otp: man after my own heart

Playfulness in Marlowe’s works manifests itself as cruel humor, murderous practical jokes, a penchant for the outlandish and absurd, delight in role-playing, entire absorption in the game at hand and consequent indifference to what lies outside the boundaries of the game, radical insensitivity to human complexity and suffering, extreme but disciplined aggression, hostility to transcendence.
—  Stepehen Greenblatt, Renaissance Self-Fashioning: From More to Shakespeare
I'm always amused when fangirls start bleating, "What if your favorite actor knew you read pornographic slash fiction about them?"

I say, who gives a shit? They can head on over to the left and line up with the thousands of other boring people out there who can’t deal with strange things they disagree with.

Besides, there’s always Misha Collins.

Was talking to a library patron about our trips to Disney and somehow we got talking about bringing our books into the parks and how one time I was having my bag checked by a really cute Disney security guard and he pulled out the book I brought that day and we started talking about it since he read it and the guard next to him scoffed at bringing a book to Disney World and me and my cute guard both turned to him and said “what else are you going to do in the wait lines” :D


His favorite Cap memory is filming the street fight sequence in Winter Soldier!!!!!!!!!!!!