otp: lourry

Warmth- Bastille

Hold me in this wild, wild world
‘Cause in your warmth I forget how cold it can be
And in your heat I feel how cold it can get
Hold me in this wild, wild world
‘Cause in your warmth I forget how cold it can be
And in your heat I feel how cold it can get
Now draw me close 

Massive thanks to @applesart for this fantastic commission. I’m in love!

In all honestly this is probably one of the most under appreciated Larry moments. Because this to me is just so NOT PLATONIC. Some things can easily be explained as platonic, but this is not one of them. 

British boys are often affectionate with their friends, examples of this are kissing on the cheek, wrapping their arm around each other, etc. But this is not something that “friends” do. 

I’m sorry but you will never convince me that playing footsie with someone isn’t romantic, especially when it’s obviously not done in a joking manner. Louis doesn’t kick him or nudge his ankle a few times to get his attention or whatever. He just simply tucks his ankle around Harry’s.

These boys.

(kiss) like real people do

Zayn is the new kid at Acadia High and as Niall is the most popular guy on campus, he is assigned to working with the new guy who gives him more feelings than are necessary.

long way from the playground

Louis should really get over being in love with her best friend. Harry doesn’t help by acting less than platonic. Liam is Liam and Niall is the best wing woman ever.

i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart) - @louehvolution

Harry thinks he has good reasons for avoiding relationships. Meeting Louis puts those reasons to the test.

devil town

a southern us au

truly, madly, deeply (10 things i hate about you) - @magicalrocketships

The one in which they’re all in sixth form together, and Harry auditions for X Factor without them.

i just want you to know who i am - @gettingaphdinlarry

It’s Niall Horan’s senior year and it’s going to be great. He’s got a solid group of friends, a new job, and he gets to take his favorite class again, as long as he keeps a journal his creative writing teacher will never read.

When his crush takes the same class, he’s glad he has something to confide in.

Even if that something is a notebook that can’t talk back.

like candy in my veins - @littlelouishiccups

Basically the A/B/O, enemies to lovers, fake relationship, Christmas AU that nobody asked for.

king and lionheart - @alienproof 

Louis can’t remember a time when he didn’t hate being an omega. But maybe he just needed Harry to come along and make him his.

somethin’ bout you - @paynner

Of all the government agents in the world, Louis had to go and land the most charming one.

breaking the rules (like we’re changing the game)

Louis and Harry try secretly dating. Try being the operative word.

i have your dreams (and your teethmarks) - @aloequeerafic

Louis and Harry don’t believe in second chances, but sometimes it feels like the universe does. A Music Industry/Getting Back Together AU.