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Hey! Can I just ask you a silly question? Did MakoHaru ever actually happened, or everyone just wants it to happen? :D sorry, im new to this :<

I think it depends on how you interpret it, and I’m one of those who chose to interpret it as a yes, because there are hints I simply cannot see any other way.

Like for example, the scene when they reunited after Haru came back from Australia… something as simple as a welcome home and an I’m home was played in such a way that it let you know these two belong together. It seemed like “home” in that case wasn’t Haru coming back to Japan; it was Haru coming back to Makoto.

And it happened after their fight, so it served to prove something like that can’t keep them apart. They can always find a way to make things right, because they belong together.

There are scenes like these where the way they look at each other is very telling.

There’s fondness in those looks; there’s love. They seem so comfortable looking at each other, as if they’d be contempt just letting their eyes do the talking.

Besides, even after graduating high school and choosing different paths, they still found a way to stay together.

I’ll say it once again: they belong together. No matter where their paths take them, they’ll always find their way back home, back to each other. Their bond is unbreakable, and there’s no doubt in my mind that they love each other.

If your question was if there’s an explicit scene where they’re presented as an official couple (like a kiss scene or anything of the sort), then the answer is no. But was something like that necessary for MakoHaru to happen? No, not really

The bond between these two isn’t about one moment defining their relationship; it’s about every piece falling into place naturally and resulting in something that was meant to be.

That’s my take on it.

This scan is so beautiful ;_;
Of course it deserved transparencies with different effects ♥
Just a lido bit closer ♥

A couple of things! For some reason, this time tumblr refused to let me keep the size I intended them to be, and they kept shrinking so that’s why they are smaller than my usual transparencies. That’s also why I didn’t add color effects that were too noticeable, since it tended to look blurry. But it still should be a nice size to make edits or decorate your blog or whatever anyone wants it for. The preview is also kinda messed up, so open in new tab for better quality.