otp: maybe it's fate

Well… I thought this was rather amusing. Look at these two blogs that just happened to end up next to each other in the list of blogs that Tumblr recommends for me to follow that shows up in my dash…

How crazy is it that the Gillian and David (Scully and Mulder) pic on the left looks sooooo effing similar in pose and coloring to the Emily and Norman (Beth and Daryl) pic on the right?!? And these four also comprise two VERY hot ships/OTPs! ❤️👫❤️👫❤️

Even the names of both blogs themselves are similar in the way that they are both bold, first person statements.

I just thought that it was worth sharing with y'all.
I love these weird little uncanny coincidences in life. ❤️

Carry on! 😄

P.S.–Or maybe it’s FATE telling me something else…? That “Dan//19” in France should totally connect with “Krystal, 20” in Iowa. Maybe they are at least kindred spirits… if not soulmates??? They may not appear to have any fandoms in common, but maybe they share something even deeper??? Maybe I’ll even start shipping them! 💑

Because I need another ship to make my life hell! 😜

“I want to believe!” 😍

When I first got into Kagepro I cried a lot over it.

But after a long time post-anime, I got over it. It did…less for me, I started questioning whether or not I could feel bad for these characters anymore.

Well now the art’s back on my dash and I’m reassured that I have no need to worry because everything still hurts and Jin has ruined me.

I tried to buy a lottery ticket today but the guy who sold them was the cutest KOREAN man I’ve ever seen and he was smiling with a freaking eyesmile and he didn’t speak norwegian properly and I couldn’t speak at all so I ended up with 10 lottery tickets instead of 1 and now I’m kind of broke

Jason Thompson's House of 1000 Manga - Special Guest Edition: X/1999

X returned to serialization after a few months, but readers continued to complain whenever a popular character died a gruesome death, and the members of CLAMP were getting tired of regular threats of cancellation. Beyond that, they were increasingly worried about the impact of their work on readers. It felt like a good time to move away from bleak, depressing subject matter. In 2003, when the editors of Asuka raised concerns about the graphic nature of the planned ending of the series, CLAMP elected to stop drawing X rather than censor it. They were unable to find another magazine willing to publish the ending, which remains unfinished.