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sagecat123  asked:

Do you have any thing about mythological creatures

Late reply again- YAY (For Mythological animals go to the bottom of list)

Mythos and normal people highschool/college/university.

-I got sent to a ‘mythological only high school’ I’m normal- Help.

-Naga person A who spends their lunches looking out the window watching the rain in the library as it’s really warm.

-Person A is a bullied werewolf/hellhound, they often get dog toys and dog treats thrown at them, having left the classroom to go to the toilet they come back to find their bag filled with dog treats Person B death glaring their bullies.

-These normal high schools don’t have safe spaces where they can transform without fear of being noticed and judged.

-Most mythological people develop their more fantasy side at around 14-18 years of age. Person B just came out as an incubus- which is fine if it wasn’t in school- In the middle of an exam.

-A day devoted to mythos acceptence where mythological people and creatures show off their true side for example Kitsune show off their ears and tail and Selkies where their skin.

-”They say the reason people are bigoted is because of their ignorance” Character A lives by this and devotes their time to correcting rumours and myths about their mythos friends.

-Fae folk being those ‘pretty, popular girls who are low key mean’ stereotype.

-”As a centaur I’ve forever experienced the issue of never fitting through a door to a classroom let alone fitting in, so this doorway and room is a true blessing.”

-Kelpie are the ‘Charming narcissist/histrionic’ stereotype.

-Mythos people bullying the normal people as they aren’t fancy at all and are just meh.

-’Accidently burning the shed down at a house party’ person A says to the person sat next to them, also sat waiting to be sent to a cell.

-Sporting team sorted by ability or whether your mythos or not.


-Yesss this is definately my pet fox. *fox nods* God fucking dammnit- stop doing human things i’m trying to impress them!

-Pet dragons, Dragon liscences.

-”What’s this bird?” *points at scraggly grey feathered vulturey type thing.* “A pheonix.”

-Miniture mers who have been cursed and need help getting back but being sold for high prices as ‘fish’.

-My dragon fried my homework.

-Sphinx which is trained to ask you questions about what your revising.

-”So many people don’t realise how hard it is too care for large dragon breeds its tragic.”

  • Person A: So you like her?
  • Person B: No.
  • Person A: So you like him?
  • Person B: No!
  • Person A: What do you like?
  • Person B: Making people drown.
  • Person A: Bae no.
  • Person B: Bae yes.

mermaid swamp spam     “I want you to live..”

title: goddamn it these are hard Gaze (god i’m brilliant)

fandom: The Little Mermaid / Lilo & Stitch crossover

ship: Nani Pelekai/Ariel feat. Lilo and Stitch

stitch sinks cos he’s denser than water, so i like to see him being held so he doesn’t drown. also lilo would totally stick to ariel’s tail. give me one kid who wouldn’t!!


do not steal or repost

because who DOESN’T wanna see me and Crona as mermaids?
I love doing underwater scenes, this was a whole lotta fun, Crona’s tail and glowy spots gave me trouble tho

also the longer I look at his semi seductive face the funnier it gets to me, what is he even planning? what a dork

(Crona is agender and my headcanon is that he goes by he/him and she/her, please respect his gender identity and use those pronouns for him when referring to my art)
please do not like or reblog if you are kin with Crona or anything related , thank you for helping me keep my anxiety at a minimum  ^u^ /)

So I was looking through the PMMM wiki...

And I found something that made me go HOLY SHIT.

So this is Kyoko's Awakened witch form, Ophelia, a woman sitting on a horse:

Kyoko is commonly shipped with Sayaka, (it’s my own OTP), whose witch form is named Octavia and looks like a mermaid:

And, you know, that other anime where there’s an all-female group of warriors that fight monsters and turn into monsters themselves also happens to have a character named Ophelia.

And she has a mermaid tail in her Awakened form:

There’s an Octavia as well.

Y'know, Wild Horse Octavia:

They switched forms.

There is no way this can be a coincidence.

and I ship Rippling Ophelia/Wild Horse Octavia now