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TV MEME • [2/5 relationships] →Julie Taylor & Matt Saracen 

“Look, ever since you came to Chicago, I’ve been thinking about you all the time and us … it’s just that that was perfect. I know how much I love you and I know I wanna be with you forever, so … this is grandma’s … Julie Taylor, will you - will you marry me?”


Day 09: The Most Believable Relationship?

Matt and Julie have been nothing but believable from the beginning. Hell, Friday Night Lights is believable from the heart. See if you look at the basis of the show, it’s about a town and the effect that a football team has on the town and vice versa. And while Matt and Julie might not be the core couple of the show, they definitely share part of the spotlight. At heart, Matt and Julie are kind of the couple that you would never expect to be together (speaking of which who would have ever thought Matt Saracen was quarterback material, but he’ll always be QB1 to me). He’s this kinda geeky adorable Quarterback on the Dillon Panthers and she’s the coach’s daughter who swore to never date a football player. But they slowly get together. He makes mistakes and she learns to let go of her prejudices and realize that there was more to Matt than just the title of QB1. They go through a lot, Julie questions their relationship and makes some mistakes, Matt gets reckless and self-destructive. But in the end they find each other and realize that they mean more when they are together. They don’t have an easy path in the show. They go through a lot, but a lot of what they go through is realistic. It’s not always about love triangles, I mean there’s that fail Swede plot, but other than that they go through peer pressure, difficult family situations, football, deaths in the family, and teen drama in general. By the end of Season five, we get this fantastic scene of the two of them living together in Chicago, which is why I always think that sometimes it is possible for a couple to make it past High School, because true love isn’t that selective, you just have to see it. 

30 Day Friday Night Lights challenge | Day 17 – Your favorite funny scene (2/2); 1x09 Full Hearts

*Julie walks in, everyone stares at her*

Julie: Hey, Matt.

Matt: H - hi.

Coach: Nu-uh.

Matt: You - you look really nice. [Tami takes Julie to change]

Coach [to Matt]: Why don’t you take your Members Only jacket off and hang in in the coat rack.

Matt [stares after Julie]: Sorry, what?

Coach: Hang your jacket up, Matt. (…) You want a beer?

Matt: No thanks, I’m driving.

Coach: [wryly] I was joking.

This scene, it’s too amazing for words! Matt’s total awe when he sees Julie and Coach desperately trying not to choke that kid who wants to date his little girl, hee ♥ Yep, I love “Matt and Julie - the early years” so much :)