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代永 翼, 杉田 智和

Tales of Xillia 2: Soukyoku no Crossroad (Track 3)

Jude: It’s not your fault, Alvin… Honestly, I’m responsible for underestimating Exodus and going after them.
Jude: …Alvin?
Alvin: Yeah, it’s nothing…
Alvin: In the end, Jude always sticks up for me, and I end up chasing after him like this…
Alvin: Jude is always moving straight ahead… and that’s how it should be. But…
Alvin: Isn’t it bad if I never change? I bragged about working hard at an honest job and mediating for both countries, but I’m such a mess…
Alvin: Isn’t this exactly the same as before!? At this rate, he’ll slip from my grasp before I can protect him…

26 Moments that Restored Our Faith in Humanity This Year


It’s been a hard and emotional day for many of us here in the United States, but we should never lose hope.  Humanity can also be very beautiful at times.  Spread compassion and peace.

I leave you with “26 moments that restored our faith in humanity”!