otp: like a married couple

never thought id be this obsessed with disney characters. theyve been upping the gay.

Prompt 147: Fighting like an Old Married Couple

It’s been a while since I did a compilation post! Requested by @my-oc-beauties.

•Person A and Person B have petty competitions in order to prove who’s right. They always bring Person C as a referee.

•Person C goes to A and B for relationship advice. Person A and Person B have completely different approaches and bicker about which strategy is better. Person A says “Well my strategy works because it led me to the love of my life”; this throws Person B off for a bit and turns them into a blushing mess, but they soon retort “By that logic my strategy works too because we’re together”. Person A and B get sentimental and Person C gets frustrated (but still thinks it’s goals).

•Person A and Person B are having a kid, but they can’t think of a name. Person A lists typical names that are probably on the top ten most common names; Person B suggests unique names that no one can pronounce. They eventually compromise for something suggested by Person C.

Bonus: Their “kid” is a dog or cat.

•Person C asks Person A and Person B how they start dating and they bicker over the details of their first date.


“There are times when I’m feeling down.  At those times, I don’t know why, there’s always a call from Shige.  He said, "Koyama, you seem like you’re feeling down.  Why don’t you come over to my place now?”  Then I came, he listened to what I was saying.  I kept on talking while crying.  When I cried and saw Shige’s face, he was like…"

Imagine Your OTP

Imagine your OTP acting like a married couple.

They know each other’s coffee orders, and often pick up coffee for each other.

If one says something rude or out of line, the other one gives them a warning glare.

The one who never gets cold always brings a jacket, because the one who always gets cold always forgets one.

They always sit next to each other, without even discussing it.

Whenever the group goes out to eat, they can always order for the other if one is running late.

The more organized one reminds the less organized one of appointments.

Whenever someone wants to know where one is, they ask the other.

One day, someone sees them interacting, and asks how long they’ve been married.

They’re very confused, because they definitely aren’t even dating.

What happens next is up to you.