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Holmes v. Hoopers (A Sherlolly/Parents meta)

I know we have the ily but my mind is forever going back to the scene where Molly tries to talk about her dad with Sherlock.

I like to think they do eventually talk about him. Maybe Sherlock apologizes for being so curt because he was uncomfortable with knowing that she really saw him for who he was, and asks her about him. I’m sure he was able to read early on that she only had her mother now.

But I think as someone who has both his parents still he would want to understand what it felt like. He knows in the coffin scene that she is distant from her remaining family members (she could have a sibling although we don’t know, I always imagine it’s an older brother), but her father was important enough that she actually made an effort years past to connect him to Sherlock because she sees something in him that mirrors her dad.

I’m not a huge fan of the you sometimes fall in love with someone like your parents but I think it’s something worth thinking about in relation to Sherlock and Molly. I actually kind of see Molly in Sherlock’s dad. They’re both very quietly observant, not to mention their adorable little quirks.

The idea that his dad somehow got Mummy’s attention is also worth noting. It mirrors Molly too, doesn’t it? When Sherlock didn’t realize it he had grown comfortable with Molly as his companion and friend, possibly more.

I see them getting along more than Mummy and Molly could - not saying they wouldn’t because I definitely see Mummy doting on Molly when she meets her. I can see it being easier because the two are more in-tuned to their respective partners. I think it would be a quick hello and while Mummy is berating Sherlock for something he would take her aside to get the tea ready and probably make some sort of joke to break the ice.

I got slightly off topic but Molly for a little while at least notices something specific that makes her think of her father. Perhaps it’s the idea that he tries to hide his pain. We know that her dad was sick when he was dying and he tried not to show it. Sherlock even still after he ‘died’ would try to this repeatedly as to not put his problems on to others. He was used to taking everything on himself. Which is truly significant when you realize Molly was the one person he felt inclined to ask for help on more than one occasion. I can’t feasibly see it as him using her for what she could do for him, not because I like them as a pair but more because of the way he went about it. It was all very dramatically emotional (teary gaze, pleading, eyes dilated - feelings involved).

Molly has always been a giver, always trying to be there for someone even if she couldn’t do what they needed. I need you. While Sherlock could have just gone on his taker role but not with her. Everyone else he feels inclined to do so. He doesn’t really take their feelings into consideration - many times even with Molly. He just doesn’t see the point.

Except the three times he did: I hope you’ll be very happy, Molly Hooper. I am sorry, forgive me. You’re wrong you know. You do count. You’ve always counted and I’ve always trusted you.

I think Sherlock probably sees his mother in Molly too. The brain, the worker of problems, someone that is constant even when he attempts to push away. It’s a comfort for him.

It’s almost too obvious when he thinks about it. She’s the best parts of the person who gave him life. But she’s also nothing like them which leads me to believe it could also be why he didn’t catch his emotion context until he smacked him in the face.

/when you sat on a certain scene for years and then a headcanon turns to meta