otp: millson

Getting real sick of all the Dawson hate after last night’s episode. Just because she went to Casey’s house after she basically told Mills that she had some sort of feelings for Casey doesn’t mean she’s untrustworthy or whatever.

They were friends and he just lost his girlfriend. Judging by the state of his house, he clearly needed a friend around. Maybe she heard about the stunt he pulled at the prison and wanted to see if he was okay. Hell, maybe Cruz or Severide asked her to check on Casey. She wasn’t going over there to get with him, she knows his girlfriend just died. She shouldn’t be getting hate for dating Mills while still having feelings for Casey. It’s perfectly possible for someone to be into two people at once.

So for God’s sake stop hating on her just because your ship didn’t work out.

I must be the only person in the Chicago Fire fandom who doesn't ship Dawsey.

I did for the first few episodes. Then she got with Mills & I realized how perfect Millson are and Dawsey just seems so blatantly obvious. I never liked obvious ships, honestly, go look at my ships page. So, even though Monica basically confirmed Millson is over for good (sob) I still can’t get back to liking Dawsey at all. So, there’s that.