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Every Time We Touch

I am so excited to participate in Adrinette Month, so I’m going to start with a project I’ve been planning for a while. This is a Soulmate AU for Day 1: Made For Each Other! This is one of the longer ones, so I’ve split it into three parts. I have included links to each part so that they can all be read in sequence. It is also my first time publishing my writing online in about seven years, so I hope you enjoy it! 

Part 2  Part 3

Also available on AO3

Marinette couldn’t picture her parents skin without soul marks on them. Whenever they kissed or touched, her father would leave a trail of light blue on her mother’s skin, and her mom’s touch would leave streaks of red on her father. She would watch in awe as her mom drew patterns on her father’s arms, and her dad kissed strategic patterns on her mom’s skin. They reveled in each other’s touch, making Marinette eager to find her own soulmate from a young age.

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Are we gonna pretend that best friends who slowly fall in love with each other is not what otps are made of?

because hello???



KARMY? (Don’t say that they are not in love with each other, they obviously are)




CAMREN? (I’m just kidding Lauren don’t kill me)

Every Time We Touch pt 3

The third part to Every Time We Touch for Adrinette Month: Made for Each Other. This was supposed to be a drabble…
Part 1, Part 2, AO3. Enjoy!

Marinette and Adrien didn’t return to school that day. Instead, they spent the afternoon visiting each other’s parents, formally breaking the news. Marinette’s parents were thrilled, having loved Adrien from the first time he entered their home. Adrien had expected a cool reaction from his father. Soulmates had been a touchy subject with him for years. Instead of the calm, cold reaction he had expected, Gabriel Agreste looked at the soul marks on Marinette’s arms and broke down in tears.
Adrien had never seen his father cry. There had been a few tender moments between the two, ensuring that Adrien never doubted that his father loved him, but tears were not at all what Adrien would have ever expected. Gabriel welcomed Marinette into their family. He showed Marinette the paintings they kept of Adrien’s mother, and told Adrien to treasure their connection. For Adrien and Marinette, it should have been happily ever after.
Unfortunately, nothing could ever be that easy.

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AA6 Headcanon: Edgeworth, Phoenix and the shower

So, that’s my headcanon about Edgeworth’s shower, the night before last trial…

Miles: “I-I can’t use it! What am I supposed to do with this sink?”

Phoenix: *coming in the kitchen* “Hey, Edgeworth, are you okay?”

Miles: “Y-yes, no problem. I need to wash my hair…”

Phoenix: “Oh, that’s true. It’s very dirty.”

Miles: “Shut up, Wright! What about yours? You’re all sweaty, and you still haven’t been in court!”

Phoenix: “Erm, I know, after all we’ve been through… Well, Edgeworth, sit down here. I’ll wash your hair.”

Miles: “WHAT?!

Phoenix: “Come on, it’s not that you are used to washing with this tap. Let me help you. I washed Trucy’s hair several times when she was a kid, you can consider me a specialist!”

Miles: *sitting* “I’ve had enough of you bluffs, Wright. But, at least, looking at the evidence, I must admit that Trucy’s hair are fine, so I could trust you.”

Phoenix: *starts washing Miles’ hair* “How nice… This reminds me of when we were kids. We used to take a bath together… Larry, you and me.”

Miles: “I remember… You had the same silly smile…”

Phoenix: “Oh?! That’s what you remember most? My smile?”

Miles: “Nggg… because it was silly!”

Phoenix: “Ha ha ha! You’re really getting sentimental on me, Edgeworth.”

Miles: “Next time you call me because you need my help as Chief Prosecutor, I’ll ignore you.”

Phoenix: “Okay, okay, sorry, don’t be mad. You’re getting shampoo in your eyes.”

Miles: “It’s all your fault! And you call yourself a specialist!”

Phoenix: “Hold it! I am a specialist, but… Okay, let’s have a challenge: you wash my hair next, then we’ll choose the winner.”

Miles: “But… You are crazy, Wright. This could be the last night of your life, and you want to spend it washing each other’s hair?”

Phoenix: “Are you in?”

Miles: *sighs* “I’m in.”

Every Time We Touch pt. 2

Part two of my soulmate AU, Every Time We Touch, for Adrinette Month Day 1! Click for Part 1, Part 3.
Also on AO3

Marinette felt herself tearing up. This couldn’t be real. There was no way. She pinched her own arm to be sure that she wasn’t dreaming. 

It was real. 

She turned her wrist over every which way to see the entire mark. 

It was there, in the perfect imprint of Adrien’s hand. Her first soul mark. It was a color she had never seen from a soul mark before. Most marks were light in color, often almost pastel, and gave the illusion of translucence. And they were normally only one color. This mark, on the other hand, was the most beautiful she had ever seen. It was three colors at once, mainly a light blue, but it shimmered with a bright pink in the sunlight and had shadows of violet. It seemed to glitter in the light.

This was Adrien’s soul mark, the color he left on her skin to show he had been with her.

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“Made for Each Other”- Chapter 2

AN: Can I state how much I love the queue feature on Tumblr? Makes my life so much easier! Anyway, prompts here. Adrinette Month is in full effect and I’m still super stoked for it. Counting down for my birthday too! Enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 2: Rainy Day

Marinette still hadn’t figured out what she was going to do. She hadn’t seen Chat since last week on their joint patrol; they took individual patrols on the other days of the week to help with their busy schedules and to save their energy in case of an attack. Tonight’s patrol was cancelled too which didn’t help. They agreed that bad weather made for slick roof tops and electricity strikes and who would save Paris from Hawkmoth if both its superheroes were barbecue? On top of that, she hadn’t even gotten the chance to speak to Adrien and test out Alya’s suggestion. There just never seemed to be a good chance. Chloé would show up and steal him away or Nino would come up with a new idea for a song. The teachers even got a bit annoying. Just as she was about to ask him something or start a conversation, they would seem to think that now was a good time to start class. She groaned in frustration. This wasn’t going to work. Her destiny was to be torn in two by two different guys.

She walked out of the front of the school with a heavy sigh and just as she started to absent mindedly walk out, a loud crack of thunder surprised her, and she looked up, finally noting that it was pouring down rain. She groaned. Alya had already left for babysitting duty. Most of her classmates too were already gone. Leaning back against the dry part of the school, she looked up, wondering if it was going to stop anytime soon. When the answer was no, she sighed again, slumping her shoulders and accepting her soggy fate.

“Marinette? I thought you left already.”

Turning, she let out a small squeak as Adrien stepped out of the door of the school building, messing with the umbrella in his hands. She chuckled nervously.

“I-I-I was but then….” She pointed skyward. Steeling herself, she took a deep breath. He’s not on a pedestal. Take him down. Follow Alya’s advice. For Chat’s sake. “Then it started to rain and I forgot to grab my umbrella… again….” He chuckled.

“You tend to be good at forgetting things,” he smirked. Popping his umbrella open, he eyed it, then her, then his ride. “Hey, wait here for a second.” He stepped out into the down pour and up to the window. He spent a second talking with the driver before he came practically skipping up to her with the goofiest grin on his face. Well, this was new and surprising. Pleasant smiles yes. Goofy, dog-like expressions? Nope. Never. “Let’s go.”

“Uh,” she blinked. He held the umbrella just a bit higher.

“He’s given me the all clear to walk you home. He’ll drive around to pick me up.”

“Why didn’t we just… ride in the car?” He blinked this time. A peal of laughter burst from his mouth and he held the umbrella out over her.

“Because I didn’t think about it. I like walking on rainy days anyway. There’s something… relaxing about it.”

It was her turn to giggle. “Geez Adrien. I didn’t realize you were a hopeless romantic.” Her tongue felt swollen in her mouth as she noticed a soft red blush cross his cheeks and nose.

“I-I’m not…,” he stopped, adjusted his back, averted his eyes, but finally admitted, “Okay so I’m a hopeless romantic.”

“Wow, I didn’t think you’d actually own up to it.” She giggled again as he glared. They walked across the sidewalk of the school, turning to head towards the Dupain-Cheng bakery. She realized that he was right; it was relaxing to be walking in the rain and for her to be near him. Talking to him wasn’t as hard as she had thought it would be. Her heart tightened. There was no rush in their walk. “So, Adrien Agreste, what else is there about you that the class should know about?” He flinched and she wondered what nerve she’d hit. He chuckled clearly nervous.

“Why are you asking?” She shrugged.

“Call it a moment of clarity. Even though we’ve been in the same class for the last two years, we haven’t really… talked. I figured we should take the chance before it’s too late.” She eyed him. “Unless there’s something you’re trying to hide.” He blushed again.


“So there is!”

“Is not!”

“Don’t lie! I know there is.” She poked his shoulder playfully. “Come on, share.”

“What do I get in return?”


“What do I get in return? Equivalent exchange: I share, you give something up.”

“Oh my god. You’re a weeb!” She laughed at his confused expression. They stopped at the crosswalk as it was red. The sidewalk was deserted and it made them feel like they were the only ones in the world.

“You know anime?”

“Uh duh. I was raised by my father after all. You know? The same guy that taught me to play Mecha Strike three? There’s no way he was going to raise his daughter without making sure she knew at least the basics!”

“So you’ve seen Fullmetal Alchemist?”

“And Brotherhood,” she announced proudly. “Plus all your standards: Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Digimon, Beyblade, Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Attack on Titan….” He laughed.

“Come on. Those are nothing. You need to jump on the less popular stuff.”


“Well, less popular might not be the right words. Not as big stuff? They’re all fantastic either way.”

“Then you should probably help educate me.” This time, she blushed and quickly looked away. “I-I mean you… It’s not necessary…”

“I wouldn’t mind,” he softly replied. She jerked, surprised. Looking up, she saw true happiness in his eyes, like a little beacon of light in a dark sea. She swallowed. “I’d really like to actually.” The light turned green and they started across the road. “I’m… I’m really happy you asked me to Marinette.” They were in front of the bakery by now but they didn’t move to go in. Instead, they were standing face-to-face under the umbrella. “I thought you… to be honest, I thought you hated me these last two years.” She gaped.

“What? No! I’ve never hated you Adrien.”

“When you are around other people, you’re really bright and happy or in Chloé’s case, really strong and sure of yourself. It just seemed that every time I came around, you became someone completely different. I thought it was because of the gum incident but the longer it happened, I realized I didn’t know. I just wondered if… if maybe you never liked me in general.”

“Adrien Agreste,” she cut in. He looked at her surprised, finding only gentleness and kindness in the blue-sky eyes of the petite girl in front of him. “Adrien, I’ve never hated you. I’m sorry it’s been a misunderstanding for the last two years; I never intended for it to be. But… if you’re willing… we could… try again? Start over?” He smirked.

“I’d like that.” She smiled brightly at him before taking a breath and holding out a hand.

“It’s nice to meet you Adrien Agreste, my name’s Marinette Dupain-Cheng.”

He took it gently and brought her knuckles up to his lips. Her whole face flamed. “It’s nice to meet you Ms. Dupain-Cheng. I’m Adrien Agreste.” He smirked up at her, chuckling at her expression, and she glared in response.

“That was completely unfair. You took me by surprise!”

“You’re just going to have to get used to it uh,” he winked. There came the sound of a car horn behind them and they looked to find the Gorilla waiting impatiently for his ward. Adrien sighed. “Well, looks like my ride’s here. I’ll see you tomorrow huh?”

She waved him off from the cover of the bakery. “Tomorrow,” she agreed. He stepped back out in the weather and Marinette watched until he was in the car, waving good bye once more to her, and disappearing off around the corner. She sighed. Tikki popped her head out of the purse.

“I’m impressed. You actually managed a full on conversation with Adrien!” Marinette smirked and looked down at her kwami sadly.

“Tikki, this isn’t good.”

“How’s that?” The young girl swallowed hard, gripping the handle of her bag tightly in her hands until the knuckles were white.

“I still like him,” she whispered. “It still feels so right to be around him and my heart keeps beating like crazy. I’m going to have to make the choice.” Tikki looked up sadly at the dejected expression of her chosen; Chat and Ladybug needed to know each other’s identities for their own sakes but had she’d known that telling Marinette this would have caused her this much pain, she wouldn’t have said anything. So, the little kwami decided to do the only thing she could. She reached out a hand to gently place it on her chosen’s hip. She couldn’t retract the magic, especially now that it had been activated in the school building, but she could at least try to comfort her mind.

“That’s alright Marinette,” she chirped. “I know you’re having a tough time with this. Why don’t you focus on something else for a bit and see if that helps clear your mind?” She smirked and nodded, finally pushing the door open to say good afternoon to her mother, before disappearing to her room to find some kind of distraction for her overly activated mind.


There was a problem.

Two girls, sisters by all accounts, sat at a coffee table. One was crying uncontrollably but her sobs were silent which is why many of the patrons ignored her for the most part. The younger looking of the two, a girl with short black hair and soft, milky white skin, looked on in concerned. When Sophia was able to control her words, she choked out, “He said it wasn’t even worth it. My story would be nothing. He said publishers wouldn’t take it seriously. I’ll just be laughed out of the writing industry before I even get a chance!”

“I’m sure it’s not that bad,” her sister soothed. Sophia sobbed again.

“You didn’t hear what he said Maggie, how he said it.” Anger rose in the young girl’s stomach but she swallowed it down. She knew of Sophia’s lifelong dream to be a writer; how she’d stayed up countless nights developing worlds and characters Maggie couldn’t even fathom, and tell the stories of those worlds in eloquent fashion. Only for it to be crushed in a moment by an arrogant editor. She wanted to scream. If she could, Maggie would change the whole universe to make her sister’s dream a reality.

“We’ll work on your story together when we get home,” she assured her. “We’ll make it better.” And then when it’s published, I’ll deck him in the face for you. “Come on. We better get going. It’s still raining pretty hard.” The taller girl nodded, wiping her eyes with a napkin, before following her sister out into the rain. She clutched the manuscript to her chest as Maggie raised the umbrella over both of their heads.

They stepped out into the darkness of the evening.


Hawkmoth hummed lightly to himself. He had never attempted this before. It was a risk. He didn’t know how long Nooroo’s power would last if he did it but he also didn’t know what would happen if he did. This was a new situation for him; the dark possibilities bringing an evil grin to his face.

“What a glorious day,” he mused, catching a little butterfly in his hands, “to author and create the fall of Ladybug and Chat Noir.” Darkness swarmed around it until the creature transformed into a pure black one before it flew up and hovered just over his head.

A second butterfly landed in his hands and underwent the same transformation.

Together, they flew up and out his window with his jeer following behind them, “Fly away my little akumas. Transform these troubled souls and bring to me a story for the ages!”


The sisters didn’t know what happened.

They were walking in Paris, under the rain, when both of them stopped, their eyes glassing over, limbs going weak.

At the same time, a purple butterfly mask appeared on their faces. Immediately a voice spoke to them with arrogant confidence, “Storybook and Switcher, I am Hawkmoth. You two have been greatly wronged and seek to make the world in your image. I can give you that power. In return, you must bring me the miraculouses of Ladybug and Chat Noir. Do we have a deal?”

The two girls grinned.

“Of course Hawkmoth,” they chirped.

The umbrella fell to the wet sidewalk and was abandoned.