otp: my idiot boyfriend

Worst Idea Ever #234

((My boyfriend and I for some unknown reason were talking about those annoying singing fish that sing “Take me to the River” and I said I hate those things.  He said what if there was a journeyer one and it was frozen looking like at the end of the snow level and it sang “Ice Ice Baby”. And I said “That’s so bad I’m posting it on Tumblr”.))

  • Me: Your dog Max is very rude to me. He's a critic and I do not care for it.
  • BF: What's he judging you for now?
  • Me: I was singing to him, LIKE I DO, and he literally just watched me for a second and then he starts sniffing and shaking his head and cried his way out of the room, backwards. MY SINGING AINT THAT BAD, YOU RUDE LITTLE ASSHAT
  • BF: He probably secretly farted and couldn't take it...
  • Me: Or he just hates Miley Cyrus that much.
  • BF: Well there is that. You didn't mention it was Miley.
  • BF: He's not comfortable with her transition from the Disney years.
  • Me: For fucks sake
  • BF: Those were his formative years and he feels nostalgic.
  • Me: Why was your dog watching Hannah Montana? If it is because you were watching Hannah Montana, we're breaking up.
  • BF: He never watched it when I was home, but I kept finding charges for the dvds on my credit card.
  • Me: I hate you.