otp: more like a married couple than most married couples

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I'm so excited WA is getting married right before the mid season finale. That means we'll have most of s4 and many more seasons to come of them as a married couple! My biggest pet peeves about my other ships is them getting married in series finales lol. Like no, I wanna see my otp as a married couple for more than one episode! WA keeps going against the norm w/ how endgame couples are usually written (will they/won't they & contrived drama) and I think thats why critics (and fans) love it!

I agree!! Though to be fair, even Candice referred to them as a will they/won’t they relationship for the first two seasons. I’ve seen that w/ other fav ships of mine too. My second biggest ship (of all time, lol) had that s1-2 will they/won’t they, then they were together for almost a full season & then they went back to their previous status for almost the whole rest of the series. The proposal, wedding & a five minute flash forward into their married (w/ kid!) life happened all in the series finale. So yeah, I like how they’re breaking the mold that way. Reminds me of Naley on OTH. ❤️ And while the 315-316 WA drama can be argued as contrived, for the most part they’re really solid & I love it. I agree it’s what makes them so likable. They have insane chem, a great story, & their arc doesn’t deteriorate over time. Like…bless.