otp: nate x sophie

The Lonely Hearts Job

One of my favorite Nate and Sophie episodes. This is the first episode that we truly get to see intimate Nate and Sophie up front and center. We’ve gotten bits and pieces of them throughout this season [S4], but this episode just turns me into goop every time. 

We have a very jealous, very pouty Nate for the first part of the episode which is a beautiful thing in an of itself.

Then we have that scene between Nate and Sophie on the bed with the stupid looks and the kissing and the talking about intimacy and dating, etc.

That’s followed by Sophie coming out to sit on the arm of Nate’s chair in a robe. I really enjoy the intimate way in which she grasps his bicep for a moment before she sits down and then how she just leans up against Nate and settles against his shoulder. I love how content he looks even though he’s disgruntled. 

Then we get an actual date which, even though it’s a part of the con, is so very Nate and Sophie. 

“Tease. Five letter word makes your hair stand up.”

Their stupid little meet-cute scenario is so cute it makes me nauseous. 

Then on the actual date, Nate gives her his jacket and tells her that she’s beautiful. 

This is also the first time I’ve noticed that Nate takes out his comm when he’s talking to Sophie and his admission that “I picked you.”

Also that kiss and the forehead touch.

I love all the touching we get in this episode: the way Sophie takes his arm, how she touches him so intimately but without thought, the kisses - how she wraps her arm around his neck at the end.

Ten years ago, I saw you the first time. You were swiping a Degas from a collection in Prague. I saw you, you saw me. - I ran, you chased. - Then, two years later, I caught up with you in Damascus. Caught you, I should say. You turned around, introduced yourself, and that’s when I met Sophie Devereaux.

It’ll be eight years next month.

sassysnowperson  asked:

Whoo! 600! If you feel like writing it, I can never get enough Leverage OT3 love. Whatever you want! But, if a prompt would make things easier: the team engages in the fine art of gossip.

Sophie started to suspect after the job where Parker had to be a restaurant critic. She wasn’t sure what she suspected, exactly, but it was something.

She started to get the idea after the job with the vintage cars, when Eliot told her he was going to have to look after Hardison’s restaurant forever, and put on his extra grumpy face so she wouldn’t even dream that he was happy about it.

In bed that night, she turned to Nate and began, “Do you think,” but then she didn’t finish the sentence. She wanted to tell him, because she knew he was concerned for the future of their – charges? No, that was too impersonal. Their family.

But then when they got back from the job with the painting she still, achingly, treasured, and the others were back from D.C., they wouldn’t say a word about what had happened, and exchanged secret, knowing looks. And Sophie did not fail to notice that Eliot went up the stairs to Hardison and Parker’s apartment over the brewpub when evening came.

After they’d gone upstairs, Sophie waited until the bartender’s attention was elsewhere, then turned to Nate and said, “I think that trip to D.C. may have been their honeymoon.”

Nate spat out his sip of beer – Hardison’s, with Eliot’s input in the form of constructive criticism disguised as complaints – and coughed. “What? So – Sophie, that was a job. Eliot was there.”

Sophie just raised her eyebrows and sipped her beer slowly. It was quite good, wheaty with a tang of orange.

Nate’s face sharpened, in that way she loved, looking both at her and past her to the puzzle coming together in his mind. “Huh,” he said. “That’s – huh. Almost a relief.”

“I know, right!” Sophie said. “They deserve it, don’t they. A future together, in every sense of the word.”

“They do.” Nate smiled and reached for her hand. “Took them a long time to figure it out. That they can have something real.”

Sophie knew he was talking about her, but she took his hand, and let him have the comfort of his smokescreens.

The Bank Shot Job

One of my favorite moments of Leverage to this day is when Nate gets shot and Sophie screams out his name and then whispers ‘talk to me’ over and over as she cradles his head and basically folds herself around his upper body.

We know that Sophie cares for Nate even though we’re only five episodes in. We know that Nate is head over heels for Sophie, you can see it every time he looks at her - but this is the first real sign we’ve got besides Sophie’s speech during The Miracle Job (S1E04) that what’s between them is very much alive and real and growing with every current interaction.

Nate’s been shot before. Hell, we see Sophie shoot him in a flashback during The Nigerian Job (S1E01), but I think this is probably the first time Nate’s been shot in front of her and she hasn’t been the assailant. When she shot Nate she knew he was going to be fine. It was just a flesh wound.

This is the first time Nate’s been possibly seriously, life-threateningly injured in front of her and she loses it for a hot minute and blows their cover because it’s Nate