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the most supportive relationship


 ok, but just imagine high school shy vmin au

  • taehyung is the school’s sweetheart and everybody is in love with him (who wouldn’t? he’s part of the drama club, his grades are good, he’s funny, he’s sweet and polite and he’s friends with the school janitor and the lunch lady)
  • jimin is on the dance club and is one of the many who is in love with kim taehyung
  • at first taehyung doesn’t even know who park jimin is and jimin wants to keep it that way (but he can’t stop showing up at tae rehearsals)
  • jimin is quite smart himself, but he can’t understand calculus for shit and one day he’s voicing his suffering to jin in the middle of the hall and jin says that if jimin spent more time studying instead of training his stretching he would understand and taehyung listens and just laughs out loud and jimin just wants to die right there because he would knew that laugh anywhere
  • taehyung starts explaning the basics and how their teacher isn’t so bad, he just needs a two week vacation and talking a bunch of random shit, and jin is just unimpressed because taehyung is friends with namjoon and jin and namjoon have been dating for almost eight months and nothing taehyung says can impresses him anymore
  • and then taehyung turns to offer help to jin’s friend with his calculus homework, because he’s sweet like that, but the words just die in his throat because right there in front of him is the prettiest boy he’s ever seen in his 17 years of life
  • and they both are silent, just staring at each other, blushing their faces off
  • and taehyung is just staring at the short boy in front of him, static noise in his mind and his mouth is slightly open and how in hell he didn’t notice this boy before??
  • and jin is just yo what the fuck are you gays guys doing??
  • and taehyung just makes up some shitty excuse and runs away, triping on the untied laces of his dirty converse and bumping into people
  • after that he starts noticing jimin everywhere even despite jimin’s attempts to hide from him
  • and taehyung really wants to ask jin about him but he doesn’t know how to do that without making it weird
  • and somehow they start talking to each other
  • and running into each other in the hallway
  • and somehow they go from weird conversations about their common interests to taehyung walking jimin to his classes
  • and they go from that to texting
  • and jimin’s crush just keeps growing and growing and he knows that taehyung likes him too, ok?? he’s not that oblivious, thank you yoongi
  • and taehyung really do likes him, quite a lot actually, and he knows about jimin’s crush because jimin is obvious as fuck
  • but both of them are too shy to actually do something about it, so they just swim around each other, all weird flirting and red cheeks and waling each other to class
  • and yoongi just wants them to make out already because the sexual and romantical tension is making him frustrated but jin insists that sooner or later they’ll sort their shit out
  • and then jimin really needs to study for the calculus test at the end of the week and taehyung offers to help him after school
  • and it’s the first time that they’re actually alone together
  • taehyung is so nervous he keeps droping his pen and bumping his feet into jimin’s white vans
  • and jimin’s cheeks are permanently red and he can’t stop biting his lip
  • and it is kind of a first date, it feels like a first date
  • and in the end taehyung walks jimin to his house, their hands brushing and the comfortable silence between them just making things more intimate
  • and they stop by jimin’s door and taehyung is feeling bold today, so he grabs jimin’s left hand and intertwine their fingers, and he’s dying because his hand is so much bigger then jimin’s
  • and jimin just looks up at him, and suddenly the height difference seems much bigger right now
  • and their hearts are beating so hard you could probably listen from up street
  • taehyung wants to kiss him but he know it’s too soon (jimin secretly wants him to)
  • and jimin is feeling bold too, so he reaches up and kisses taehyung’s cheek, his lips lingering on taehyung’s flushed skin, way too close to his mouth
  • and taehyung’s world freezes and his hart isn’t even beating anymore, his dead for sure, the last thing he felt were jimin’s lips on his skin (he thinks it’s a really good way to die) and then everything is over and jimin is running inside and slaming the door
  • taehyung just stands there staring into the space for a whole fucking minute before his mind catches up on what just happened and he starts blushing so fucking hard he thinks his face is on fire
  • meanwhile jimin is standing behind the door, giggling and sweating and replayin the moment inside his head over and over again
  • and if this is the state that they are after holding hands, can you imagine what they would be like after their first kiss??


milack headcanons

lets get gay up in here

  • zack has a HUGE crush on milo first. he thinks about how much he has fun with him (like rollercoaster fun where you hate it while youre on it but afterwards youre like “LETS GO AGAIN!!”) and he realizes that he doesnt want anything to change and then just like.. everything crashes down on him all at once and he realizes he fell in love with a walking disaster and even worse- “what if he doesnt LIKE ME BACK aughhh”
  • zack ends up calling melissa in the middle of the night every other day like “hey does milo like flowers? chocolates? does he read poetry or listen to music more choose one” and melissa is like. whyd you wake me up why dont you just ask milo
  • it doesnt take long for melissa to realize hes got a crush and she just endlessly teases him about it. they show up late to school together and shes like “well did you enjoy your adventure with milo ayy wink wink kissy noise” and zacks like “shut up” and milos confused bc he thought it was a pretty good adventure
  • milos really blunt and open so one day zack is like “okay im gonna head off somewhere bye guys” and milo says “okay i love you bye” and zack almost keels over. milo gets scared its a murphys law thing and he stops saying “i love you” to people for awhile which makes zack kind of upset but he cant just TELL him why he reacted so much
  • zack talks to melissa about having a crush on milo just about all the time and she starts regretting knowing about it bc he is ALWAYS talking about milo when hes not right next to them. like she likes milo and talking about him and whatnot but is this really necessary and he overthinks everything all the time
  • “do you think i should get nicer clothes” “your outfit looks fine zack” “maybe i should save up for some cool jewelry” “ he might notice it i guess” “maybe i should get some safety equipment to hint at how i want to hang out with him even more” “dude" 
  •  milo freaking. loves with all his heart in such a strong way. he doesnt realize how much he loves his friends and craves affection until hes hanging out with zack and he just wants to lean his head on his shoulder so he does and hes like.. this is nice. meanwhile zack holds his breath bc like… milo is Very Close aaaaaaaa
  • milos totally autistic and infodumps a lot and zack loves it bc he loves his voice and he loves his smile and he loves the way he gestures to punctuate what hes talking about and when he flaps and he loves him so much and why did he let himself fall for him so hard 
  • zack is really really romantically frustrated and he’ll probably never be able to confess to milo about his crush bc hes not a risk taker at all and that makes him a little upset and he loses quite a bit of sleep drafting love letters in his head but he just never writes anything down and even if he did he’d never give it to milo bc he’d get cold feet anyways
  • zack actually works up the nerve to confess one day but like because of the murphys law thing he spends the entire day being interrupted by disasters and just other ppl even just coming up to talk to milo and hes just not able to tell him about his crush for the whole day and hes too exhausted by the end of the day to confess
  • that day ends with milo being like “thanks for staying with me for this whole day zack! i know it was pretty nuts… what was it you wanted to talk to me about?” and zack hesitates for a moment before just hugging him and being like “i just wanted to say youre my best friend dude”
  • he complains to melissa later about WHY didnt he just TELL HIM he had a perfect chance and he basically friendzoned his own crush and nothing would ever be okay again now and melissa is like “dont beat yourself up about it dude you’ll get more chances” but zack doubts it because hes never done anything before

theyre the football player/cheerleader couple of my dreams holy shit

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magnus accidentally shrinks one of alecs jumpers and immediately buys him/summons him a new one but it needs The Holes so he spends a good few hours working holes into this fucking jumper and trying to get them in the exact positions they wldve been in but alec knOWS IMMEDIATELY

  • headcanon that as soon as alec gets to magnus’ place his leather jacket comes off and he slips on one of his jumpers and feels so much more relaxed
  • and like okay magnus spends so much time staring at alec it’s UNREAL (because he is utterly in awe of this beautiful boy) and so he thinks he knows all the right places the holes go and!!! it’s alec’s fave jumper!!! so he panics
  • anyways he thinks it all perfect and he throws it back in alec’s drawer and tries to forget about it
  • but then alec comes home later and he looks exhausted and distant and magnus’s hands flutter over his shoulders and then grab his hands and kisses his jaw softly and tells him to change and that he’ll make coffee
  • and then a few minutes later alec comes out of their room and he’s frowning slightly and magnus is worried and then he realizes
  • it’s The Jumper
  • and magnus pretends he doesn’t know Anything so he starts asking alec what happened during his day and alec kinda shugs then frowns MORE
  • so magnus asks what’s wrong (but casually u know… bc he’s innocent)
  • and alec’s like ‘this doesn’t fit right… and holes are missing’
  • and magnus acts ASTOUNDED!! and he’s like ‘wow! I wonder how that happened! maybe you’re tired!’
  • and alec Looks at him
  • and he Looks some more
  • and magnus does NOT look at him
  • and there’s silence and then alec says ‘you did the washing today, didn’t you?’
  • and magnus winces and nods and he feels bad because he knows those jumpers offer alec so much comfort
  • and he tells alec that and he apologises for ruining it and promises that the others are all okay
  • and when he looks back at alec his boyfriend is smiling in that way he does when he’s feeling happy and content
  • ‘what?’ magnus asks
  • and alec just shakes his head and pulls magnus in close
  • ‘the fact you went through all of that for me’ he says
  • and magnus feels a bitt sad for him but then alec smiles wider and leans down to kiss him and says
  • ‘you’re the best part of my day, not the jumpers’

“You are one of the only men to ever really touch me, Matthew. I tell you these things not to hurt you, but to help you. Because someone as good as you shouldn’t be alone.”

Daredevil v2 #8 (1999)

bless his heart, raphael just cant stop touching simon. he started with shoulder squeezes, a hand caress and thigh grab in s1, worked up to a hand on simons chest, hand holding, an almost kiss and eye sexing in the first half of s2 and now the cheek caressing,, am i dead??

is this heaven??