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Can I ask for a jealous lance who thinks that there's something going on with Keith and shiro

absolutely, anon

thanks for the request 💜

AU idea that was inspired by a Whisper confession:

Person A, B, C, D, etc. are all friends (or some of them are lovers, your pick). A and B are roommates who live close by/down the hall from Person C and D. Think of the Friends dynamic. One day, B comes home early and finds A’s mother in their apartment talking to A. B notices how the conversation immoderately shifts into something else, but can’t figure out why. They all talk for a few minutes, before A’s mother excuses herself to leave.

“Something’s wrong,” B says immediately. “What’s going on?”

A won’t tell them, but a week later, A, B, C, D, etc. are all over at A and B’s place for an early dinner. A really fancy early dinner. B has a sinking feeling in their gut, especially since they had to leave later that night to catch a super, super (like 4am) flight for their work.

“Guys, I have something important to tell you,” A says. They’re nervous and look like they’re trying not to cry. “Despite trying not to, I’ve grown really close to you guys. You are my best friends. And what I’m about to say is going to suck.” They take a deep breath.

“My name isn’t actually [A]. I can’t tell you my real name. For the past seven years, I’ve been in witness protection. Tomorrow, I have to leave for my own safety. I will never see any of you again.”

Your choice on what happens next.

I’m thinking either A and B (or C or D…or all) confess their love for each other and make the most of their last night.

Or one of them was actually a fake and works for/is part of (or the entire) reason A has to be in protection for the first place.

Or you can make it super angsty and sad.

Or kill A in front of everyone.

Take this idea and run with it guys.

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Oh dear! I want more of the President/Assistant AU! Guuuh, so good!


(non-linear, just random time stamps of fun loving president pkane and his adorkable stoic assistant jtoews)

Patrick’s only a few months into his Presidency when he decides to host a White House staff party. He figured since he’s always making small talk with everyone about their families, he should probably meet them at some point. It’s also a good chance for everyone else to mingle and catch up.

Patrick can hear Sharpy’s laughter from across the room. He whips his head around to see him talking to Jonny while eyeing Patrick.

“Mr. President,” Nick, one of Patrick’s secret service agents, says, stopping Patrick on his way to grill Sharpy. “If you have a moment, I would like to introduce you to my daughter.”

Patrick glances down and notices a little girl clinging to Nick’s leg.

“This is Anne,” Nick continues. “Anne, say hi to the President.”

Anne turns away and buries her face into her dad’s knee.

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