otp: moonshine and peach schnapps

Imagine: Bethyl Headcanon

Close up of Beth’s face. She’s asleep on a bed, face half buried into a pillow.  The shot slowly zooms off of her face to show a room lit up by a rising sun. 

The shot keeps zooming out slowly and the whole room can be seen now.  A small bedside table with a couple of half used candles. A pair of jeans on sprawled on the wooden floor. 

In the corner of the shot, next to Beth’s cowboy boots, a crossbow is propped up against the wall, next to the door.  The scene is quiet except for a pair of heavy foot steps becoming louder with each step. 

A figure comes out from the opposite corner, wearing an old pair brown pants and brown boots. As they move further into the shot, bare arms pulling on a vest with wings, that seems to glow with the sunlight.

His head is not seen in the shot, but he swoops to pick up his crossbow before opening the door. He turns to close the door, pausing right in the middle of the door frame for a couple of seconds. The door closes slowly with a click.

-scene cut- 

The Walking Dead opening commences.

And that is how they make Bethyl official. 


I’ll be gone someday
S t o p
I will


The Governor road right up to our gates! Maybe if I … wouldn’t of stopped looking! Maybe ‘cause I gave up - that’s on me! And your dad … maybe … Maybe I could'a done something.