otp: my heart will never beat for another

I think I finally know why Malec makes me so happy, apart from it being one of the sweetest ships ever: I often tend to like characters with way less screen time than others and I ship couples that either only have a handful (like literally) of other fans shipping them, too or it is an OTP that is not canon or not endgame.

Malec was the reason I started to even watch Shadowhunters. It is what makes me watch all Malec scenes of season 2 everytime there is a new episode though I actually am still in season 1. I pretty much disliked the ‘City of Bones’-movie, I tried to watch the series more that once, but just could not get a connection to it. Then I spied Malec videos and was intrigued by them. Some lovely fellas even put entire Malec stories on youtube, editing all their so far scenes together, but as much as I am thankful for that it is not the same when they are out of context. So I decided to give the series yet another try … and eventually had to find I really started to like it. I am able to confess when I made a wrong conclusion and here I definitely did. The world in it is amazing, the plot is cool and one after the other I began to like more of the characters – especially Simon, who is my fav Xander Harris after the original one and Stiles (who I actually think is a mixture of Xander and Willow, apart from being his very special adorkable self).

I know Malec is special for so many reasons (e.g. representation-wise), to me it is what makes my fandom heart beat for yet another OTP. It makes me smile every time I see a related new gif (or even old ones), edits, fanart. It lets me be a part of a wonderful new fandom that I never would of discovered without. It helps me over the fact that my fav series Teen Wolf is a) in the last season, b) on winter hiatus, c) mostly lacks my fav character and d) just destroyed one of my two OTPs. And I really hope they do not screw up that couple here.

So thank you, Cassandra Clare, thank you Shadowhunters cast and crew for bringing Malec into my life.

How I began to ship MakoHaru because of a handkerchief

I remember that I thought I’ll ship Rinharu when I watched Free! the first time because I like the conflictual relationships in anime.

And no, I didn’t ship Makoharu immediately after watching the 1st episode (unbelievable ! but I fell in love with Mako-chan XD).

But I saw the connection between them and I thought it was really cute but my mind kept repeating “Stay focused on RinHaru, stay focused on RinHaru…!!”

And then came the beginning of the 3rd episode and this happened :

I felt my heart “doki doki” just with this scene. And it’s funny because I remember all thoughts I had at this moment :

- How a scene with a guy who gives a handkerchief to another guy can make my heart beating like that ?

- How to give a handkerchief to someone can be done in a so tender way ?

- Why is he so close to Haru just to give a handkerchief ?


So I stopped listening to my mind and I decided to follow my heart ♥

Now, I’m a very strong MakoHaru shipper (I don’t realize it’s been several months now !) and I’ll never regret it =)


Ship becomes real!?

This is a request from amberfairy! I really like your idea. Thank you for that!

It’s gonna be a two-part-imagine.

I hope you like it!


“Oh. My. God!”, I thought to myself when I opened my mail. Was this real? I got an invitation for VidCon? That was by far the best thing that ever happened to me.

I started YouTube about a year ago and had a little over 400.000 subscribers which was a lot for me but compared to all the other big YouTubers I was just at the beginning so I was very surprised about the invitation. I instantly tweeted about it to let everyone know how excited I was to go to VidCon and meet everyone – the fans and fellow YouTubers.

Living in Oxford I haven’t really met a lot of other YouTubers; I was not even sure any of the british YouTubers actually know I exist so I was really looking forward to meet some of them at Vidcon. Especially Dan and Phil as they were my favorite YouTubers.

I looked through my Twitter and there was one thing that everyone tweeted me about:

“OMG you’re finally going to meet @danisnotonfire and @amazingphil !!!”

“This is so amazing! You need to make a selfie with Dan and show us!!”

“You and @danisnotonfire are already my new OTP!”

Oh god. I may have talked about Dan and Phil a little too much but my fans were just the sweetest. Now they ship me with Dan although I had never met him.

It was finally time. VidCon time! I was at London Heathrow waiting to get on the plane when I heard his laugh. I would recognize this laugh out of a thousand. I turned my head around and there they stood – Dan and Phil. Could that be? We were on the same flight together. My heart was beating so fast and I tried not to act suspicious.

After another few minutes even more YouTubers gathered around in the terminal. Zoe and Alfie, Caspar and Joe, Marcus, Louise, Jack and Finn and quite some others. They were all sitting together laughing and having a good time and once more I felt like I don’t really fit in. No one seemed to know me and I got really nervous for VidCon. What if nobody would show up to see me? That would be my worst nightmare!

Half an hour later it was finally boarding time and I was lucky to get a seat at the window but the tip of the iceberg was the person seated next to me. It was none other than Phil. I looked out of the window with my headphones on trying not to draw any attention to me because I was pretty much in shock. Dan and Phil were the reasons for me to start YouTube in the first place and now I would be sitting next to them for several hours. After the plane took off I got my MacBook out because I wanted to use the time to edit my next video.

“Hey”, Phil nudged me and I looked over to him. “Are you a YouTuber by any chance?”

“Excuse me?” I was confused. Did he know me?

“You’re editing a video, don’t you?”

“Oh, yeah, of course. I am a Youtuber, yes.”

“I guess you’re on your way to VidCon as well?”, he asked.

“That’s right. It’s my first time at VidCon and my first time in the U.S. as well. I’m really excited but nervous as well because I don’t really know anyone.”

“Hi, I’m Phil!”, he said and laughed. “Now you know someone.” I started laughing as well.

“My name is Y/N. And I know who you are. I’ve watched all of your videos.” I blushed a little bit.

“Oh, that’s so nice. Thank you!”

“Did you say your name is Y/N?”, Dan interjected.


“And could it be that your channel is Y/YT/Ch?” Oh no. I had a bad feeling about this.

“That right. How did you know?”, I asked with caution.

“There were so many people on Twitter telling me about you and saying that we are their OTP and stuff. Do you know anything about that?”

“Oh my god!” I buried my face in my hands. This was so embarrassing. “I’m so sorry about that. It’s just that I’m a big fan of the two of you and I have talked about you some times and when I told my fans I’m going to VidCon they started shipping us but I swear I didn’t started that.” We all laughed about it and for the rest of the flight we had great conversations, they even introduced me to the others and I had probably the best time ever.

The plane landed at L.A.X. and as soon as we got our luggage we all drove to the hotel together.

It was pretty late already when we got there and we all just wanted to go to bed.

“So I guess we see you tomorrow!”, Dan said and winked at me. I quickly turned around to hide my face because I was blushing again. I have seen Dan winking in his video so many times before but to see it in reality made my knees go weak.

As soon as I entered my room I got changed and fell asleep immediately. I may or may not have dreamt about Dan that night.


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i wanna wrap my hands around you(r neck)

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Dean and Cas holding each other through nightmares is my jaaaaam. give me all of sleepless!Dean after Hell, and haunted!Castiel after Naomi.

give me Castiel traipsing into Dean’s bedroom at half past two because all he can see when he closes his eyes are angels falling from the sky, and all the destruction he caused as a god. 

talk to me about Dean burrowing against Castiel’s chest until the warmth of Cas’ skin and the steady beat of his heart blots out purgatory, and all the people Dean could never save.

i want fingers carding through hair to soothe, and bodies being pressed together to ground. i want kisses on the forehead, and hands clasping hands. 

i want burdens eased, and cracks filled.

i want Dean and Cas comforting each other; anchoring one another to a better reality than they knew in the past.

this is all that i ask for.

MY SWEETHEART • a mix for the best days ;; my lips were made to taste yours. [listen]

flowers in your hair the lumineers ( be in my eyes, be in my heart ) • bloom the paper kites ( you fill my head with you) • first day of my life bright eyes ( yours is the first face that i saw) • ho hey the lumineers ( i belong with you, you belong with me ) • back to you twin forks ( follow the signs right back to you) • way back when kodaline ( loving straight til you fall ) • home edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros ( we laugh until we think we’ll die, barefoot on a summer night ) • back home andy grammer ( we beat to the same drum ) • tongue tied grouplove ( i loved you then, and i love you now ) • gone gone gone phillip phillips ( like a drum my heart never stops beating for you ) • on our way the royal concept ( hold me close, we’re losing time ) • be okay oh honey ( i believe we’ll be okay