otp: making up for lost time

Making up for Lost Time

Wesley had a few more surprises up his sleeve, and this was one of them. He had gotten two weeks off from work and he was going to spend every day of those two weeks with Zane. Even if the redhead was working the whole time, at least he’d be with his boyfriend. And so having his packed bag slung around his shoulders, he stood there on the doorstep of his boyfriend’s apartment, hand hovered over the door. He wasn’t sure how mad Zane was at him since they didn’t get to spend New Year's or Christmas together and were only able to call each other because of how overloaded Wes was with work. 

And when they called, he could hear the slight irritation in his voice. It really had been forever since he had seen Zane and it always tore at his heart the longer they were away. The distance was what had drove them apart and caused them to break up. Well, that and the fact that Zane wasn’t able to tell him he loved him at the time. But now that he had told him and they were back together, they had become a lot closer. 

Taking a deep breath and closing his eyes, he gave a few soft knocks on the door, waiting for it to open and when it did, his blue eyes were wide and apologetic for a moment before he gave a nervous, “Hi”, awaiting to see how Zane was going to react to him having surprised him with a visit from after so long of not seeing him.

Zane was still in his sleep pants and a clingy long sleeve shirt when he heard the knock on the door. He had been sprawled on his couch with a cup of mint cocoa and a magazine, killing time on his day off by being lazy and soaking up the lack of things to do. He had been covering a lot of hours at the store, after all, filling his time with work. He got up, putting the magazine pages down to mark his place to go answer the door.

Upon opening it, there stood none other than his boyfriend. His face broke out into a huge smile. “Hi, yourself,” he said with a hint of teasing in his tone before stepping forward and wrapping his arms around him tightly. He pressed his cheek to the mechanic’s hair, enjoyed the feel of him against him even if he was cold from being outside. He pulled back only enough to kiss him, capturing his lips and kissing him for a long moment or two. “I missed you,” he whispered against his lips before he finally stepped back.

He stepped aside, gesturing to come in. “Are you finally done with those orders?” he asked curiously.

The wee hours of the early morning were always a difficult time for Ruki to sleep. He felt most creative, right at his peak with inspiration and lyrical stories whirling about in his thoughts that begged to be written down before he lost them to the bleak darkness of forget. But he needed – no, wanted, not needed – something to help ease the racing of his thoughts and coax him completely into a slumber he could feel wait for him, but stubbornly skirted around him when he decided to lay down and close his eyes.

After much careful thought (and unspoken hesitation) he reached for his phone and scrolled down his listed contacts until he reached the name of a certain guitarist that, regardless of being asleep himself, wouldn’t make a single fuss of being asked for company regardless of the near twenty minutes it takes.

Now, he was stuck in a world where he teetered on the thin line of remaining in the beginning of a dream that escaped him faster than sand slipping from the spaces of his fingers and warmth that held him by the nape of his neck; lips felt moving against his cheek with the forming of words that barely registered to sink in.


“I said: I knew you were going to pass out soon.” Uruha chuckled, and Ruki smiled lightly with a hum, keeping his eyes shut as he felt himself be pulled and held more comfortably.

“I didn’t pass out. I’m just…listening to you.”

“Is that so?”


“What did I say, then?”

Ruki groaned, his eyebrows furrowing lightly before a soft smirk quirked upward a corner of his lips. “I’m the best piece of ass you’ve ever had.” A bubble of brief laughter met his ears at his reply, and there was simply no other way to avoid his smirk crooking further as he rolled until he rested atop of the chuckling guitarist, pressing a lingering kiss against a spot of his neck soon afterwards.

“Go to sleep.” Uruha instructed close to his ear for the fifth time that morning, rolling until they both settled to rest on their sides once more with limbs tangled in warmth and comfort and something else that sends warmth to flood Ruki’s chest with the caresses of Uruha’s fingers burying gently inside the locks of his hair. It makes him secure his arms around Uruha’s waist, his fingers curling against the soft fabric of Uruha’s t-shirt with a slightly muffled enquire that halts the soothing caresses in his hair.

“Will you be here when I wake up?”

A silence filled between their non-existent space. With their bodies flushed against each other and their legs nothing but a tangle of drowsiness and familiarity that always made Uruha want to stay, there was simply no such thing as space or distance; there was no distance in their wants and desires that held nothing to any agreement they agreed to so long ago.  

“Yeah,” Uruha’s lips met the warmth of Ruki’s forehead to leave a lingering kiss as his fingers picked back up to caress his vocalist’s hair affectionately. “I’ll be right here.”

Ruki refused to think any longer on the swell of warmth that took homage in the depths of his chest and fluttered beneath his heart, but those words coupled with the press of lips remaining at his forehead and the warmth he held on to was just enough to sooth him into slumber as the rays of the morning sun began to gradually peek through his sheer window curtains.

daddy told me he wants me to take a year off to travel, whilst mom is telling me to finish school in time-in time for WHAT? what am I in time for? the job market with no job in sight for a HISTORY teacher? I will finish when I finish, and I will do my damnedest to make it the very least expensive that I can. I know I have no money, I also know that I owe my parents the world over for everything they’ve done for me and I know that there is nothing they could ask that I wouldn’t happily give. 

I have spent two years in a community college, which is very cheap-especially with financial aid. All things considered I’ve done well on expenses, and if Hunter takes me, that too isn’t a very expensive admissions. Travelling is massively expensive, but I want to do a study abroad and as I said, I will always work to make it affordable else it’s just not possible! but I don’t want to RUSH through my college career and my youth. I love history and falling in love with where I am and having stories to tell. I don’t want to be an “okay” history teacher, I want to be good, I want to be very good, I want to make others fall in love with the subject (as if that hasn’t been made clear a thousand times over.)

anonymous asked:

Do you like mechs or femmes ?

Femmes are nice. Pretty, curvy, occasionally smaller than me. I like Femmes.

Mechs are handsome, and they tend to be bigger than me. I like Mechs. 

What I"m trying to say though the use of Idris Elba gifs is that I like everything. Is it attractive and sentient enough to make an informed decision to decline any advances? I like it.