otp: love across time


Charles saying Erik’s name


Güney Kore sinemasının melankolisini sırtından indirmeden sisli bir sahil şeridinde zamanlar arası yaşanmış bir aşk hikayesini anlatan illet. Aynı evde 2 sene aralıklı yaşamış bir erkek ve kadın, evin posta kutusu aracılığıyla mektuplaşabildiklerini fark ederler. Ve olaylar gelişir. Einstein'in zamanda kırılma teorisini sindirmiş bi’ film. 



Love Across Time

Growing up, Rumple had always been jealous of the other children who had known a mother’s love. He hadn’t been so lucky, as his mother had died shortly after giving birth to him. He thought his father had loved him well enough, despite what he did, deep down—until the man left him and he was forced to watch him get killed right in front of him. The spinsters who raised him, his ‘aunts’, cared for him, he knew. But it wasn’t the same, especially when the other boys enjoyed rubbing it in that they only took him in because no one else would ever care for the son of a coward.

All he ever wanted was to be loved,

The young man was walking home from the market one evening, his head low to avoid the cold glares and jeers of the villagers. Just as he was rounding a corner to his house, he noticed a bright blue light approach. Stopping a few feet from his face, the light instantly turned into a smiling fairy.

“I hear your wish, Rumpelstiltskin.”

His eyes grew wide. “Who are you?”

“Reul Ghorm, the Blue Fairy. I’m here because I can help you.”

“Help me? How?”

“Your wish is good, pure—you wish to find a place where you would actually be loved. There is a way.”

His face lit up at that—a chance for what he wanted more than anything. “Tell me, please.”

“Hold out your hand.” He complied and, with a wave of the fairy’s hand, a magic bean appeared in his outstretched palm.

He examined it for a moment. “How will this work?”

“It will open a portal to another realm, one where you will find love.”

Travel to another realm? If it meant finding love… “I’ll do it.”

She nodded. “Good luck,” she said as she vanished.

After looking around for a minute, the weaver threw the bean. Instantly, the swirling portal opened. Admittedly, it frightened him a bit. He took a deep breath. For love.

He jumped through—

And landed on his back in another world. Standing and rubbing his back, he looked around and realized he was on the docks or a river. He looked around. Where am I?