otp: my special agent

A Philinda hand “touch?”

People, people. Let’s be real here and call it what it is.

That was a straight up Philinda hand CARESS. 


mattmcguigan said it might interest some folks to see the process of my last Coop drawing, so I thought I’d share. As you can see, it was a bit of a weird transformation.

All the things I used to make the drawing happen are in that last pic. I started out with sketching the whole thing in a blue lead, then did hatching with a Pilot Fineliner. After that, I just used water and a brush and painted the areas I hatched…The Fineliner is not a waterproof pen, so I used the way it bleeds as an ink wash, rather than a dip method. It’s a cool way to use cheap, crappy pens to your advantage! At the end I went in with some titanium white acrylic ink but it wasn’t as opaque as I liked, so I used that Faber Castell Pitt pen you can see at the very bottom there. 

Hope that’s…interesting? Try using water on some non waterproof pens you have kicking around, it’s fun and can make some neat and unexpected results.