otp: my blushes

No need to hide your thoughts, boi.

Your face says it all.

*sarcastic Lance voice* wow Keith, I might just let you cradle me in your arms again

(based on this text post by @thewitcheshope)

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Sherlolly librarian au

“Could I take this out, please?”

Molly turned around and nearly tripped over her own feet as she rushed over to assist her outrageously handsome customer; she was more than a little confused when she found a small slip of paper waiting for her.

“Sir, this is a blank piece of paper.”

“Yes,” Sherlock smirked, exuding confidence as he leaned closer, “I’m going to need your name and phone number.”

send a ship, an au and I’ll write a four three sentence fic


moments ♥ twenty-second

The anime finally closes it curtains. The second season is on 2016–still too far :/   But let’s drift away from the angst www KaruNagi in this episode is—what the hell why do we have a fckn confession scene ohmyghad and Nagisa looks like he has boobs ohmyholymacarons, wth anime staffs wwww ♥

AND KARMA, OUR LITTLE DELINQUENT. his expressions killed me too many times. Each facial responses he makes to Nagisa’s pain and badassness–I CANT EVEN PROPERLY DESCRIBE MY FEELS DAMMIT. I am too proud of my precious pair ♥

*embraces both Karma and Nagisa as well as the whole cast* SEE YOU NEXT SEASON, GUYS. I thank you from the depths of my heart for allowing me to join your fandom. Stay Badasses!



Little gift to @sakycchan :^D
For being an amazing artist, have some of the OTP

I might post more, I will make the LeoRaph week, but I think you already know that :>

Eheheheh Yonaaaaaaa, the child has understood everything! Good boy, are growing well! XDD

Hak if you do these appearances the girl might feel bad! *w*

OMG OMG OMG this look is so awesome! ❤❤

Yona finally you understand your feelings for hak, we are all so happy about this! *w*  ❤
Scans by: MangaFox.

So… What i think about errink? Well… Is my perfect otp!

But… What i think we can have (on the canon) closer to this (amazing) shipp?

I think something like… 

…Ink joking with Error and flirting just for make him feel desconfortable or mad. And is pretty funny, i think…  

Aaaaand we have the joke! :D 

 Poor souless skeleton!

 And i cant resist make a cute scene on the final.

(and i tried to have a new style for drawn Error, but i dont like it… I gonna go back to the usual)

(Sorry for my bad english ;u;)

Ink belongs to @comyet / @myebi

Error belongs to @loverofpiggies