otp: midnight meetings

So I’m driving home, it’s 4 in the morning, I’m just outside the trailer park, and I have to stop for a opossum ambling across the street. It stops as I stop, standing in my headlights and staring at my truck like “wtf do you want?”

My truck dies.

Opossum runs off.

I can’t get over the irony of that situation. It felt like one of those Russian jokes.

“In Russia, opossum makes YOU play dead.”

MariChat will have the most frustratingly platonic balcony scene in my whole fandom life
Midnight Meetings


Hawk was tired after his show. They were on the road tomorrow, so it would be a day of talking and limited practice. He planned to sleep until the sun was as high in the sky as his master allowed.

He curled up under his furs in the corner of his trailer and fell into a light sleep. He was glad today was done. Tomorrow would have it’s own share of troubles for him, he was sure of it.

  • lucas: [does a very texas thing]
  • maya:
  • maya: wow
  • maya: how is it that my boyfriend is such a huckleberry
  • lucas: your w hat
  • maya: my boyfriend
  • maya:
  • maya: hA-HURR
  • lucas: [kisses her]

“It’s one minute to midnight and I’m glad you’re standing here.” I JUST CAN’T LOSE HOPE

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So, in light of those season 3 spoilers and bay window, what in the world is gonna happen in Legacy…..

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Midnight Meetings | open

Harry had drunk the bottle of firewhiskey. But now she wanted more. Her lack of alcohol ownership wasn’t due to lack of money, more because she didn’t know who to go to in order to get some.

She’d heard about this person, and although she was slightly scared, she’d owl'ed them and had arranged a meeting. The Herbology Greenhouses were empty and the moonlight made everything look as if it were a dream.

She sat there, fiddling with the galleon. Suddenly, she heeard a howl from the distance, and then a voice, directly behind her. She jumped, and spun around, wand poinnted at the person’s face. She relaxed, slightly, when she saw it was the person she’d been expecting. “You took your time, didn’t you!”

Midnight meetings || Santana

Juelz Smiled at her computer as she pulled on her sweats and a tank, her usual attire, to hang out with her on again off again friend Santana. Mostly staying in a area of limbo because of the constant bitching. She had trolled the dash all night with Britt, Maria and lastly Santana just to pass the time. She walked down the halls to the room with the duck stickers frame smiling. It was adorable. She knocked gently waiting for Santana to answer “Hey” she greeted softly actually maintaining a neutral face for the first time around the girl.


The Yellow Room S02E05:

Midnight Meetings - “The Undefined”

So i don’t know if anyone has noticed this, but isn’t it interesting how Lucas “jealously”/back and forth with Charlie was “big, loud and obvious”, while Lucas jealously/hurt when Maya eats the card, was “real quiet” and subtle but still there.

Just found it interesting and also wasn’t Belief the last episode that aired, in which the “most of what i believe comes to me when it’s quiet” and “if you look trough a microscope you can miss the bigger picture” came to play. (I am aware that it isn’t the order continuity wise but i found it odd anyway)

If you have any thoughts on this, i would love to hear them.