otp: love at the end of the universe

Ok, but like the hint of a Pepperony proposal at the end of Spiderman Homecoming gave me life like finally some love for one of my OTPs after that Civil War bullshit like yes. I am thriving. Also Happy carrying the ring since 2008 like yes. Happy ships it more than anyone else

Soulmate AU idea

So I had this stupid idea, idk if it’s been done already but here we go:

Soulmate AU where, everytime your soulmate is listening to a song/music (It also counts if they’re the one making the music, if that makes sense), you can hear it too. This leads to a bunch of situations, for example:

“Wtf they’re listening to this again? It’s been like 20 times today!”

Being almost asleep and suddenly, DEATH METAL OF DOOM 

Or, on a more pleasant note, hearing your soulmate sing before you go to bed every night and then one day the singing just stops

Trying to be productive while your soulmate is listening to some ass loud music, and so you try to cover the noise by putting your own music over them. War ensues

Being on the bus with only one earbud in, listening to a song not very well-known, when suddenly the person next to you starts humming the exact same thing you’re listening to

Growing up, hearing your soulmate sing almost everyday, until one day you see them on TV and they’ve become famous

Noticing that your soulmate is listening to depressing/sad music these days and trying to cheer em’ up by putting on your favorite songs

A lot of people trying to meet their soulmates at concerts of an artist they know the other likes

Soulmates who have found each other making little playlists for when they’re away from one another

Not hearing anything because your soulmate is deaf

Living your life with an almost constant soundtrack, because your soulmate really loves music

And of course, trying to communicate with your soulmate via songs and music, which is harder than it seems







Firelight Fandom President for ya’ll 

Now I know guys, you all have had your moments of doubt. Sometimes this couple seems married and sometimes they look like total strangers but trust me the first option is the one to go by till your last breath after you have seen this post.

Please support them! Love them! I know it might be hard specially if Chanyeol or Baekhyun is your bias and you might have wanted to save them for yourselves but you wouldn’t want to be in their shoes and hide yourselves in several ways for years just because you’re afraid it might end your career or your life and might hurt the people you love.

If your love for them is real, if it’s true, you will love them regardless. Unconditionally.

I hope you do!

P.S. all of this was extremely hard to put together so if you’re going to use the gifs somewhere please mention this account in your credits. Thankyou. ❤
haikyuu!! fic rec

i’ve been consuming unreasonable amounts of hq!! fic these past few months… here’s a rec list of ~70 fics for 16 ships. 

(edit: if the links aren’t working, right-click to open the fic in a new tab. sorry;;)

❤ = favorite

❤ ❤ ❤ = god-tier 


Bokuto/Akaashi (otp: my head, his heart)

the better boyfriend battle by norio (M)  ❤

Summary:  It’s two days after their first date anniversary, so Bokuto ruins Akaashi’s life.

i put my hand out, unfolded, into the sunlight by carafin (G)  ❤

Summary:  In which Bokuto Kotarou is woefully inept at conveying his feelings, and Akaashi Keiji has a sort-of superpower. Sort of.

Karma by dgalerab (T)

Summary: Akaashi pulls a muscle and Bokuto offers to help him with yoga. Akaashi knows a bad idea when he sees it, and he really only agrees because he’s suddenly acquired a deeply rooted desire to see Bokuto do yoga.For multiple reasons.

Maybe We’re Airborne, Baby by sterlinglee (T)

Summary: Realizing he’s got it bad for his setter is the easy part. Getting his feelings across might be the hardest thing Bokuto’s ever done, not counting his literature final or putting out the flames on that birthday cake he tried to bake for Akaashi last year, or—or a lot of things, actually.But the point still stands. Reaching out to Akaashi is a leap in the dark, and he wants it more than he’s ever wanted anything (especially the smoking remains of a cake he baked before he really understood his feelings, but knew that it’s what you attempt with your own two hands that matters).

snowflakes by arsenicjay (T)

Summary: Bokuto is a simple wizard with simple needs; a nice date, a little romance, and he’s all good to go.Or, Akaashi and Bokuto spend a day in Hogsmeade just before Christmas.

stating the obvious by ThinkingCAPSLOCK (G)

Summary:  There’s a lot of things Bokuto isn’t sure about now that he’s in university. His program, his new team, his future. There’s only one thing he’s absolutely sure of. He is not dating Akaashi Keiji. Not even a little bit.

Year-Round Love by masi (G)

Summary:  In his first year of university, Bokuto realizes that he really adores Akaashi.

Rest of the rec list under the cut!

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Jackets - Klance Headcanons
  • Keith lives in jackets. He loves to wear jackets. It doesn’t matter if it’s his or Lance’s. He loves wearing them.
  • The first time Keith wore Lance’s jacket was an accident.
  • Keith is not a morning person, therefore when he was going to train with Shiro, Keith grabbed the wrong jacket.
  • Keith wondered why the jacket felt so soft and comfy but he didn’t think much about it.
  • Shiro: *stareeeee*
  • Keith: “Why are you staring at me?”
  • Shiro: “Your jacket…”
  • Keith: “Oooohhhhh. Sh-”
  • Keith quickly returned the jacket and no one else noticed.
  • The second time Keith wore his jacket is another story. The two paladins were stargazing and Keith felt cold. Lance being the best boyfriend he is gave Keith is jacket.
  • Lance immediately freaked out because Keith looked so amazing in his jacket.
  • Nowadays Lance forces Keith to wear his jacket. Lance loves how Keith looks in it. And Keith loves wearing it.
  • Lance tried on Keith’s jacket once… He ended up getting stuck in it because it’s way to small. Lance ended up breaking and ruining it. Keith wasn’t mad, just disappointed.


The Lapidot is still so real

- They had their very first “lover’s tiff” - which is something that happens to all couples.

- They’re still clearly so comfortable around each other.

- They gave each other some really cute looks throughout the episode.

- Despite their petty argument, they realised that their behaviour was wrong and were perfectly happy again by the end of the episode - and had even worked together to make a new sign for the car wash.

- Their fusion was potentially foreshadowed by the fact that they both wanted to be Garnet (a fusion who’s literally “made of love”), and by the fact that we saw them both using their powers together for the very first time.

…You freaking know that I’m adding all this (and probably more) to my Lapidot Moments masterpost over the weekend!

I’m so happy right now, you have no idea~

My Top Ten Favorite Musical Numbers From Cartoons

My buddy, @theromancescrooge, did her top ten favorite original musical numbers from cartoons a while back, and I was hesitant to make my own list. There are just so many good choices I couldn’t narrow it down to just ten. However, as time went on more picks just solidified their position should I make a list. Rules are it has to be from an animated television show, but no anime. Also, one per show. Covers are okay, but no direct lifting of previously existing music. So here it is:

10. “I Got a New Routine” from Milo Murphy’s Law

I love Weird Al. I never got into Phineas and Ferb because reasons. So you give a platform like that to Weird Al and let the gems come naturally. 

9. “Sweet Shop” from Littlest Pet Shop

This cute little diddy is very reminiscent of songs from the 1950s. I like this kinda sound and it plays like a very pleasant commercial. The show is done by the same crew as MLP:FiM, so you can see the talent in animation and casting.

8. “My Shiny Teeth and Me” from The Fairly Oddparents

I like this song. It sounds nice. Hey, shut up. Everyone shut up. Stop laughing at me. Just go to the next one. The next one. But seriously the keyboard is a nice touch and Chris Kirkpatrick’s vocals are smooth.

7. “The Campfire Song Song” from Spongebob Squarepants

Damn, is this song a bunch of fun. Patrick trying his best, but failing makes me laugh everytime. Some would argue that it’s too short but shut up.

6. “The Wizard” from The Looney Tunes Show

I really wanted to put “We are in Love” but after listening to both songs back-to-back, I just like this one better. Much better. A fantasy metal track as Daffy pretends to be an all powerful wizard and the lyrics blur the lines between what he thinks he’s doing and what is actually happening.

5. “Music Revolution” From loliRock

I know I said in my thoughts on loliRock that the songs sound a little too overproduced and I still think that. That being said, I think this song is pretty cool. It’s energetic and has that right amount of vocal harmony that I love in my music and, dare I say it, a little sexy.

4. “This Day Aria” from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

This song is an epic piece. This is some Disney quality stuff. The back and forth between Cadence and the imposter is great. The harmony is amazing.

3. “Hello Nurse!” from Animaniacs

Animaniacs has A LOT of great songs, but this one I have to stop and sing every time. This is the song a guy sings when he’s asked to describe the perfect woman. 

2. “The Ballad of Star Butterfly” from Star vs the Forces of Evil

I love Fall Out Boy. Having Patrick Stump sing Star’s Princess Song was brilliant. It’s a four part rock opera going from a traditional princess song and ending with a big reveal of love. Starco is OTP, baby. Even if Starco isn’t your thing, this is great song.

1. “Here Comes a Thought” from Steven Universe

This song will always be my number one. The first time I heard this song, I cried. I cried because I knew I needed to hear this a long time ago. If I would have heard this beautifully written and performed song when I was a kid, it would have saved me from years of self-loathing.

That’s all I got and thanks for reading.

OTP Idea #835

Imagine Person A lives in a universe where soulmate marks exist - when you first touch your soulmate, a tattoo/line/date etc. (writer’s choice) appears on their arm/neck/ankle etc. (also writer’s choice).

Person A is the only one who hates the soulmate marks, having never found their own soulmate and being convinced they don’t exist. Sick of their universe, they find a way to leave it and go into a parallel dimension without soulmate marks.

They have a rough landing and end up with a few injuries. Person B, a passer-by, is concerned about A and tries to help.

As soon as B touches A, A gets a soulmate mark. B doesn’t.

Meruem x Komugi - The Purest Love Story

Meruem and Komugi story from Hunter x Hunter is one of the most unique love stories I have come across in all of animation history 

Most animated shows usually show the main character falling in love and have a happy ever after  

Originally posted by sapphirerose818

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However, this is about the main antagonist finding love and him developing into human. Not a hero but a villain!  So I’ll be explaining of how a monstrous tyrant becomes the most humans.  To those who think hetero is boring than you should probably read this because this made me cry when I first watch the anime.  

The Beginning  

When he was first born from his mother womb, he was a cruel and violet leader 

He has a talent of EVERYTHING, intelligence, strength, and strategist, considering himself the perfect lifeforms and of course like most egotistic maniacs, he’s emotionless. Showing no empathy to the weak.

Like he killed his own men

And he even killed a child like what a dick

He only shows respect to the strong such as his royal guards 

After devouring a human with special abilities called “nen” and then overthrowing an entire palace from a king.He takes interest in various of board games, challenge the top players into playing a game with him

And of course he wins every game by reading books about and kills them for losing until Komugi came and play a fictional game called Gungi 

Originally posted by anime-pictures-and-other-stuff

He loses many times by her and yet he actually enjoyed it 

So his plan for world conquest is about to begin. So he decided to kill Komugi having no further use to him until this scene happens… 

Originally posted by shinrinyokus

Originally posted by zamasu

What makes this scene powerful is she thought to herself as nothing and she’ll even commit suicide if she loses a game of Gungi but when Meruem called her important, she feels relevant to him and to his loyal guards 

The Middle 

So instead of killing her, he let her live and then questioning himself on what he wants from the world 

Goodness, for a villain, he getting such great character development 

An Old Soldier and an Old Assassin arrive to stop his evil plan from the sky with tons and tons more fire strikes to siege the palace

After that devastated attack on the palace, it didn’t hit Meruem but it did hit Komugi 

Upset that she is injured, he ask one of his loyal guard to heal her 

Originally posted by gunnm

It was so touching that it even made it cried and when the two veterans arrive they just stood there silently watching their enemy out of respect. 

Originally posted by demigodxtonio

Catching them off gone for this act of love

After that Meruem accept the Old Soldier to come to fight but before they fight, he wants to discuss with him about his new world order 

Like goodness, this villain is acting more human than a monster!

So after they fought, the Old Soldier self-destruct himself at near death to finish the King off. His body is founded by his other two royal guards to heal his wounds but him and the two are slowly dying ‘cause of the bomb is filled with poison, and it also cause to have amnesia, only remembering about world conquest plan.

Once he regain his memories, the only thing he remembers the most is Komugi and how he enjoys playing Gungi with her

Originally posted by aoberi-chan

The Finale 

Then on his final moments, he decided to play Gungi before he dies 

While they play, she started to cry for receiving such happiness when meeting him, her light

Originally posted by goku-z

He then tells her the truth. The poison he receive his contagious so her to will die from this poison  

Originally posted by katsvki

Originally posted by anime42069

So instead of her fleeing right away to live, she would rather stay with him until the very end

Originally posted by phinkss

Meruem and Komugi story from beginning to end is unlike any other love story I have ever seen. Instead of having the main villain to be defeated by the main protagonist, he receive a happy ending by being with her. 


books can be written in multiple volumes about the ways he looks at her  ♥

the beating of our hearts provides the tune
as the two of us waltz around the constellations
a melody guided by the atoms inside us
and this chorus, ancient and divine,
is the sound the universe makes at our touch

we’ve been made eternal 
because the world can’t tell who begins where
and the fates’s don’t know how to make this symphony end

—  Unfinished Stories #23 by Abby S
Accident related AUs and prompts

-secretly leaves the house to go get a gift but accidentally gets involved in stopping a Robbery AU.

-accidentally spills boiling water on their leg while making dinner.

-has scars from when they accidentally started a fire and then sacrificed them self to save everyone from it AU.

-accidentally dropped phone and broke the screen but continued to use and now they have a shard of glass stuck in their thumb.

-accidentally knocked over some really expensive stuff in a shop and is desperately trying to fix the broken items but failing miserably.

-accidentally ordered 300 cans of baked beans (or any other food) instead of 3 and now all they eat is baked beans.

-accidentally falls on to train tracks whilst a train is on its way.

-accidentally ended up working at a strip club but now has some sweet moves they can perform on a pole.

-accidentally fell in love with the enemy’s child AU.

-accidentally got on a plane to Australia (or any where else) and now can’t get home but actually likes it there and is thinking of staying



  • Lance and Pidge is that couple where Pidge can just go inside his room @ 2 am through his window, and Lance wouldn’t even question it.
  • “You know what? Fuck you.” Pidge at some point maybe
    “I would love to fuck me too, babe” - Lance
  • They tried to go on a date once but ended up badly because Pidge tried to fight the waiter/waitress who asked Lance if he wants kiddie meal for his little sister lmao
  • A couple who do dumb shit together, stay together
  • “Lance, I was out of my house and this thing reminded me of you!” *sends pic of a trashcan*
  • One time they’re eating lunch with Hunk (so pure, so innocent may god bless him), and then Pidge blurted out she’s so sore, and then Lance and Pidge blush furiously, Hunk choked in his food. turns out the two had a competition who can bungee jump the longest. (no one won tho)
  • Lance is scared of bugs, Pidge gives her best to scare the tol one hehehe
  • Puns. Puns. Puns. Puns. Puns. Puns. Puns. Puns. Puns. Puns. Puns. Puns. Puns. Puns. Puns. Puns. Puns. Puns. Puns. Puns.  oh did I mention puns? if not, then, Puns. Puns. Puns. Puns. 
  • Oh boi, imagine them having a competition who can call the other the most cheesiest and cringiest pet names. Lance won with my sunshine, my love so sweet, apple of my eye, the purest and cutest baby boo - 
  • You know when they start living together, Lance is the mom of the house and nags almost about everything (Pidge still loves him tho)
  • Every night they have a game to decide who will do the dishes, or who will cook their dinner, or who will do the laundry for the week, or anything that includes house chores. 
  • “Yay!! holidayssssss” - Pidge
    “Halloween is just literally a week ago” - Lance
  • Pidge rarely says I love you compared to Lance but she says it in her simplest way like calling him an idiot with a small smile, she tries her best to wake up early just to tell him take care/have a nice day despite staying up too late, and the suprise back hugs :):):):):)

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering what you thought of Han's death? Do you think it was done well or at the right time? Or just for shock value? Like do you think that they did it to drive or further the plot? Just over all what are your thoughts on it lol

I’m an old, original OT fan, and Han was my favorite character in the Star Wars universe. Han and Leia’s romance was the OTP of my formative years, back before the term OTP was coined (as far as I know. This was all pre-internet). I was thirteen when Empire was released, and I saw it eighty-one times in the theater. Han and Leia’s kiss on the Millennium Falcon was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.

(frankly, it’s still pretty hot).

I offer this information as evidence that I loved Han Solo about as much as a kid can love a fictional character. I loved Han and Leia together, too! I wrote a little fanfiction back in those days, and even though Hanleia was my ship, I wrote only about classic ‘Mary Sue’-style characters involved with Luke; even in my imagination, I couldn’t dream of anything that would touch the perfect pairing of my OTP.

I hadn’t paid attention to anything Star Wars-related since the release of the prequels, so I came into TFA in a perfectly unspoiled state. Han’s death hit me hard. I cried when it happened. I cried through the credits. I cried in the car on the way home. I cried off and on without warning in the couple of days that went by before I went to see the movie again, and I cried (with my eyes closed) when Ben and Han stood on the bridge again and Ben killed his father. Bloody hell, it’s making me cry now, just writing about it.

So, do I think it was done well or at the right time?

Yes. I think it was done beautifully well, timed perfectly, and is the most important act of the new saga.

I didn’t get to this point immediately. In the early days, I felt anger towards the storytellers for what they had done to characters I loved so deeply. How dare they deny Han and Leia the happy ending I took as given at the end of ROTJ? How dare they give my OTP a child, and then do this to him? To all of them? Were they being cavalier with us? Did they think they could take Han and Leia’s only child, send him into the dark, and just THROW HIM AWAY? Part of me believes there is an alternate universe within the Galaxy Far Far Away in which bad things never happened to Han, Leia, and Ben. It’s easy to imagine it:

But that would have been a very different story, and it’s not the one the creators chose to tell.

All through my journey back into Star Wars and here in my first experience of contemporary fandom, I’ve looked at the story from both inside and out; I am interested in the minutiae of the tale within the star wars universe, and the ways in which the people involved in creating the new saga have approached everything about it.

So in thinking about Han’s death as a character, I also bear in mind Harrison Ford’s long-expressed desire that his character would die within the story. He didn’t get his wish during the OT, and I’m thankful for it. I had thirty years of knowing that the princess and her scoundrel were together and that they loved each other. 

Ford was seriously injured during the filming of VII. At 74, he’s reached a point in life when physical vulnerability is a legitimate concern; from a practical standpoint, it’s probably best he not be filming action sequences any more, and it feels appropriate for his character to bow out of this particular stage. 

Aside: Ford is actually the same age as my own father, and Adam Driver is only a couple years older than my eldest son (thanks, Star Wars, for making my attraction to the leading men of both the original and sequel trilogies a bit age-awkward for me!). We live in a culture in which a person in their seventies is largely irrelevant to larger society. It’s unfair and wrong of course, but no one expects big things from people Ford’s age; physical power and sexual attractiveness have faded, one’s work life is drawing to a close, and life in general gets smaller and less dignified in dozens of small ways.

Han’s death was shocking; a blow to the heart. From a storytelling standpoint Ford really made his exit count, which is what he’d hoped for. 

In this interview from shortly before the release of TFA in December of 2015, he’s talking about the timeframe of the end of the original trilogy, but his reference to Han as a person who has held himself at “an ironic distance” from the belief systems of the larger story, whose willing sacrifice for a greater good would lend gravitas to the saga…well, I think it’s clear in hindsight that he was absolutely right.    

Listening to this interview now, it’s a bit hard to separate Ford from Han; the swaggering smuggler, the stone cold pilot who calls in a solid from a friend with a helicopter when he needs it, the practical actor who invites others to bring their interpretations to his work, the old man, passing a torch to a younger one… Ford was telling us these things just days before the release of TFA. He knows there’s a storm of grief and anger about to be unleashed in the fandom, and it strikes me that he is letting us know, “it’s alright.” (Maybe a bit of pride too! “This was my idea years ago. They’re finally doing it.”)

Han’s death matters. It matters so much, and I think the storytellers did it just right. I would not have been able to express it this way back in December when it was all too raw; but this:

This is beautiful. Not because it’s a scene of a murder! It is beautiful because it’s a scene of absolute, unconditional love. This moment is the emotional heart of the entire saga. It presents the crisis and the question: Can love ultimately save us?

This is the question that brought me back to Star Wars, and it’s sent me on an amazing and unexpected journey in the past ten months. I don’t know if this would have happened if the stakes hadn’t felt so real, and so high.

Han’s death: is it possible that it’s my favorite part of the story so far?

(*big thank you to @hardyness for the use of the gorgeous gifs here, and a broad thank you for hardyness’ wonderful contributions to our fandom. XOXO)

anonymous asked:

I don't have an OTP, I love them all! Can you rec fics with Angst with happy ending tags, preferably in College/University AUs?

sorry if they’re not angsty enough!! :(

some of these, i’ve placed in other posts for fic recs. but i’ll put’em here anyway.

here you go! 17 fics!

[M, jikook] Him by PinkBTS

[T, jikook] I Shouldn’t Be In Love With You by wildandsexy (high school)

[ongoing series, minjoon] Motion by Error401

[T, jikook] White T-shirt and Brown Timberlands by Rose_gold715

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Masterchef AU:

Person A and person B hate each other and don’t think each other deserve to be in the competition.
A & B end up in the top three but only person A makes it to the finals, person A looses anyway.
Person B congratulates person A after the competition even though they didn’t win. Eventually they end up falling in love (or just become besties) and open a restaurant together.

yoonseok 101: or, if i were the type to call a ship real, i would call this one real

So in my ongoing quest to pull @seriousflightrisk into Bangtan, I’m going to compile yoonseok things that are amazing and wonderful. Don’t ask me about my top Bangtan otp or else things like this happen okay. Everyone needs to love yoonseok or so help me…

(I love this gif so much it’s so accurate okay bye)

yoonseok origin story aka the beginning of the end of me

SO THEY GENUINELY HAVE THE CUTEST BEGINNING IN THE UNIVERSE??? Obvs they were both signed by bighit. Sure great whatever. BUT. Like. Min Yoongi, sweetest person in the universe, noticed that Hobi was kind of struggling and thus befriended him.

J-HOPE: 「Ok, let’s talk about our first meeting. We first met…」

SUGA: 「It was 4 years ago, we met in the dormitory. I joined the company first and then J-Hope came on 24th December?」

J-HOPE: 「That’s right. 2010’s Christmas Eve! When I first walked into the dormitory, I had mixed feelings, I was anxious and was anticipating at the same time. And Suga appeared, he only had boxers on! It was a reality check of the trainee’s life. On that day, Suga spoke to me first and I can still remember what he said to me. I was sleeping in the living room at night and then Suga said to me: 『go sleep in the room』(laughs). I was happy~」

SUGA: 「He was sleeping with the blanket tucked inside out, he looked pity.」

J-HOPE: 「I remember that I replied: 『It’s okay, it’s comfy here.』 Although Suga looks cold, but actually he is a manly man with a warm heart so I like him. ♥」

SUGA: 「Your nose is gradually growing like Pinocchio?」

J-HOPE: 「I got caught? (laughs) One more, I can remember clearly about the 『end of year chicken』. At the end of that year, the other trainees went back home and I was the only one in the dormitory to celebrate the new year. And Suga called to ask if I was fine. I replied saying that I’m bored because I’m all alone and then after a while, Suga came to the dormitory with chicken in his hand! I was so touched at the time I fell for him without even realizing it. If I was a girl, I would definitely fall in love!」

SUGA: 「His condition wasn’t good. He just came to the dormitory and he couldn’t get used to the practice so he was really stressed out. Once, you got up and didn’t you say that you felt dizzy. I was aware of that so I went back to the dormitory earlier than I’ve planned. J-Hope looks bright, likes to joke around and he’s pretty delicate? In another word, he’s vulnerable to stress. He suffered from stress-induced enteritis, so I often took him to the hospital to get an injection.」

(trans via kimmyyang, full interview here)

just little yoonseok things

  • Yoongi says when he’s sad, Hobi energizes him just from looking at him
  • Yoongi cannot finish a take without laughing at Hobi even tho Hobi’s doing nothing?? Get your shit together, Min.
  • he calls Hobi 소소 I can’t even deal with how precious that is
  • their eye contact in this (ft. Yoongi being way more trusting of another person near his eyeballs than I could ever be)
  • the fact that people think Hobi is constantly 11/10 and Yoongi is constantly mad about life but really it’s…kinda the other way around???

(The members have said several times that during time offstage Hobi is pretty chill and kinda sad if he’s not pushing himself to be the moodmaker to make the rest of them happy and I just need you to appreciate that about him okay.)

  • but even so Hobi clearly brings out the extra goofy side of Yoongs, as opposed to just regular goofy

  • they hold hands a lot
  • they ship themselves - they call themselves 솝 (Sope/Sobi) and on April Fool’s Day this year they took over the BTS twitter account and decked it out with stuff for their (eternally forthcoming) subunit 솝므 (Somme), a play on their labelmates 옴므 (Homme).

(That’s right, they have matching 솝 jumpsuits. This photoshoot had them all dressed for their individual v app broadcast shows and yoonseok do a show together called Hwagae Market. It’s ridiculous.)

  • Yoongi lets Hobi manhandle him in a way most of the other members don’t really get to do
  • but also Yoongi’s more comfortable with skinship with Hobi than the other members 
  • this picture that no one has explained yet
  • this one time they had to bungee jump and Yoongi was so worried about Hobi (Hobi is scared of heights…and everything else), he cried
  • this other time Hobi demanded that Yoongi do aegyo and Yoongi was like, no screw that, and then Hobi was like 1 2 3! and Yoongi did the aegyo anyway (he’s so whipped)
  • in the same broadcast Yoongi complained about Hobi taking his seat and then SAT ON HOBI. THERE WAS ANOTHER CHAIR THERE. A WHOLE-ASS CHAIR. EMPTY. WAITING FOR A BUTT. AND HE SAT ON HOBI INSTEAD.
  • (yes I’m still screaming about this chair thing)
  • I have no reason for sharing this, I just want you to see it.

  • also this

  • they pick on each other SO MUCH
  • “You look like a horse!” “Well you look like a turtle!”
  • Hobi’s judgy looks are THE BEST but I especially love it when he turns said looks to Yoongi

In conclusion please love yoonseok okay bye.


31 days of halloween: day 31 - trick or treating

➢ fandom: bts
➢ pairing: hoseok x jimin
genre: fluff
➢ word count: 600
➢ notes: happy halloween! this concludes my 31 days of halloween challenge, thank you to everyone who’s read my revealings for each day up until now!(: jihope’s costumes are heavily inspired by these lovely witch!jimin and vamp!hobi fanarts (01, 02) made by @ask-chimchim​ (kat is such an amazing artist and her jihope art always leaves me dead and dying and overly crying over my ult otp). this is also set in the same universe as in the end, it’s you and me


“Jiminnie!” Hoseok shouts over his shoulder, rocking Mickey who’s fallen asleep in his arms. “I think it’s best we head home.”

Jimin smiles and takes the hand Hoseok holds out towards him. “Do you think Mickey will be happy with all the candy he managed to get?”

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