otp: marc jacobs rain

Fragrance: Bell Jar Technology

Have you ever found yourself wondering how a fragrance can claim to have “notes of Malaysian summer rain” or a hint of “Parisian cinnamon apple cake” and just thought… hmm, are they just trying to make it sound as fancy as possible? As far fetched as something might sound, the creator of that fragrance will have gone to great lengths to capture that specific smell, using a very specialised method called Head space or Bell Jar technology. 

With this method, a glass jar is used to cover certain foods, plants, flowers and even  their environment (eg. dry earth or dew on leaves) from which the air can be extracted, allowing for a much more specialised scent to be added to the eventual perfume. A perfect example of this would be Marc Jacobs’ new splash fragrances which include Hibisicus, Kumquat and my favourite; Rain which literally smells like a garden fresh after an April shower, with hints of amber, strawberries and flowers - making it a perfect, light summer scent.  

Marc Jacobs fragrances are available in Brown Thomas