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For @magimelon, You are one of My best Friends in this whole World!

You are fun and Awesome to hang out with! and I enjoy it every time!

You are like a sister to me and I hope only good things to happen in your life!


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If you had to pick one otp from any fandom, what would it be and why?

Honestly, this is a tough question, and even though the answer is pretty obvious to me, I’m still slightly hesitant, because all my OTPs have impacted me differently. But yeah, I have to say Westallen. Barry and Iris are everything I could have asked for in an OTP; they epitomize everything pure and good about the childhood best friends to lovers trope, which also happens to be my favorite trope. 

Right from the get-go, their relationship has been grounded in mutual love, support, and respect. In the pilot episode, Iris makes her first appearance when she enters Barry’s lab, and the whole screen lights up when she smiles at him, and he reciprocates that smile instantaneously, and it’s at that moment that I knew that these two mean the world to each another. But it’s honestly the scene where Barry and Iris see each other in Jitters for the first time after Barry wakes up from his coma, in which I knew that I was gone. (I mean, she’s the first person he goes to see after waking up, and the way he reacts when Thawne mentions her is almost instinctive (“Iris? I have to go.”)— he absolutely has to go see her right away. And thus, that’s the second time in the pilot episode, alone, in which the symbolism of home comes up.) They look at each other so intensely from opposite ends of Jitters, before she races into his arms, and they are both finally home, safe and sound, after what has likely felt like ages. I mean that is the stuff of great love stories. 

And Iris, of course, eventually confirms this, “Barry, you’ve always had someone to come home to. Me.” In hindsight, it’s even more powerful, because they fell in love when they were eleven years old, and they did not consciously realize it then, because loving each other is so ingrained in both of them; it’s just an integral part of who they are. Interestingly, there’s a quote from one of my favorite OTPs from a Hindi television serial that reminds me so much of Westallen: “Tu meri life partner nahi, tu meri zindagi,” the English translation of which is, “You are not [just] my life partner, you are my life.” Because it’s true: Barry and Iris have loved each other for most of their lives; they have unequivocally been there for each other, supported each other, and fiercely protected one another, every step of the way. And, I honestly think it’s that symbolism of home that grounds Barry and Iris’ relationship; Barry is Central City’s hero, but Iris is his hero. She is his lightning rod, both literally and figuratively, and no matter where he goes, he will always run back home to her. 

The Signs as Smiles

*I originally answered this in an ask, but am transferring my posts to this format to make things easier*

Aries: that “lol guess who just walked in” smirk your bff gives you when your crush comes in the room

Taurus: that smile when you’ve had a really long and hard day and it feels good to finally relax with some friends

Gemini: that kinda sad smile when you see your ex-best friend  is super excited about something and you want to congratulate them but don’t want to open up that friendship again since it ended badly and really hurt you both but you don’t know if they’re quite over it yet

Cancer: when you’re reading or watching TV and your OTP does something hella cute so you have a huge fangirl moment and can’t stop smiling

Leo: when you’re with your favorite person in the whole world and couldn’t stop smiling if you tried

Virgo: an ironic/ sarcastic smile.It practically screams “yeah everything’s fine lol just my life is falling apart and I just embarrassed the shit out of myself”

Libra: a flirty smile best paired with a wink

Scorpio: that smile when you’re really happy for someone, but if you’re completely honest, you’re a lil jealous too

Sagittarius: that smile when you’ve just thought of theperfect payback prank

Capricorn: when you’re in a tense/awkward situation and have to grin and bear it (barely a smile tbh)

Aquarius: the shy, flattered smile when someone compliments you and you don’t want to seem overly flattered but you’re dying inside

Pisces: the giggly smile when you’re trying really hard to attract your crush

About Me

I figured I should probably do this!!

name: maru!

age: 16 (2001)

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favorite boy: kenny and stan!! :)

favorite ships: style and creek are my OTPs, but I also like stanman, candy, staig, and K2!!

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in which girlgroup members are all gay for each other

ok so i’m supposed to be studying but there are more important things in life like how all your faves are gay af

let’s start with the place where lies my otp aka neon jungle:


  homemade almond milk huh?

btw jess captioned this pic “my lover. my homie. my best friend. happy birthday my queen, i love you infinity” her queen!!her lover!!    

btw apparently taking baths/showers together is a prerequisite in order to be in a girlband

and staring at your bandmates'lips too

spanking/grinding on them also??

actually anything that involves groping

or being weirdly aware of their sexual habits

or looking at/treating them like they’re your whole world (might include the  writing of poetry for them)

yes sure grab her face and look at her like that while you sing “ï’m in love with you"nbd
another requirement is  to lick your bandmates

also you have to act really jealous when someone else gets too close to your main gf


Rin’s a coward.

She can take on any of the bullies that tried to prey on her when she was young.  She can take on anything the streets of the Commons throw at her.  She has faced more obstacles in fourteen years than some have faced in eighty, but this is what leaves her speechless, the sight of Yugo of all people.

And then he’s running towards her and her body goes into auto-pilot.  She stutters and lies and tries to hide any sort of weakness (too late the tears are already falling).

She’s had to be so strong for so long, now it feels as if her entire soul is coming apart at the seams. It’s been too long, far too long.  There’s no use in denying herself emotions anymore when her best friend is finally back.  Rin can’t help but run into his arms.  She won’t let go this time, even if the world burns and fades to dust around them.

That’s her last thought as the world goes black and a strange darkness swallows her whole.


Fire. It was everywhere. Everything was burning. Including his own body.

His body was on fire. He muscles ached and groaned and he could barely move. Everything hurt. But his heart was what hurt the most.

He could hear movement. Somebody was staggering towards him. He closed his eyes. The person collasped to their knees next to him. He could feel them shaking. He cracked his eyes open and he could feel his heart squeeze.

It was Gray. He looked broken and weak and he hated iit. His rival was always supposed to look strong. But the tears that were streaming down Gray’s face somehow made this moment more real. And that’s what he hated the most.

None of this could be real. Gray couldn’t be cut up and looking beat half to death. His own body couldn’t possibly feel this paralyzed and broken. He couldn’t possibly be dying. It was absurd! He still had so many things to do and words to say. He couldn’t be dying! There was no way!

But seeing the tears only confirmed the situation. He wanted to laugh bitterly but knew that his body was incapable.

“Whatcha cryin’ about you Ice Bastard? You did it. You defeated the big bad END. It ain’t nothin’ to cry over,” He questioned quietly. Gray let out a half laugh half sob at the comment. Gray covered his face with his hands but he could see the shaking of the others body.

“Natsu…” Gray started shakily, “You can’t just die. You defeated Zeref! You should be up and celebrating instead of laying here like this. We need you. Lucy needs you. I need you…” Gray trailed off and Natsu felt the pain in his heart grow. In the distance, he could hear more people closing in on the two.

Natsu closed his eyes momentarily. He didn’t want Lucy to see him like this. Not broken and dying. She didn’t deserve this. He wished he could’ve given her more. Told her more.

Natsu shakily grabbed a hold on Grays hand. He needed the comfort of his best friend. To hell with anything else. He was a dying man He could do whatever the hell he wanted.

The sound of flapping wings came closer. And so did more crying.

“Natsu! Don’t leave! I’ll miss you and Lucy’ll miss you and everyone will miss you! We still have lots more adventures to go on!” The small blue cat held onto Natsu, his soft fur brushing against Natsu’s face.

“Happy…” Natsu sighed, “I’m gonna miss you buddy. Take care of Lucy for me, okay? Take her on adventures and go fishing and be happy, okay Happy?” Natsu gave his partner a small smile. One of farewell. Happy sobbed harder and could barely nod his head.

Natsu took a deep breath and called out, “Lucy?” He could hear a small shuffling noise and turned his head to smile and the blonde. “I love you.” Everyone froze. Happy stopped crying for a moment only to resume worse than before. Gray’s hold on his hand slackened only to be reinforced harder. Lucy just stared at him with her hands over her mouth to silence her sobbing. She collasped onto the ground.

It hurt Natsu to see her like this and it hurt worse that he had to leave her like this. God, he was such a dick. Natsu turned to stare at Gray one more time. He smiled softly. “Gray, Im leaving her to you, because you’re my best friend. You’re my brother Gray. Take care of her for me, okay?” His heart gave another squeeze and his breath quickened. And then the world was dark. And nothing hurt anymore.


You’re my best friend in the world! Yeah, you’re more than that, Jemma.