otp: my brother's an idiot

My brother's stupid and his girlfriend's manipulative

So there are apparently people I actually don’t like.

My brother’s girlfriend is one of them.

She is so… fake?

Met her 2yrs ago before she became the girlfriend.
She was alright.
Although there was something off about her, just couldn’t tell what it was.

Now I know.
She’s one of those who would do anything to get what she wants.
She’d use pity if that would achieve goals.
She’d use feminine appeal if that would accomplish tasks.
She’d use lies and half truths to get results.
And when she couldn’t get what she wanted, she’d place blame.
She’d use methods to attack those who “wronged” her, or those who are preventing her from reaching her goals.
They’d become her target of hatred and she’d manipulate others into taking her side.

It seems like a very tiresome job to me, but she does it anyway.

During the summer (work) I’ve watched her try to destroy several people because they happen to be better at the job than she is.
Some are smart enough to not let her manipulations work while some not so smart fell for it.
I watched her pretend to be friends with certain coworkers only to backstab them when they didn’t know any better.
I wanted to interfere but my boss told me not to and just observe, since he was doing an evaluation on her.

What gets me is that my brother fell for her manipulations.
I’d always hear her make herself all pitiful and I see my brother falls for it.
His friendship with a good friend of ours was ruined because of her.
My brother’s too kind for his own good
That makes him blind and stupid.

I am now in a game of niceties with her. 
She most likely still doesn’t like me (since she worked there several years longer and I got promoted on my second year).
I only started picking up on her real personality after she targeted me at the beginning.
Maybe she does like me now (since I’m only a casual worker there now and she got promoted), who knows.
[I have a theory on the work thing, but I won’t get into that here….]
Doesn’t change the fact that we’re pretending to be friends with each other.

Ah well, can’t really interfere with what my idiot brother choose though.
So I’ll just watch to see how far their relationship will go.
Which I hope isn’t far, but whatever.