kiss?” Kaneki asked, breathless. His head felt light, and his stomach was buzzing in something that felt like an unknown anticipation. He wasn’t sure why, but he ran his tongue over his lips quickly, moistening them.

Hide stepped forward, gently raising a palm to Kaneki’s cheek. “You know,” he murmured, “you still aren’t as observant as you think you are.”

Hide goes on a date with a girl from school, and Kaneki is left wondering why this bothers him so much.

[AO3 link here]

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