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top 50 otps of all time ☆ #11. Julie Taylor & Matt Saracen

“It’s about getting to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.”

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thoughts on all the ships on fnl?

Vince and Jess are my OTP of FNL and it has to do a lot with Jurnee and Michael’s chemistry because I really liked Jess and Landry as well; I thought Landry was cute and awkward and out of his depth with her and Jess was giddy with him and they were cute, I actually really enjoyed them but then Vince and Jess would be in the same space and it was like they called to each other no matter how much Jess wanted to fight it and you saw that, you saw that there was just something unspoken, implicit and strong between them that just eclipsed what she had with Landry and they go through so many emotions in that relationship, like it’s not a tumultuous relationship but they go through a lot of tumult together:

and they were young and black and beautiful and in love and I just really really appreciated that.

Matt and Julie were my second OTP, the younger version of Tami and Eric, which is why Julie distances herself from Matt in season 2 and I don’t particularly like Julie, she’s one of my least favourite characters on the show but her relationship with Matt was so cute and so grounded and they were that “always” couple, that no matter what I will always love you, we will always be a couple even if we aren’t together, our ties are just so deep in each other that we won’t fully be separated kind of couple and they were just so warm and full of heart and they made me smile a lot:

I feel like I’m the only one but I just did not get Lyla and Tim. I understand what they were going for with Lyla and Tim, Lyla sees the responsibility and “good” him and he becomes better for her but like I just didn’t get it. First, I couldn’t get over the fact that Tim was Jason’s best friend and they got together by cheating on him. Second, I didn’t think they had chemistry. Third, they just didn’t make me feel anything. They were like FNL’s Delena in that sense where I’d  look at this:

and be like … yeah, I don’t get it.

Tyra and Tim … I didn’t ship them and I didn’t not ship them. Obviously in season 1, they were a trainwreck, he treated her like shit, she treated him like shit, he didn’t respect her enough to try and be better for her and like it was bad, I get that, I don’t condone it, but the reason why I didn’t not ship them was because I always felt like there was an understanding between the two of them, which is made abundantly clear when he goes to his house, sees her there and takes off his pants and just relaxes, nothing sexual, just like he’s home? And when Tyra comes back in the final season, grown and independent and confident in herself and that chemistry is still there and that love is still there but nah she’s got plans and he respects that and there was something cyclical about that I really enjoyed:

You can actually map the evolution of Tyra through how she responds to Tim throughout the series, which is interesting.

Tyra and Landry was a couple that I … I don’t know how I feel about it, lmao. I liked them together, I thought Landry and Tyra were very sweet, I really enjoyed when Tyra tells Landry’s dad why she likes Landry and I love that Landry tells Tyra she deserves to be respected and he’s a part of her growth and I never really understood why they had to keep breaking up. I do have issues with how they got together, trauma bonding is messed up and it’s not that I don’t enjoy messed up relationships, I do,there are relationships that come to fruition because of murder that I enjoy Jax and Tara for instance, is one of them, but there’s something about Landry and Tyra that rubbed me the wrong way but I still really loved them:

Lyla and Jason … that implosion I think made me sad because you see how in love they were before the accident but I mean I don’t have much to say about them tbqh although woooow there are like NO gifs of them because Lyla/Tim is a fandom favourite which is just ugh why?

As much as I love Matt and Julie, I also really liked Matt and Carlotta. I thought they were very cute and there was sensuality and nervousness and delicacy with them even though we see Matt being somewhat confident with her, which was new for Matt. There are no gifs for them which isn’t surprising.

Smash and Waverly I loved because they were the definition of opposites attract and I love that conversation where he’s like I like you but I still gotta be me and I think you like me the way I am too and yet he does grow for her and when she tells him to “be the Smash” he ends up bringing her a piece of cake because he just wants to be with her and the way he tells her he loves her is probably one of my favourite “I love you” scenes ever and then they just disappeared Waverly and I was SO MAD. Of course only one gif:

Hated Becky and Luke. They annoyed me and are not worth my time.

Eric and Tami were of course the heart of the show, pure and simple: