otp: let's look at the future

Here’s the thing about this scene.

The war arc is, among other things, the time when the Rookie’s begin to become adults. This is shown most clearly with Chouji, who begins to shed his childish beliefs aside to embrace his inner strength. It’s also the time when Naruto gets his flashback of the first time he fought Sasuke - and the audience was clearly reminded of the person Naruto used to be. A child who had no idea what he truly wanted because no one was around to guide him (it’s a good contrast to Chouji, whose father guided him throughout his life). Naruto has changed. He sees more clearly what he wants. He may not have the answers, but he’s damned going to try to find them. That’s the man he is.

And then we have Sakura. 

She’s going to have her own moments later on in the war arc where she starts to truly become an adult. The last big thing we got from her was her denying her own feelings in the misguided belief that it would help Naruto. It didn’t. It never would. Naruto is breaking the cycle of hate and in order to do that he desperately needs Sakura’s (and Sasuke’s) support. However, Sakura’s still got a ways to go before she can play her own part in creating a world of peace.

The first thing she’s got to do is be honest about what she wants. It’s Sasuke. For better or worse, Sakura’s in love with him. She chose him. Love is the key to her strength. Her greatest moments of strength are when she acts out love (in the forest of death, becoming a medic nin, in fighting Sasori). Her weakest moments - in lying to Naruto and trying to kill Sasuke - where the times when she tried to bury her love.

Sakura acknowledging that she’s in love with Sasuke, in spite of everything, is a prologue of her own growth from child to adult. It’s never been about shedding the things she felt as a child. It’s about her being able to understand and act on her feelings with the wisdom as an adult.

The whole of Sakura’s arc is not about Sasuke. But he’s fundamentally part of it. And he’s part of it in a romantic way.

And it’s seriously not one-sided. Sasuke’s growth from child to adult is also linked directly to Sakura. Sasuke needs to come to terms with what was done to him instead of letting it define him completely. Sasuke poking her forehead was the start of him rebuilding his life. He honored his past (replicating gesture of love from his brother) and looked forward to the future (he’ll come back to her). I’ll continue to explain this more in depth as their relationship develops.

taekook fic rec

…i don’t even know what to say other than this is both for me and for those looking to find some quality fics of my bts otp taekook. collected since 12/15/2015 and yes, feel free to think of this as my version of a present to the entire taekook community ‘cause it is lol

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Recently I just saw the episode of Steven Universe, and let me tell you something, I love, I loved to see Bad Pearl in action and his personality as able to imagine it. Watching a pearl with confidence, sure of herself and no matter what happens in the morning, living in the present and looking forward to the future, it was a great makeover in our pearl, since this is due to the great maturity and pearl acceptance has, thanks to the events it has had on Mr greg, Friendship and among others

But what he was getting, is that Pearl had an interest in a human. mysterious girl, until there were eyes, flush from Pearl and Pearl got good number of human girl would make it even believe in a strong resemblance to the girl rose, maybe that was the attention of pearl. The mysterious girl is super hot pearl not expect is hella gay for her.

Chloe Price enters the scene, just imagine Pearl as max and the mysterious girl like chloe, Amethyst as warren and Steven as kate. Chloe as “Hey supermax” and blushing OMG max. Pricefield feel.

My answer to pricefield

Okay what was going, guys who say the Pearlmethyst, Pearlnet, Pearlidot, Jaspearl, Pearlapis and among other ship that are of pearl that is dead, is not, as this ship of pearl with the mysterious girl, is not official only there was a time and now, that’s all, like all the ship is in Steven Universe. Shippers So do not worry, the ship is not dead, it will fanfic, fanart, comics and everything. And should it happen that the ship of the mysterious and pearl girl are canon, do not get to mourn, at least pearl is happy with the person you love, remember if pearl is happy, you’re happy too. Even canon, your ship is not dead. Always remain your OTP

  • otp: it's a pretty name.
  • otp: i'm a friend
  • otp: it looks better on you
  • otp: i was hoping to find you
  • otp: it was lucky you came
  • otp: when he's around it's like the lights dim everywhere else
  • otp: maybe i like you
  • otp: i don't wanna get you dead
  • otp: you even look pretty when you go to sleep
  • otp: sleep tight
  • otp: that is so romantic
  • otp: perfect gentleman
  • otp: when i'm around you all i can think about is how badly i want to kiss you.
  • otp: you're in love with a vampire
  • otp: it was unbelievable
  • otp: he's never done anything to hurt me
  • otp: i have feelings for him
  • otp: i just wanted to see if you were okay
  • otp: i care about him
  • otp: i have to walk away
  • otp: it's painful
  • otp: it's too hard for me to be around her
  • otp: a vampire in love with a slayer
  • otp: do you think i could stand it if anything happened to you
  • otp: i really like your dress
  • otp: i missed you
  • otp: i'm not gonna fight you
  • otp: you can't just turn and walk away from me
  • otp: i can walk you home
  • otp: one thing already has led to another
  • otp: i'm just trying to protect you
  • otp: when you kiss me i wanna die
  • otp: you're never gonna get between those two
  • otp: things used to be simple, then she came along
  • otp: yeah, i get jealous
  • otp: do you love me
  • otp: i love you
  • otp: i wanted to make sure you were okay
  • otp: you're the one freaky thing in my freaky world that still makes sense to me
  • otp: let's get you some place safe
  • otp: nobody messes with my boyfriend
  • otp: you shouldn't have to touch me when i'm like this
  • otp: i didn't even notice
  • otp: you stay away from her
  • otp: he's good
  • otp: what did you do to him
  • otp: if we don't go now he could die
  • otp: kiss me
  • otp: finally something i wanna do
  • otp: when I look into the future all i see is you
  • otp: all I want is you
  • otp: i'm right here
  • otp: surprise me
  • otp: i like seeing you first thing in the morning
  • otp: the part where we say goodbye is getting harder
  • otp: what if I never feel this way again
  • otp: i'll be back
  • otp: i have something for you
  • otp: it's a sign of devotion
  • otp: where it with the heart pointing towards you
  • otp: it means you belong to someone
  • otp: don't go
  • otp: take me instead of her
  • otp: you almost went away today
  • otp: i love you, i try not to but i can't stop
  • otp: just kiss me
  • otp: she made me feel like a human being
  • otp: i was so worried
  • otp: my first instinct is to run to him
  • otp: you're still the only thing he thinks about
  • otp: i need her
  • otp: i'll die without her
  • otp: i can't stop thinking about her
  • otp: you made me the man i am today
  • otp: he was the first, i mean the only
  • otp: i wanted to say goodbye
  • otp: you are the one thing in this dimension i will miss
  • otp: you can't kill me
  • otp: i know you loved him and he proved more than once that he loved you
  • otp: i love you
  • otp: close your eyes
  • otp: i'm gonna keep helping you get better
  • otp: i worry about you
  • otp: be careful
  • otp: you'll be in love until it kills you both
  • otp: what i want from you i can never have
  • otp: there's got to be some way we can still see each other
  • otp: tell me you don't love me
  • otp: i had to see you
  • otp: i'll never hurt her
  • otp: stay with me
  • otp: forever
  • otp: i'll never leave
  • otp: i want you so badly
  • otp: i want to take comfort in you
  • otp: you have the power to do real good
  • otp: i love you so much
  • otp: i tried to make you go away, i killed you and it didn't help
  • otp: i hate that it's so hard and that you can hurt me so much
  • otp: i wish i wished you dead, but i don't, i can't
  • otp: if I can't convince you that you belong in this world, i don't know what can
  • otp: strength is fighting, we can do it together
  • otp: it's important to keep fighting
  • otp: it's sweet and thoughtful
  • otp: you could never be hopeless or boring, even if you tried
  • otp: you walked down the steps and i loved you
  • otp: i could see your heart
  • otp: more than anything I wanted to keep your heart safe, warm it with my own
  • otp: i can't watch you die again
  • otp: i love you, nothing can change that, not even death
  • otp: i am not ready to lose you
  • otp: i like you
  • otp: i wanted to take you out somewhere fun
  • otp: it feels nice just to feel
  • otp: i love her
  • otp: you were a real soldier
  • otp: is there anything i can do to make it better
  • otp: you still my girl? - always
  • otp: i just wanna make sure you're safe
  • otp: i won't let anything happen to you
  • otp: no matter what i'll always be with you
  • otp: i love you, even if you're covered with slime
  • otp: you look good
  • otp: i hated hurting you, more than i could stand
  • otp: i've been with dozens of girls and more and there's no comparison
  • otp: in exactly 243 years i've loved exactly one person
  • otp: i can help you
  • otp: we'll be okay
  • otp: i think you look perfect
  • otp: you're all she can see of tomorrow
  • otp: i've been thinking about our future
  • otp: you deserve more
  • otp: you know how much i love you
  • otp: don't love you? i didn't know i had a choice in that
  • otp: i want my life to be with you
  • otp: how am i supposed to stay away from you
  • otp: right now i'm just trying to keep from dying
  • otp: i feel like i can't breathe
  • otp: i miss you
  • otp: it's a big night, i didn't wanna miss it
  • otp: dance with me
  • otp: you're gonna be okay
  • otp: i can't leave you
  • otp: i need you
  • otp: i didn't wanna go without seeing you
  • otp: you have to live
  • otp: it is never over
  • otp: i won't let you die
  • otp: i'm not going to say goodbye
  • otp: if I was blind i would find you
  • otp: forever, that's the point
  • otp: i was there to protect her
  • otp: she will always be part of me and that's never going to change
  • otp: when you're around i feel you whether i see you or not
  • otp: as far as kisses go i thought it was well above average
  • otp: it was incredible
  • otp: i need to be sure you won't get hurt
  • otp: i'm not saying i don't want you, you know how much i do
  • otp: this is the dream
  • otp: it feels pretty amazing
  • otp: we'll make it work
  • otp: i want to stay awake so this day can keep happening
  • otp: this is the first time i ever really felt this way
  • otp: it's perfect
  • otp: we're together
  • otp: how can we be together if the cost is your life
  • otp: i won't just stand by and watch you fight, maybe die, alone
  • otp: more than ever i know how much i love you
  • otp: how am i supposed to go on with my life knowing what we had
  • otp: i felt your heart beat
  • otp: i'll never forget
  • otp: his moment of true happiness occurred because he was with her
  • otp: i loved him more than i will ever love anything in this life
  • otp: i would have given everything i had to be with him
  • otp: do you have any idea what it was like for me to see you with her
  • otp: i see you again and it cuts me up inside
  • otp: in all those years no one ever mattered, not like she did
  • otp: i came here because you were in danger
  • otp: i just wanted to make sure she was all right
  • otp: i can stay in town as long as you want
  • otp: how's forever
  • otp: i just wanna bask
  • otp: shoulder to shoulder, i'm yours
  • otp: i can't risk you
  • otp: ours is a forever love

paper airplane dreams
nicomaki   1,637 words   rated t

some dreams she had to fold, tuck into the pocket of her pink cardigan she keeps hanging in the far back of her closet. but not this one. 

a look into nico’s future.

Nico’s called herself the Number One Super Idol since the beginning, middle, and tearful end of Muse.

It takes years after that, years filled with long nights practicing and longer mornings facing the consequences, clothing drenched in sweat and shoulders drenched in tears, bleak moments where Nico fears her dreams are about to be crushed a second time and uplifting ones where she whispers under her breath, ‘I can do this, it’s so close’, but eventually the rest of the world calls her that as well.

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Haley & Andy Update

In recent weeks we had great and terrible episodes in development for Haley and Andy, I was a little behind with MF, but I finally catch up and I need to write my thoughts.

Who remembers all that talk of Haley for Phil and Claire that she and Andy were just friends?

No one really believed they were “only” friends, the only people who are in denial is Haley and Andy.

And we had the episode 6x17, with Andy at the hospital, Haley feel the need to confront her feelings for him.

Their relationships were always on challenging each other about reflecting on their own lives, about what kind of relationship they want.

With Andy in the hospital all alone, came another confrontation between them:

That was hard.

Haley just can’t understand how Andy is still in a relationship with a person who doesn’t seem to invest much in the same relationship that him.

*C’mon, what she’s basically saying that if she was his girlfriend she would do better, she would devote to the relationship, she would drop everything to be beside him in the hospital, which btw, she did.

That if he wanted to have a relationship with her, he would have a chance. But she said it all that when he was on morphine and the mysterious Betty appears to interrupting her.

Ok, let’s take a deep breath.

On effects of morphine and with his girlfriend on his side I wouldn’t expect any reaction from Andy.  And Haley left heartbreaking.

it’s had a part of Haley who thought that perhaps Beth wasn’t real. Or now she knew that Beth can be good for him. which would mean that SHE would not have a chance with him.

But Haley’s words took effect on him. Of course, it’s would.

But, when they met again and he wants to confess his feelings for her, Haley appears at the party with a new boyfriend.

In both episodes Haley appears with two different guys, but two people who she would date before. They are basically a version of one another and completely opposite of Andy.

Haley can be the elephant for Andy, but he’s also the elephant to her.

After the  declaration of love of the new boyfriend for Haley. But are Andy’s words.

Ok, it’s chessy, but very very adorable.

BUT Haley reaction: .

And Andy takes this as an absolute truth. after all, they were his feelings written in that card, She rejected the doctor, but  Andy felt that if he tell her how he feel she would reject him too.

She doesn’t want a relationship with the doctor-whatever (I will not bother to learn his name), but she had to try one with Andy.

And this is the great misunderstanding of them; they were never able to say what they really feel for each other, for each other. Directly. They always try to look for what the other feels first, they seek a sign on the other, they‘re on the defensive.

They are falling in love HARD. And it’s scared, is not of the nature Haley get so vulnerable like that, she is used to having guys revered for her and kiss the ground she walks, you still remembers her reaction after the kiss:

She has great confidence, but it also hides deep insecurities, and it’s scary for her, opening her hearts like that.

And Andy, Haley is his elephant. 

Sarah Hyland posted a picture of table read of the last episode of the season.

Adam Devine is on the table read and apparently the actress who plays Betty is that too, it’s good because I was a little disappointed with her appearance.

 And this is great news.

Season finale serve to end plot, but also to let the public look forward to next season, and Haley and Andy were the big development this season, whatever the outcome for them, I believe it will be in this season finale.

And I believe it will be a good resolution for them.

I’m still waiting for better interaction between Haley & Betty. This plot can be very funny and very clarifying for the future of Andy and Haley together.


When I fell in love – Life of a fanfic reader in this  fandom - Part 2

So, here I go again, with part 2 of my Fic Rec post about all the fics that made me fall in love with the fab olicity writers in this fandom…and while some of them are still very active some others aren’t writing for this ship anymore, but nonetheless, with their works, they left a mark  on my heart and for that, I will always be thankful, remember and cherish them!

As always, thank you for sharing your wonderful writing and your love for this ship! 

@sophie1973Oliver vs the OTP. This is just lovely, sort of Olicity breaking the fourth wall…the tumblr wall!

@mel-loves-all : I Feel Love : Mental connections always fascinated me, and this delicious fic indulged that very specific craving Olicity style…

@outoftheclosetshipper Touching Means Stop Talking …Ohhh, good old days, when the UST was off the charts and the team was all about “I’ll have your back, bro” “don’t abandon me”…I fell in love with CJ’s fics because she is a huge TEAM ARROW stan and I just love the way she can give you a wonderful picture of true friendship with just a few words!

@callistawolf; Before Her Coffee from Olicity Drabble and One-shot Collection. I was already following Callie since forever when I read this wonderful one-shot that was posted  in the early weeks of the BIG Hellatus (after 2x23), and I don’t know…Maybe it was because I was still reeling from the fake “I love you”, but I felt an humongous bout of gratitude for this ficlet that pictured a moment out of time full of olicity laughter, lust, love and one unique coffee deprived Felicity Smoak…

@skcolicity : Oliver’s greatest fear: Hey, look at Sue nailing Oliver’s truer fears and flaws two years before they went out full force and came back to bite him in the ass … Aim, shoot, bullseye! See what I’ve done here?!?! I’ve cursed just a little tiny  bit for this one, Sue…you should be proud of me!! :O)

@serenasnotebook More Than Words, Serena has a unique way to tell the story of a love so wrapped up in angst and sorrow, that you are led to think that it can’t possibly ever have a happy ending and then, without knowing how you managed to get there, you find yourself into the most emotional and beautiful place ever. She never fails to turn me into a glass case of feels!

@jaegermighty : Hideaways I mean, I didn’t stand a chance with a dialogue like this  one“"You planned on us having sex emergencies down here?“ "Oh look at us, having a sex emergency right now, being saved by me,” …it’s just hilarious and light and so fitting with the way things were building up between them back then! not to mention the flawless writing, of course!

@ohmypreciousgirl; you’re like my favorite melody (it won’t leave my head) Naty started slaying me from the very beginning because she always had faith in this couple, always kept her head clear of the fogs of doubt and never stopped envisioning an happy future for our beloved OTP. And look where we are now??

@effie214   Chapter 2 of throw your soul through every open door  - I  just have to use one of Effie’s infamous tags (cuz she really is a Queen, I don’t think there is something more beautiful than effie’s tag fics if you haven’t already devoured them like me, I strongly suggest you go here and  here   and start crying at their perfection !) to comment this one : “so much fluff the staypuft marshmallow man is side-eyeing me and saying ‘calm down girl’

@theirhappystory; Let Me Come Home (Home Is When I’m Alone with You): so, foreshoadowing is strong in this fandom, and Bri captured the meaning of home for Olicity 2 years before Ivy town and  the Loft…

@nonplatoniccircumstances​ :  Chapter 3  of Wonderful Unknown which is a tumblr prompt collection. Simply irresistible…Liz is responsible for my discovery of, and subsequent addiction to, the Established relationship Olicity fics when they were still just an idea of a ship.

Stay tuned for more!

honestly adam parrish was giving me pure life in that epilogue like if it hadn’t been 3 in the morning i would have literally been screaming responses and encouragement through that entire scene like




Alright, okay. Let me see if understand what these totally-not-fetishistic/homophobic LoK fans are saying.

So apparently this:

Has no romantic subtext, nor did any of their many one-on-one scenes throughout the season. Their relationship is completely open to interpretation, meaning that a possible rekindling between Korra and her male ex is equally as plausible.

However, this:

Was legitimate foreshadowing to Korra and her boyfriend’s future, ever-lasting commitment because one frog has blue eyes and the other has yellow.


This frame speaks so many volumes! My new OTP! Which twin is that again? Let me check <3


          Darlin’ hold me in your arms
     The way you did last night
And we’ll lie inside
               For a little while here oh

          I could look into your eyes
     Until the sun comes up
                    And we’re wrapped in light and life and love
               Put your
open lips on mine

          And slowly let them shut
     For they’re designed to be |together| oh
                   With your {{ b o d y }} next to mine
              Our hearts will beat as one

          And we set alight
                    We’re  a f i r e  love


15 day otp challenge

day fifteen: free choice→Killian & Emma + smiles

“Why are you so scared of staying? I think it’s because you can see a future here…a happy one.”

                                                                        “Let me guess…with you?”

Am I the only one who didn’t want Ichigo and Rukia shown that they end up getting married and having kids?(if they were canon at the end of course) like just them talking about things and looking deeply at each other and smiling at the end would have been enough for me. Maybe Ichigo or Rukia blushing at a comment the other made to let you know there relationship is becoming something more now that they are never apart.(since Ichigo is living in the Soul Society)That would have been a perfect ending for me at least. And maybe a new Bleach novel in the future where they do get married and want children.(●´∀`●)

To Feel Like a Kid Again

Future!Klaine: Blaine and Kurt’s youngest daughter, Clara, really, really, really doesn’t want to take a nap. (Clara’s three and a half and Olivia is six in this fic) Based on something I did as little kid because I was a sneaky little shit as a six year old. [AO3]

“Okay sweetheart, time to start picking up your Barbies because it’s almost nap time,” Kurt gently reminded Clara. He couldn’t help but smile as he watched Olivia and Clara playing together on the rug. They’d dressed all their dolls in evening gowns and were now lining them up for some sort of elaborate parade. Kurt almost hated to interrupt them when they were playing together so sweetly, knowing how short lived peace and quiet could be in their house. But he also knew how cranky Clara would be without her afternoon nap and he wasn’t willing to subject his family to that torture again.

“But Papaaaaaa,” Clara whined, “I’m not sleepy at all.”

“Yeah Papa, we haven’t finished our parade yet,” Olivia chimed in.

“You know the rules, Clare Bear,” Blaine said, wiping his hands on a towel as he walked out of the kitchen and into the living room. “You can have quiet time on your bed and look at a book if you don’t want to sleep,” he reminded her, knowing that despite her best efforts to the contrary, she’d be out like a light within five minutes of her head hitting the pillow.

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January 4, 2016 + Day 1 : “Voices” / Analysis Day
↳ Participants will share or voice out their opinions on why this ship is so great and why they never left the fandom. On this day, mostly text posts are expected, though visual aids included in the posts are very welcome as well :). All mimato shippers including non-writers are also given the chance to express their reasons.

January 5, 2016 + Day 2 : “Firsts"
↳ This day’s theme is about Mimi’s and Yamato’s first shared experiences together. Whichever ones you feel inspired by, i.e first dates, first kiss, first impressions, first time, anything that they did for the first time! Just like any other day, any type of fan material is welcome (fics, drawings, edits, playlists etc.)! In fact, you can even mix it all up if you’re creative. ;)

January 6, 2016 + Day 3 : “Sinful Sunday (actually a wednesday)“
↳ Eh eh eh. ;) This is the time for all of us to go wild and release all the smut and/or kinks in us. Because, let’s be honest, with the looks of Mimi and Yamato, we know what’s going on behind closed doors (or, hey…maybe it isn’t behind closed doors…Afterall, this is Sinful Sunday!)

January 7, 2016 + Day 4 : “Future”
↳ Day 4 is all about you giving us a peak at what you think the future of Mimato looks like. What are these two little cuties up to in the future? Writings, drawings, manips, anything to portray what the life of Mimi and Yamato looks like a few years into the future.

January 8, 2016 + Day 5 : “Harmony"
↳ AKA Song Day! Day 5 is all about making fan material inspired by songs that remind us of our beloved otp. Let your inspiration run wild, there’s a lot more that can be done than a playlist. If you’ve ever heard a song and thought “This is a Mimato song through and through”, then this is the perfect day to show it to the fandom!

January 9, 2016 + Day 6 : “Angst"
↳ We all love Mimi and Yamato dearly, in fact, even more when they are together, but let’s be honest, everyone likes a bit of angst! Day 6 will be all about fan material portraying any sort of angst scenarios you like. Again, all form of fan material are welcome, so be creative!

January 10, 2016 + Day 7 : “Free Day"!
↳ You didn’t see a particular theme you wish was present? Can’t fit one of your ideas into those? Don’t worry! Day 7 is literally about doing whatever you want! As long as it is Mimato, you have carte blanche! Have fun. ;)

Hashtag: mimatoweek
↳ If you guys have any questions, feel free to drop an ask!

sydneybarett  asked:

Still salivating from that deliciously glorious height difference between Oliver and Felicity when she doesn't have heels on. Good lord she's so tiny compared to him. A whole foot beneath him. She's practically under his chest. It's such a testament to the power of Felicity too. She's smol but unstoppable. A big broody tol Oliver is so susceptible to her it's amazing how submissive he is around her. It's also hot how much he wants her too. The way he was ogling her in the wedding dress... 🔥🔥🔥


Why is height difference a thing? Why in the world is it so glorious? Why have I become so obsessed at the sight of my OTP standing next to each other? 


and the lovely @geniewithwifi pointed out a while out that the closer they get, the shorter Felicity is. 



Don’t let Felicity’s smolness and adorableness fool you. She’ll kick your ass straight to hell if need be. 

(gifs by @songbin / @feilcityqueen / @arrowsource / @stevenrogered )