otp: luka&abby

Against all Odds

I decided to do the prompt for Marcus finding out his name isn’t on the list. Hope y'all enjoy! 

Marcus took the list from Clarke’s hands and looked it over carefully, every name she had written down for being essential and useful for surviving the apocalypse. He was glad when he read Abby’s name-good; she wasn’t just Clarke’s mother but the most skilled Doctor the skaikru had. A knot began to grow in his stomach as he continued to read. Half anxiety, half fear…there was no sign of his own name among these destined for salvation.

Clarke noticed Kane’s color growing pale and she felt sorry for him. She wished she could say something other than, “I’m sorry.” He looked at the girl quietly-understanding why she had to do this, why there were others more important to save.

Marcus blinked and his throat tightened at the thought of Abby! How would she-if she didn’t know already, feel about this news? To so soon having committed to each other body and soul and now thus to be torn apart in the span of less then two months? Marcus was a man who was able to control his true feelings in front of others and again it saved him as he finally spoke and handed the list back to her.

“It’s alright, Clarke. Our peoples survival is more important. I’m sorry that this was so hard for you to do.” He added sincerely, giving her a kind and understanding expression on his rugged features. The cruel disadvantages a leader must operate under was only too familiar to him. He made his way towards his room when he heard Abby’s voice behind him, “Marcus!”

He knew already from her voice that she knew their different fates and turned to face her. “Abby, I know it’s hard…”

“Marcus, I can’t-we can’t do this.”“ Abby interrupted. "Please don’t justify this as the right thing to do because it isn’t!” Her voice passionate with emotion.

He put his hands on her shoulders with a gentle but firm hold saying clearly, “Look, Abby I won’t justify it as I must do this to save us or because I want to be separated from you, I can’t and don’t want to parted from you if I could ever help it. You’ve seen the list..”

“Yes, and I don’t agree,” she said. “Marcus, if we could save more then just one hundred I could probably feel better about it but to leave you behind…” Abby lowered and shook her head, tears beginning to well in her honey almond eyes.

Marcus pulled her close in a warm embrace as if wanting to shield her from the harsh reality of their situation. Longing to ease her pain which was as equal to his own.

“I know-I know,” he murmured. “Abby would you think any less of me if I was on the list but giving that up to save one other person?”

Abby looked up at him confused, “You know I wouldn’t, it’s always been who you are but I don’t understand..”

“I’m not on the list, but if I was you know I’d do it and I choose always, to make sure that our people deserve to survive. ”

Abby did know that and she remembered a day that seemed so long ago that she had said the same thing.

“Marcus, ” she said softly-gazing at him with a look in her eyes that Marcus knew that she had decided something. “We’re together now and I can’t help but be selfish for once in my life, I can’t lose you. I love you and if you die, I’ll die by your side. If I live, you deserve to live as well. "Cupping his cheeks with her hands and caressing them with her thumb.

There was quiet between them for a moment. Marcus felt awed by Abby’s devotion and love, sometimes he still felt undeserving but her fierce loyalty and the manner that she deemed him worthy brought a lump to his throat. Their foreheads met together and a passage that his mother Vera had read sometimes in her Eden tree meetings came back to his memory.

Entreat me not to leave you
For where you go, I’ll go
Where you live I’ll live
Where you die I will die
God do to me and more
If anything but death
Parts you and me

They were in this together, for better or for worse and Abby and Marcus decided that no matter what happened next, being together in spite of all odds would be better then facing it all alone.


philip shea + textpost meme (a pair piece for my lukas one)