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Suspended in Motion by Pameluke | @janoda

Chapters: 1/1 (1584 words)

Relationships: Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood

Characters: Alec Lightwood, Magnus Bane

Additional Tags: Domestic Fluff, Horny Alec Lightwood, High Warlock of Brooklyn Magnus Bane, Magnus Bane’s Suspenders, Alec Loves Magnus’ Clothing, Downworlder Dad Magnus Bane, Warlock Mentor Magnus Bane, Making Out, Post-Season/Series 02


But that would have to wait until Magnus finished his call, so Alec settled down against the back of the couch and watched his boyfriend move across the loft. He liked this side of Magnus. Dressed to the nines still from their date, talking about goblin spit and sheep guts, while sipping expensive wine.


Magnus has to interrupt a date to help a young Warlock, and Alec distracts himself with Magnus’ everything.

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“I’m just walking in, let me see if I can dig up my copy,” Magnus said into his phone. It had been buzzing with texts for almost their entire walk from the restaurant, so when it rang with their home in sight, Magnus had taken the call apologetically.

“It’s Mariken,” he said to Alec.

“She okay?” Alec asked, holding the door to the lobby open for Magnus. Mariken was one of the young warlocks Magnus mentored. She’d come into her powers at sixteen and had promptly run away from her family. She’d been homeless for almost two years before Magnus took her under his wings. Alec would never mind one of Magnus’ protégées interrupting their date. But he liked Mariken–she was nice, if a little shy–and he wanted her to be okay.

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Oh my Mobbie shipping heart! (seriously though this episode was amazing I loved every second.) 

(Even though technically this episode made my fanfic an AU but oh well, Also I am open to Robbry. Still Mobbie just holds this special place in my heart.)


toby’s reactions to happy’s amazingness 


a/n: Um, so yeah. This probably has a ton of errors (in terms of plot and holes and such) but just bear with me. I’m rusty as all hell. I wanted to write something angsty. Don’t hate me.


It’s not an abrupt change.

It’s a painstakingly slow endeavor that makes you want to rip the hair out of your head because you’ve been waiting so long and you’ve already got this clear idea of what your happily ever after will look like and then it happens.

“I’m sorry Sakura, but my tests don’t lie.”

No. No no no.

It was going to be perfect.

“But there are treatments, you know. Tests…trials…we can figure this out.”

It was supposed to be perfect.

“I…don’t understand.”

Tsunade gives you a glimpse of pity, then leans back in her chair, deciding how to deal with you.

“It’s not something we could have predicted, Sakura. You must understand this. That last mission -”

Shouldn’t have happened.” you finish bitterly, and too distracted to care about the fact that you’ve just snapped at the former Hokage, your shishou, a legendary sannin, you’re out of the room.

Your feet pump you out of the Hokage’s Tower, through the marketplace, down a pathway -

“Woah, Sakura-chan, what’s going on?”

You bump into Naruto in your haste, but don’t stop your path. He reaches out to you, always reaching out¸ and you swat his hand away with a scowl.

You tell yourself you aren’t this witch you’ve created in your mind. This cruel person who rejects the help of her friends, no it’s not you.

You don’t know where you are, but you’re certain you’re not the one who just ran away from Naruto, screaming for him to leave you the hell alone.

No, you wouldn’t do that.

You wouldn’t.

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I’m fangirling so hard right now, my heart just won’t stand it ! my OTP *0*

Here’s the wonderful, amazing opening : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwTTVc57cPE

anonymous asked:

can you do a story about sasuke and sakura before they have a kid? like a cute romantic moment.

A/N: Hey anon! Thanks for the prompt :D I hope this is good enough <3 


She’s cooking dinner on the stove when he comes back. The second his feet step through the door, his travel knapsack crashes to the floor, and he removes his shoes, much too tired to place them as meticulously as he would have liked. He can smell the warmth and spices coming from the kitchen, and he inhales slowly, savoring the scent. He can feel his taste buds dancing to life just from the smell alone.

It’d been months since his last homecooked meal.

Sasuke wasted no time joining his wife in the kitchen, stretching his arms out tiredly on the way.

“Welcome back, Sasuke-kun,” Sakura murmured fondly, not taking her eyes off the stove. She was boiling the rice and it had to be constantly watched or it could overcook.

She felt cold arms wrap around her midsection, tugging her back slightly against a solid body. Sakura leaned her head back into this touch, closing her eyes briefly.

“Mmm,” she hummed in contentment. It’d been so long since she’d seen him.

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road to rehabilitation [rp with arigato-sasusaku]

It’s been two years since the end of the Great Ninja war that threatened to wipe out our entire existence.

I spent my time traveling. Sometimes to villages, other times in the wilderness. In total, I stayed in about six villages for a month or two at a time. I stayed as long as I could, helping each village rebuild itself, before moving onto the next. I saw poverty and I saw wealth. I judged with a non critical eye, and gained many skills.

I hardly came into contact with anyone who challenged me; it was clear we were living in a time of peace. But now, two years since the war, and since I left the village to embark on my journey, I felt I’d learned enough. It was time to go home. The words sounded foreign in my head, but felt right. There was so much waiting for me back in Konoha. After the war, I was anxious. I didn’t know how things were going to work out. This time away for myself has forced me to think about all the things I’ve refused to consider for most of my life. Now, I’m finally ready to return.

In the past, I’d always believed that I had no true future. I lived in the moment, for the moment, without really considering anything long term. During this time away, I envisioned what my life would be like living in Konoha, and what it would have been like if I’d gone down the darker path.

Needless to say, I’m thankful for Naruto and all he’s done to help me.

And then there’s Sakura.

Shameless, I spent a great deal thinking about her. Up until now I’d never given myself the time to consider her as anything other than a teammate, or opponent. However I felt towards her when we were genin was squashed down in favor of attaining my goals.

Sakura was complex, and even allowing myself the time, I was still unsure of how to act. I knew that she deserved more than I could give, but I was too selfish of a man to continue to deny her feelings for me.

I still didn’t understand why she loved me, but I knew that her love was genuine. Closing my eyes, I thought for a long time about what love meant. I thought back to Itachi…to my mother whom I hated to admit, Sakura reminded me of. I thought about how I’d wanted to protect them when I was younger. How I would have done anything for them. And then I realized, it’s no different with Sakura. I wanted her in my life, by my side.

As I approached the gates to Konoha, I looked up at the Hokage mountain in the distance, and smirked when I saw Kakashi’s face.

A warmth settled in my chest when stepped through the gates.

This was where I belonged.