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but this made me wonder… do you think Lex ever felt like Stanley leaving was his fault?

like when he was young around the time that Carla and Thistle were dating and Lex was exposed to all this New Age stuff, he hears about the concept of karma (what goes around comes around) and maybe he got to thinking stuff like

“did Dad leave us because the universe thinks i’m a bad person? am i a bad person?”

i imagine these thoughts go away after a while but…

post-reveal hc

dad pines never fully forgives stan.

he wants to, he really does, at the very least for the kids’ sake. 

but as much as he wants to be able to accept stan as his father and be a family again, he can’t.

he can’t forgive him for the years of lying and mourning and bitterness. he can’t forgive him for the nights his mother broke down and he couldn’t do anything to help. he can’t forgive him for every second he wished he had a father.

he can’t forgive him for leaving.

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Here we go :DDD : When Dad pines came to visit his "uncle". Stan would try to fish with him and he would go along with it to make the old man happy. Stan would tell about his home life and how his dad was as a child and Lex would just go along with all the made up stories of their adventures. When he was sleeping in the attic, Stan would revisit his textbooks to work on startingup the portal again. Alex wishes to be as smart as his father.


1) Lex tries going fishing with Stan ONCE but he falls in the lake and swears to never go again (as not to undo the fishing buddies comment from Legend of the Gobblewonker)

2) the only time young Lex lets his cynical barriers down is when listening to stories about his dad growing up and wants to be like him when he’s older I LOVE IT