otp: lizzie x gordo


Today’s throwback ship is Lizzie & Gordo from Lizzie Mcgurie.

Ahh Old Disney. Those where the days. I remember when I was little and I first fell in love with Lizzie and her animated voice. But most of all with Gordo. I loved him and I wanted nothing more then to have a long discussion about life and society. Yes I was weird kid.
Anyway the show had it’s flaws (namely the screw up in episode order of season 2 + the progressive fall of the character of Miranda). But all in all it was from the golden era of disney, when they weren’t so scared to use innuendos and to show kisses that last longer then 5 seconds. They did not shy way from regular real pre-teens topics.
The main ship of this show where Lizzie and her bff Gordo that will start to develop feelings for Lizzie in season 2. Now the ship doesn’t get an actual resolution even if you count the movie which I do not because it’s a terrible movie and I hate it.
However you could Lizzie starting to develop more then just friends feelings for Gordo if you paid attention.

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The thing that made me think back to this ship was that I noticed some parrales between this show and a more current one Girl Meets World.
Specifically to the trio Riley-Maya-Farkle. Now obviously they are NOT the same. But there are many basic similarities.
A young girl, that wants to be popular and to get her own story etc.. With two best friends that she knows since they were kids. The rebelish girl (Miranda was a bit of a rebel at first but then she became a lesser version of Lizzie) and the very smart guy who has a crush on her. (ok in GMW he has a crush on both but like I said basics).

The GMW trio seems to have learn from the past and made the Lizzie Mcguire trio only that much better. This is also one of the resons why I want more episodes with Riley-Maya-Farkle in the spotlight.

Back to Lizzie & Gordo, if I have to be honest I started to see her feelings for him more then his feelings for her. I mean she obviously clueless and he was to at first. I remember the pain I felt for Gordo when he saw Lizzie kissing that random guy that broke her heart. I remember screaming at Lizzie to wake up and see what was right in front of her especially in the episode in which Gordo could move on up (go to high school) and she question to herself why she missed him so much (like duh!!!).
I’m also still hurt by the fact that why did not get to see them in high school (even If they had plan to do a spin off all set there but Hilary Duff’s parents wanted to much money) and having to take the stupid movie for closure that got me not shipping satisfaction what so ever.
But they will always be one of my favorites couples of all time. Especially since they were my first non animated little screen otp.

I want to conclude by sharing with you a video I found on youtube about them.

The video is not mine I just found it on youtube. Props to the person that made this, because it’s great and the song is absolutely perfect.

EDIT: I found another video even more fitting and perfect then the previous one. (It has some movie clips but like i said at the end of this post some movie moments are shippable and not bad). This video is also not mine. 

To conclude i want to say that although i hate the Lizzie Mcguire movie I am grateful that it gave us some cute shippable scenes and a very small kiss. It is better this then nothing.

I think i will make other two posts about Lizzie Mcguire this month, one is a full post on the parallels between this show and gmw (specifically LizziexGordo & RileyxFarkle). The other post will be things i learned from Lizzie Mcguire.