otp: monroe x rosalee

I’m on Grimm S4 Episode 9.  Just about caught up now! 

-Monroe/Rosalee are adorable!

-Trubel better return this season.  Her and Nick were like brother and sister Grimms.

-I live a Sgt. Wu appreciate lyfe.  He is the king of sass!

-I love Hank, Sean Renard, Bud,  and Josh Porter (please come back with Trubel)

-I ship Josh/Trubel.  no apologies.

-Adalind is the girl I love to hate

-Juliette has moments of awesome, but she’s not one of my favorites

-I squeed when Alexis Denisof showed up as Prince Viktor.  I call him “Evil Wesley”…Angel fans will get the joke. ;)

The writing is on point, the storylines are insane but fun, the characters are great.  What’s not to love!  I am a Grimmster and proud to be one.  :)

Summary of what I wrote tonight

Imagine Monroe with a three year old who is basically a carbon copy of Rosalee but with her father’s eyes and curly hair. They are in the kitchen measuring batter oh-so-precisely into a pan as a small army of multiple flavors of cupcakes cool. I don’t care if you don’t ship MonRosalee, if the thought of that didn’t give you diabeetus…
Dear Grimm Writer Gods, make that man a father…

are you kidding me


Nick you are so dumb omg

he sees the guy smoking in the tent and decideS TO JUST  JUMP ON HIM LIKE THERE COULD HAVE BEEN A BETTER PLAN OF ACTION RIGHT???

it’s a good thing he’s pretty

but on the bright side i’m watching the episode where Rosalee is introduced and omg i already ship heR WITH MONROE HELP