otp: love is an open door


I love how in the scene where Jon suggests that he and Dany sail together to White Harbor, he’s wearing his Stark direwolf chest plate but later, when he’s gone to make his big move and knocks at Daenerys’s door, he’s removed it.

When she opens the door, his collar appears loosened. It’s very subtle but it’s even more romantic that way. Because he isn’t just knocking at her door, he’s coming to her without pretense, or expectation. He isn’t wearing his wolf pelt cloak, or armor. He’s not being arrogant (not that Jon ever is), or trying to assert himself as a strong man who doesn’t need to ask permission. And he doesn’t presume that he has any right to sneak into her room like Daario because that would be disrespectful.

Instead, Jon stripped himself of anything that might come between her seeing that he’s just a man, asking for permission (with his eyes) to be with her as a woman.
It’s such an intimate, and vulnerable moment.
It had to be silent. Words might have cheapened the intensity and beauty of the scene.
  • Beca: *hiccups* *more hiccups*
  • Emily: Woah, you should drink some water
  • Beca: *drinks water* I still feel.. *hiccups even more*
  • Emily: I got it. The element of surprise shall save you from your mis-
  • Beca: *falls to the floor*
  • Emily:
  • Emily: Oh my god, I think you just killed Beca
Neighbor AU Prompts
  • I heard a noise in the middle of the night. I took my baseball bat and OH MY GOD you’re my neighbor and your kitten escaped I’M SO SORRY THAT I ALMOST KILLED YOU
  • You moved next door recently and JESUS CHRIST have you ever heard of headphones?! What kind of music is that?!
  • You’re new and now you live across my apartment. I can’t belive you decided to meet me right now, I have a bad hungover and i’m only wearing my underwear. I’m sorry if i seem like an ass to you, I swear i’m not it’s just a bad time.
  • Your window is across mine and I swear I’m not a pervert but I think you’re  hot. One day you decide to dance to one of my favourite songs. You can’t dance so I laugh and HOLY SHIT both windows are open and you heard me. I wish I was invisible.
  • You decided to throw a party and your door was open, my cat got in and now i’m trying to find him. Could you quit shouting back ‘POLO’ everytime I call ‘MARCO’.  It stoped being funny after the tird time.
  • I’m clumsy af and I can’t make the stairs without tripping. It’s even worse as i’m carrying a box. Of course i fall down and hey I didn’t see you there. Thank god it was just weird halloween stuff and not glass  but you end up with fake web and spiders on your face. I think one of them is actually real DO I SCREAM AND RUN OR WHAT??
  • You’ve been my neighbor for almost three years but every time you come home drunk you try to walk into my flat. It’s 2 am and i’m tired… Wait are you singing ‘love is an open door’ from that frozen movie?
Only You

Prompt: First Love, Sasusaku Month Day One

Summary: When Sasuke and Sakura realise who their daughters first love was and in the process find out about eachothers. (Post Gaiden)

“I think Sarada has a crush on Boruto.”

Sasuke has always taken pride in being a careful person, he’s rarely the kind to let things fall from his only hand and even if on the off chance something does, his reflexes are fast enough for him to catch the item before it hits the ground.

But when Sakura walks into their house after a long shift at the hospital to make one of the most ludicrous announcements he’s heard in a while he can’t help but drop the stirring spoon he held in his hands.


His voice is silent and deadly. On a normal mission it’s enough to paralyze whoever is on the receiving end in terror but Sakura simply laughs it off, her husband hardly looks threatening in his his homely blue apron which matches the head band that thier daughter had helped him tie to keep the hair out of his face.

“I’m going to kill him.”

“Oh darling I think you’re over reacting.” Sakura states as she wraps her arms around his waist and stands on her tip toes so that she can peer over his shoulders to see what he’s making (it’s Sarada’s favourite sweet dish) “I think it’s cute that he’s her first love.”

Sasuke sighs, his immediate plans of killing a certain blonde haired idiot (No, not that one, his son) subsiding.

It’s easy to give into his wife in moments like these when they are alone. He knows she’s tired, the soft yawn she tries to stiffle as she presses her cheek to his back is a testament to that.

Sasuke doesn’t have the heart to break out of her grip for he knows that at times like these when Sakura is tired, chakra depleted and cold he’s her favourite pillow.

He’d never admit it out loud but he was quite proud of that particular designation.

Plus it’s not like he’d actually be able to wriggle out of her embrace considering her ungodly strength.

Besides the more time he’s given to think, the more painful he can make that moronic brat’s death.

He suppose Sarada would be mad at him for the first couple of days but he was sure she’d get over it after he taught her a new jutsu.

Sakura hums softly as he stands there letting his brief spike of anger simmer down along with syrup he’s stirring to her soft tune. It’s a lullaby she’s humming, one that he’d sung once to her during her pregnancy days when she had trouble sleeping. It’s the same one Itachi used to sing when he was a child and it’s calming effect still holds true after all these years.

“Darling.” Sakura starts,“Who was your first love?”

Sasuke blinks, all his creative plans to kill Boruto brought to a abrupt stop by her sudden query.

“What do you mean?” Sasuke’s voice is harsher than he means it to be and while he tries to convince it’s because something is stuck in his throat he is well aware that it’s just an excuse to cover up the fact that he’s the slightest bit hurt that even after all these years the answer is still a mystery to Sakura.

“Oh!” She says jerking away from him, her hands falling away as she steps back. Wide veridian eyes stare back at him as he turns around to face her, irritated that she let go.

For a moment she stands there still before she starts stuttering out,“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t realise. I didn’t mean to pry- I was just curious and-”

“Sakura.” He interrupts,“What are you talking about?”

She blinks,“Your first love, she was an Uchiha wasn’t she? I’m sorry I didn’t mean-”

“What gave you that idea?”

She blinks up at him. Even after all these years there are some insecurities she can’t shake off. It this habit of hers that bothers him the most, maybe because every time she displays her unsurity about their relationship Sasuke is overcome with a tidal wave of self loathing for he knows that all her insecurities stem from the fact that he’d treated her like crap through out the course of their childhood.

“I just thought-” she sighs breaking off,“Never mind.

“Tch. Annoying.”

She lowers her head,“You’re right that was a stupid.”

He lets his lips curve into a small smile, amused by her reaction. For some reason he never gets tired seeing her like this; embarrassed and shy.

It’s one of the more contrasting things about his wife because while she’s one of the strongest people he knows, nothing less than deadly in battle, she’s also one of the kindest. As a kid he never believed one could be both, strong and kind but in the past fifteen years of their marriage Sakura has spent everyday of it proving him wrong.

While she’s kind to everyone she meets, this side of her, the one where she’s shy and unsure is reserved only for Sasuke and he isn’t ashamed to admit that, that’s just how he likes it.

And that’s why he loves teasing her at times like these because he’s the only one who can and get away with it.

“Who was your first love?“ He asks nonchalantly.

Sakura looks up at him incredulously.

“What?” She asks,“ Is this a joke?”

Sasuke simply shrugs as he turns away from her to add the finishing touches to his dish.

Her eyes are defiant as she pokes her head into his line of sight,“I’ve loved you since we were five years old I’ll have you know. It might have been a superficial crush at first but I’ve only ever liked you.”

“Only me?” Sasuke says as he pours the contents into a bowl,“That’s hard to believe.”

Her eyes narrow,“If not you, then who? It’s only ever been you.”

“Not even Lee when he saved you during the Chunnin exams?”

“No.” She replies,“And if you recall I hugged you then and not him.”

“Not even Naruto when you kissed him?”

“That was CPR by the way.” She counters,“And you kissed him too. Twice.”


“Are you kidding me?” She started,“That’s ridiculous.”


“Where are these names even coming from?” She huffs,“ This is-”

Before she can finish, Sasuke quickly bends down and brushes his lips against hers shocking her into silence. It’s an awfully short kiss and when Sasuke pulls back he smiles as he looks down at his wife’s closed eyes and puckered lips.

“For the record you were the first and only person I’ve ever loved.” Sasuke states.

Her eyes flutter open and she stares at him confused for a moment before her mouth forms an ‘oh’. Then her questions begin,“Really? How? When? I thoug-”

“Sakura.” He cuts her off giving her a look.

“Right. I’ll shut up.”

“Good, then it’s easier to do this.” He leans down and kisses her again.The tips of his fingers graze against her skin as he cups her cheeks and lifts her face towards him his lips moving against hers effortlessly.

While Sasuke is a reserved man, there is absolutely nothing reserved about his kisses.

Sakura still remembers the first time Sasuke had kissed her she’d felt all her unsurity about their relationship melt away. While his kisses are commanding, they’re all consuming and absolutely and completely honest. He leaves no room for her to doubt his feelings for her because the way he kisses her always makes her feel like he’s laying his soul bare for her to see. Only her to see.

Because in the end for both Sasuke and Sakura it had only ever been each other since the very begining.

Sakura is about to wrap her arms around his neck and pull him closer to deepen their kiss but Sasuke abruptly breaks away once again leaving her hanging.

Sakura pouts as Sasuke starts walking towards the living room. She can’t see the smirk on his face but she knows that he’s thoroughly enjoying messing with her.

“You don’t play fair.” She grumbles as she follows Sasuke.

He sits on the couch and gently pats his lap. Sakura happily bounds towards him, her complains forgotten and takes her place on the couch by lying across it with her head resting on his lap.

They stay like that for a while as Sasuke reads a scroll regarding the latest details of his mission and Sakura stares up at him carefully memorizing all the details of his face for she knows that when he’s gone it’s these moments she’ll cherish the most.

“You know we both married each other’s first love.” Sakura comments offhandedly,“Do you think Sarada will do the same?”

“The brat won’t live long enough.”

Sakura snorts,“You’re not going to kill him, Naruto will never let you hear the end of it if you do.”

“I can handle the dobe.”

“You’ve been trying to get rid of him for eighteen years now, how’s that working out for you?”


“If you actually consider it, it’s kind of cute really.” Sakura continues,“Naruto and Hinata’s son with our daughter. Plus Sarada is really open about her feelings too. I thought she’d be like you and be in denial about it for at least five years.”

“I was not in denial about it.”

“If I was your first love that means you must have loved me since we were genin, right?” Sakura prompts,“And you were pretty much an ice cube those days.”

“I wasn’t in denial, I just didn’t show it.”

“So you were in love with me since we were genin.”


“Okay fine, I’ll drop it.” Sakura relents,“So anyway today I heard her and Choucho talking about Boruto and that’s how I gussed. They were fawning over how his blonde hair catches the sun rays perfectly and-”

Change of plans, Sasuke was going to first torture the brat and then kill him.

“- just how mature and responsible he is-”

When did he brat become mature and responsible? Just the other day he remembered his daughter complaining how childish and careless the dobe’s son was.

“- how his blue eyes pop perfectly against his white clothes and-”

Sakura stopped abruptly when she saw the look on Sasuke’s face.

“What’s wrong?“she asks lifting herself up from his lap and turning around to face him properly.

“The brat kid only wears black.” Sasuke deadpans,“His training clothes are black and pink.”

“Then…..” Sakura trails off as realisation dawns on her.

For a moment they stare at each other, green against mismatched black and purple.

The next second Sakura is up and Sasuke is right behind her, heading for the door.

“I’m going to kill the dobe.” He mutters poisonously as he opens the door.

Sakura brushes past him,“Not if I get to him first.”

All the way across town in the Hokage’s office, Naruto sneezed.

I’ll be honest I really want to see Sasuke appear in the Hokage’s office with his apron and matching headband and beat the hell out of Naruto with his stirring spoon.

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otp prompts where the girl is taller than the guy? maybe, in high school! thank you! ; ;

1)  He leaned up on his toes to kiss her, relishing the slight feeling of safety he always got when her arms wrapped around him and drew him close. She really was amazing.

2)  “If you like the heels, you should get them.”
“I can’t wear heels, I’m too tall.”
He blinked. “But you like them, and your legs look great in them.”
“You really don’t mind?” All of her boyfriends before had minded, with some idea that girls should petite things that they could tuck under their arm. He flashed her that smile of his, and looked like he’d kiss her right there in the shop if they weren’t around people.
“Shockingly, no, I don’t mind that my girlfriend is gorgeous. It’s a hardship. But, you know, I bear it.”

3) She loved the fact that he was still protective. Most people looked at her and figured she could protect herself just fine (she could, that wasn’t the point) and that she wasn’t the type of person to be looked after. Could smack any prick to the ground without hesitation. He fussed. Couldn’t quite offer up his jacket when it was cold and compensated with a ridiculous but really quite lovely blanket in the back of his car that he could offer her, and hot flagons of tea. He also rather loved wearing her hoodies, oversized. Pulled out chairs. Held open doors. Looked about ready to cut anyone who wanted to comment on ‘don’t you need a box to kiss each other?’ It was nice to feel protected for once. 

Ivan paces in his room. He’s been doing this for roughly an hour now, grumbling angrily in Russian, occasionally bursting out with some enraged exclamation. On the other side of the locked door, his sisters and the Baltics stand with their ears nervously pressed to the wood. Every shout, every slammed fist makes them flinch.

“S-so, what’s he mad about this time?” Toris asks, voice hushed in case his former boss decides then to acknowledge their eaves-dropping.

Eduard is blessedly calm in his response: “I think it was something Alfred did.”

“The idiot used big brother’s vodka stash as fuel for a fire.“ Natalia, meanwhile, looks downright murderous. “He wanted to put big brother on a quitting plan, despite big brother’s wishes.”

“Shhhh, I think something's happening!” Yekaterina says none-too-quietly.

Indeed, something is happening. Ivan, still taking deep breaths, turns on his phone and opens it to contacts. A dark aura around him, he presses the call button of one particular contact.

The phone rings.


Ivan smiles innocently. "Hello, Alfred.“

"Oh, hey, what’s up?” The American perks up.

“Not much.” His eyes slip closed in content. “Just looking through old knick-knacks. It's funny how many special objects get left in some forgotten box in some forgotten room.”

Alfred laughs awkwardly. “Uh, yeah, I guess I see what you mean? Like, why keep something if it’s just going to sit there and collect dust?”

“I’m very glad you agree with me.” Ivan raises a hand, a lit match delicately held between pointer finger and thumb. Before him is a pile of every last object of Alfred’s that had been left at Ivan’s house, whether mistakenly or purposefully.

“Out with the old and in with the new-”

“Whoah, whoah, can you hold on a minute? I’m killing zombies.”

“… What?”

Alfred scowls, speaking into his headset, “Kiku, I thought you said you were covering me?”

“I am. There are too many.”

“Well, make them stop existing!”

A sigh, “Alfred-kun, I’m trying.”

“Well, try harder!”

“Alfred?” Ivan’s eye twitches.

“Yeah, just give me a few. Kiku! I said to cover me! Don’t shoot me!”

Soft laughter from Kiku’s end.

“… You’re doing this intentionally, aren’t you?” Alfred groans, “Kiku, dude, my main man, quit it.

Seeing an opening, Ivan cuts in, “You mean like how you’re making me quit vodka?”

“You’re still pissed about that? Sheesh, talk about relentless.”

The dark aura grows.

Alfred lowers his controller, expression deadpanned. “Relationships need to be balanced. I gave up McDonalds, so you have to give up vodka. Deal with it.”



“It took me months to put together that stash!”


“Alfred, I will burn everything you love!”

“What, so you’re going to set yourself on fire?”

Ivan pauses.

Kiku’s heard muttering a “Lol, wut?”

“… Can you repeat that?”

Red-faced, Alfred swallows before starting, “I, um, I said, ‘what, so you’re going to-’”

Ivan throws the phone out the window.

Natalia slams the lock-picked door open. “BIG BROTHER, DID HE JUST-?”

*Submission by the lovely @kittyreaper

Person B: *In their room about to clean their room* I’m just a poor boy, nobody loves me.
Person A: *Opens the other door that’s connected to their room as they went to the bathroom* He’s just a poor boy from a poor family.
Person B: *Freezes up in their spot*

  • Negan: Big question here, and I need the truth on this one. Did Rick put you up to this?
  • Sasha: Rick? Your bitch?... No.
  • Negan: *Wants to lose his shit at the lack of effort by Rick to send someone to kill him but is paralysed by the sheer arousal of hearing Rick being called his bitch*
  • Negan: ... Excuse me *exits cell, slow footsteps turning into rapid footsteps down the hall, bedroom door opening then slamming, zipper unzipping...*

Everyone needs to see chanyeol singing love is an open door at least once I hope this brightens your day up cause it sure did for me

Date a person who pretends that they have magical powers every time an automatic door opens in front of them or a light turns green when they point at it because that shit is pure

Prompt #309: Imagine your OTP (2)

Imagine your OTP where Person A is learning a new language and likes to say a few words to Person B in that language every day. They say it means random things, like “the door is open” but it really is a love confession.

 +   if Person B finds out what it really means

++  if Person B answers one day

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40, sasusaku please ^^

40 -  exes meeting again after not speaking for years au



A/N: this does have a read more, for mobile users who might not be able to see it. If you can’t read the rest, just open the post on your mobile browser, and the problem should be solved!



He was the last person that she expected to see when they arrived at their rented little summer house. At first, Sakura wasn’t sure she was seeing things quite right; still muddle-minded from their ten hour overnight drive, she reasoned with herself that she had to be dreaming—because last she’d known, Sasuke had left to pursue his studies in the States, where he’d later on decided to indefinitely stay once his family followed suit as well, spurred by the expansion of their company business into the country. 

She truly never thought she’d see him again.

(and yet…)

“Oh, right!” Naruto piped in, after no doubt noticing her gawking out her window. I forgot to tell you, Sakura-chan, but the bastard’s here, too! He came all the way from Boston to spend the summer with us!”

But only, Naruto hadn’t forgotten; by the lilt of his voice and the glint in his eyes, Sakura could tell that he’d always known Sasuke would be here—he just wanted to surprise her.

“Been awhile since you guys even talked, right?”

The exceptionally proud grin that spread to his lips made her wonder if maybe he’d been the one to invite Sasuke.

(or maybe he was just proud he’d been able to keep the secret so well.)

“Uh—right,” she could only respond, still a bit dazed.

“You and the bastard better catch up, then,” Naruto said, shifting the car into park as he pulled into the driveway. He gave her a wink, and then grinned again, swiftly getting out of the car. “Hey, Sasuke!” she heard him yell. “Help Sakura-chan unload her stuff, why don’t ya! I’m gonna go help the others!”

A deep, rooted blush crept to her neck. Scowling, Sakura rolled down her window and shouted, “Naruto! Don’t be so rude! You don’t even know if he’s busy with something else!”

“I don’t mind,” she heard Sasuke say in return. Taking his hands out of his pockets, he started his way towards her, nodding at Naruto when they crossed paths. The latter simply clapped him on the shoulder and grinned even wider, trotting down to join their friends in the other car already unloading their luggage—leaving them alone.

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i think that, when they’re older, when they have to spend weeks or months apart - maybe because even has to travel to shoot a film, or isak wants to go to school outside oslo - isak and even will develop a routine. even takes pictures, texts them to isak with “this reminds me of you.” a pigeon that’s trying to fly but can’t because it’s eaten too much of the birdseed that this one weird lady in a raincoat has been throwing around. a donut shaped like a dick. the sun shining through the dark clouds on a rainy day. even chooses these pictures deliberately to make isak laugh when he’s feeling down or to make him blush as he’s reminded that he’s loved, even when they’re miles apart, but honestly, every mundane thing reminds even of isak, from the gum on the bottom of his shoe to the fresh smell of a new book. it’s like he can’t get isak out of his head, no matter where he goes. isak doesn’t respond much - he shows his love more quietly, and it’s more fun to tease even about being a slave to metaphor anyway - but he can’t help smiling every time. i like to think that no matter how far they are, they’ll find their way back to each other, because there’s no other option when your home is a person who’s opened their doors so you’ll always have a place to stay.

The knock is quiet, almost inaudible.  But it’s there.  Dean closes his eyes and takes a breath.  Then another.  The door opens after a moment – his lack of response serves as an invitation.  He can’t look up; he can’t see the look on Sam’s face.  The one that’s so caring and gentle.  The one Sam uses with victims and witnesses to show he cares.  

“Hey, Dean,” Sam says quietly.  Despite himself, Dean looks up.  Sam’s offering a warm half-smile, and Dean can see the sadness in his eyes.  Sam’s concern is always Dean, but in Cas’s death, Sam lost someone close, too.  He lost a friend.

“Hey, Sammy.”  Dean’s voice is rough from disuse.  He’s holed up in his room as often as possible, and said as little as possible since they arrived home.  He’s left Sam to deal with Jack.  Dean can’t handle the questions of What was my father like?  Castiel… what was he like?  It just hurts too goddamn much.

Sam sits on the edge of the bed, and the mattress groans under the weight.  He hands over a beer, and Dean takes it, grateful for the coolness of the bottle.  He drinks the neck in one swig and wipes his mouth on the back of his hand.

They sit in silence for a few minutes, listening to the ancient pipes moan and churn and the air system kick on with a clunk.  “How are you?”  Sam asks finally, taking a sip of his beer.

Dean bends his knee and drapes an arm around it, the bottle neck hanging loosely from his fingers.  He stares at the wall, focusing on a crack in the cement.  It feels fitting – he feels like his soul has been cracked, if not shattered.  “Just peachy,” he says.  It’s a default response, his sarcasm.  And Sam knows better.  He knows Sam knows better.

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