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Heard from a friend's mom: "Be careful if you go to the mall alone, they (black people) are there ALL the time... I'm not trying to be racist, I'm just saying this can be a sketchy place."

Whitespeak for: Remember (white) kids, you can discriminate and be derogatory toward other races as much as you want, as long as you add a disclaimer saying you’re not racist somewhere in your statement. It’s basically like a free pass to be an asshole!

Thank You's II Rumbelle Oneshot

Original prompt repeatinglitanies: He says thank you after sex. Belle thinks he’s thanking her simply for casual sex. But Mr. Gold is actually thanking her for taking pity on him and allowing him to be with her if only for just a short time. I put a little Dark Castle spin on it ;)

WARNING: Contains Dark Castle Smut. You have been warned.


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every westallen scene ever (2/?)