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How to be Hated by An RP Community: A Guide for Assholes by an Asshole

Do you RP?

Do you hate being ignored when facing the slightest bit of emotional distress?

Do you enjoy having people notice your characters but hate the pesky effort of treating your peers like actual people?

Congratulations, dear reader! You’ve taken the first step in becoming despised by every roleplayer you come into contact with! This truly is a thrilling and triumphant chapter you’re stepping into. Why there are many perks to being your grade A RPing asshole, which include crippling self esteem, isolation, depression, damaged eating/sleeping habits, decreased work quality, lower grades, loss of contact with loved ones, and even permanent emotional trauma! For some of us, this all comes naturally. However, some wide eyed newcomer walking into the RP community might not understand the basics of becoming a massive thorn on everyone’s side.

With just five easy steps, you too can become the grade A asshole your mother spent hours in labor forcing out of a narrow vulva while sobbing in sheer agony.

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anonymous asked:

Hey Rachel, I'm not sure if you answered this question before but how do you come up with plots for your fanfictions? Like is there a process you have or does it just come to you? Do you have any tips on how to come up with ideas for fics? Thank you so much, you're awesome as hell btw xoxo

Hi! I’ve definitely answered this before, but there’s literally no chance I’m ever going to find it again, so let’s do this thing :) There isn’t any one process I go through, but there’s a couple of things that can happen that will inspire me, and that’s where I would advise you to go hunting for fic ideas. 

  1. Watch movies. I know this sounds crazy, but sometimes I’ll be watching a movie and I’ll become totally desperate to write. I look at two people falling in love and I want to immerse myself in a love story or tell a love story. It doesn’t even have to be the plot of the movie– sometimes you hear a line that inspires you and you just attempt to figure out how it would fit into a different story, like a story for your OTP or the main characters that you are writing in a novel.
  2. Listen to music. If I’m listening to a song, you can guarantee that I am attempting, in my head, to work the song into my OTP. It also helps me get into the mood… so, for example, I hear Move Like U Stole It by ZZ Ward and I’m like “Well, time to write some solid smut.” But then I listen to Beautifully Unfinished by Ella Henderson and I’m like “This is the end of me, it is angst time.” I can honestly say that I’m pretty sure Move Like You’re Stolen got written because I listened to Speak Now by Taylor Swift too much and I wanted a context where Lydia was coming to Stiles at a wedding but it wouldn’t his wedding. Music truly helps me get ideas, and the song that I’m listening to while writing  a scene always shapes the way the scene goes. 
  3. Read other fic. I remember this one time I was reading a fic and there was this one line that I loved. Without moving on, I started to think about the line in a different context, and then I started to build this whole story in my head, a prediction of where it was going to go. When I kept reading the fic, it sort of glanced off of it and took it a completely different rout. But I loved my idea so much that I took that one sentence and built it into a one-shot. Reading other people’s work, seeing their talents, is so inspiring and also helps you become a better writer. 
  4. Think of a trope that you hate and try to write it well. For example, I hate accidental pregnancy fics with a burning passion, so I wrote a fanfic where adult Stiles and Lydia have a one night stand and then she accidentally gets pregnant. It’s usually so gross to me, but I slow burned it and I had so, so much fun writing it. To this day, it’s one of my favorite fics I’ve written. Gross trope, but acknowledge where it fails and make it better. 
  5. Think of a trope you love that you haven’t seen for your OTP. Like, for example, I have this dream of seeing Stiles and Lydia in an AU of the TV show The Newsroom. It’ll never happen, so I might have to write it myself (ugh) but it’s such a fun AU idea and I really want to see them act it out. 
  6. Think of a story that happened in your life and try to turn it into a fanfic. My first kiss is floating around in one of my fanfics. My personal fears, issues, and problems can be seen in my writing. I steal lines of dialogue from people in my life on occasion, and the way I write banter is very similar to a relationship I had with a guy at one point. I’m inspired by the events that transpired in my life, and that’s totally okay, because writing is a place you can work out things you’re afraid of. You can learn things about yourself by projecting onto someone else. (Just make sure it’s IC!) 
  7. Think of a plot twist for the end and work backwards. If you think of an epic plot twist, then think about how the characters got there. For example, I wrote a fic called In Every Possible Universe and the whole reason that fic happened was because I wanted a scene where Hermione had to erase her and Ron’s memories and they knew they would be giving up something significant. The whole fic stemmed from the plot twist– it wouldn’t exist without it. Super fun way to decide to write. 
  8. Think of one scene that you really love and them work a plot around it. This happens to me SO OFTEN! I sometimes don’t start from the beginning of a fic, I get inspired by something, and then I am desperate to work it into a fic somehow. It’s the scene that I spend the whole fic desperate to write, and when I finally get there, it’s a really big deal for me and I get very emotional and usually cry because it usually ends with the latter half. If I don’t have one scene that I’m working toward, I’m usually less excited to write the fic, so sometimes this format is actually the most exciting way to get inspired. 
  9. Let it fester. After I get an idea, I don’t just write it down immediately. I leave it for a week or so, and if I can still remember it at the end of the week, it means that it’s good and I should really consider sitting down to plot it all out. I think about it, start planning it before I write it, and daydream scenes. If I’m daydreaming, it means it’s some good shit. 

I hope this helps!

soulmates part 2

mina submitted: I saw your latest post about soulmates. and i instantly made a ‘research(?)’ about soulmates. I found an interesting saying by an American writer Richard Bach, which goes: ”A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are” and I remembered that one time when Baekhyun said Chanyeol was the one who opened up his heart:

It totally hit straight to my heart. I knew there was something about them. I always knew. I’ve seen a lot of OTPs and stuff, but they don’t seem true. They don’t seem like sincere. They don’t seem like soulmates.  As a normal girl, I of course have a crush on someone. You know, I can never get my eyes off him, and all I want is to be near him. All i want is to get his attention, because before we were so close, and he knows I like him, we texted each other like the whole time, we talked about stupid things (etc. porn stuff), we were like so damn close. not as lovers but as best friends, like “never ever get separated friends”, but that now we are like apart, we are not like before, and all I want now is to get close to him again like before. And now there’s something lost in me, in my heart. Like I miss him a lot. I miss the old things we did. Even just as friends. I’m not pointing about my life, but I wanna relate it to chanbaek, because thats when I realized chanbaek has a thing. Maybe not as ‘lovers’ but as ‘true partners’. The one who would always take care of you. Who would always catch you when you fall. Have the admins read about ‘elements of a soulmate’? Here is something that i read: It’s something inside. Describing how a soulmate makes you feel is difficult. It’s a tenacious, profound and lingering emotion which no words can encompass. You just get each other. Ever met two people who finish each other’s sentences? Some people call that spending too much time together, but I call it a soulmate connection. You might experience this with your best friend or your mother, but it is the telltale sign of a soulmate when you experience it with your partner. (just like interviews/exost. they always complete each other’s sentences </33333) You’re mentally inseparable. Soulmates often have a mental connection similar to twins. They might pick up the phone to call each other at the exact same time. Though life may keep you apart at times, your minds will always be in tune if you are soulmates. (this gets me everytime <//////3) You look each other in the eye. Soulmates have a tendency to look into each other’s eyes when speaking more often than ordinary couples. It comes naturally from the deep-seated connection between them. Looking a person in the eye when speaking denotes a high level of comfort and confidence.(i don’t need to explain that one anymore cuz we all know) Like what you posted chanbaek may or may not be lovers. but they were meant to be together. Because lovers aren’t always meant to be together. Just like in like this case, they may be not lovers. but Chanyeol knows Baekhyun was the one or vice versa. They complete each other. It’s like “wow he’s the one. he’s the one i was looking for”. I don’t know what do you guys think but in like mama era I think it was all a fanservice. You know how SM is like. OTP is their thing. I mean, I could tell it. I could tell the difference between then and now. It was a huge difference. They did too much skinship and sometimes it seemed so ridiculously unreal and insincere. Especially Chanyeol, and Baekhyun was like too uncomfortable. But because they spent most of the time together their hearts got closer and closer. Too much synchronization from mama era even till now. Now that they’re all fucking famous, the chanbaek title must have been taken down by SM. No need for acting anymore right? And here right now we see the real thing. Everything happens so naturally, because they’ve spent most of their times together back in the old era, they’re attracted. Theres like a strong magnet that keeps them attracted, never separate. I found something which is one of elements of love: “Commitment is the decision to remain with another person long-term, and commitment to keeping the relationship alive”. Not only love as in ‘lovers’ but also liking (friendship), infatuated love, empty love, romantic love, compassionate love, fatuous love and consummate love (true love). Like I said before with too much skinship in mama era. I mean skinship is nothing. my guy friends do those stuff like chanbaek did before too and I’m pretty sure your guy friends do the same. Well chanbaek still do skinships now. but not as much as before. Baekhyun does a lot skinships with other members but not Chanyeol. But it all still seems true now. Even just their stares say it all. There are like sparks and fireworks everytime their eyes meet. And thats when I realized this is it. this is love. To sum it all up chanbaek has a great attraction for each other. They’re a soulmates who can’t spend the rest of their lives without each other. They’re like one same person, but in two different bodies. Omg is that too long. I’m sorry if you find this too long, or useless(!). And I’m truly sorry for my english. I know it’s terrible). Bye beautiful admins!!! You guys are so fucking awesome!!! Bless you two!!!

Wow. I’m gonna get freaking teary-eyed. I think I re-read this message like 4 times. no joke. Long? I wish it would have been longer! Before I respond to this perfection and praise the hell out of you, let me direct anyone to the original masterpost that prompted this lovely person to send us this. 

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The (unintended) power of words

Can we talk about compliments for a minute?

Being able to give a compliment that’s taken the way you mean it is a really valuable skill, especially in fandom where our main currency is stuff like kudos and feedback.

And here’s the thing: it’s easy to accidentally insult someone when you intend to give them a compliment and never even realise it.

If the person you’re complimenting is kind, they will understand what you meant, and so they will forgive you, and politely not mention that your compliment contained an insult.

If the person has had a bad day, however, they might hit snapping point and attack you out of the blue, and you won’t get a chance to understand what you did, or why suddenly this person you admire is calling you a fuckface.

Let me explain how that happens, because I’ve been that fan giving the unintended insult, and getting my head snapped off, and it’s no fun.

Here’s a comment with an unintended insult in it:

Wow. I’m a huge Diode fan, and I never thought I could love Spanner fic, but this is awesome!

It’s obviously a compliment, right? You’ve probably read comments like this before.

Now consider this fandom context. Diode is the big canon ship in the Electrons fandom, and Spanner is a non-canon femslash ship that a lot of people call “delusional”.

Here’s the intended meaning given this context:

Hi wonderful writer! I love Diode with everything I have, and didn’t think I could ever enjoy another pairing because I’m so obsessed. That’s why I’m in awe that you could write a fic without any Diode in it and I still loved it. I think you are an exceptional writer, and just want to thank you for giving me this new and amazing insight into the other characters.

Compare to what the author hears on a bad day:

Hey weirdo. Your bizarre femslash pairing is so out there, and I can’t believe you like them enough to write a whole fic about them. I’ve never read anything else in this pairing, so I have no idea how good the other writers are. But because I’m a super-awesome Diode shipper, I deign to like this story of yours, even though it has no Diode in it. And now I’ve bestowed my blessing on your weirdness, I will stop slumming here in lesbian land and go back to my canon OTP.

If you’ve never experienced this yourself, you may think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not.

When I was a young n00b fan, back in Lotrips, I gave this kind of compliment once, and the BNF just about chewed my face off, even though I apologised profusely once I realised what I’d done.

I still have those scars and they aren’t something I want to repeat. (Braeden rocks the facial scar look much better than I do, TBH.) Lesson learned, let me tell you!

To be fair to that long-ago author, even though I was trying to sincerely express my admiration, I was an insensitive jerk. I should never have mentioned my beloved OTP (which I later realised was their NOTP) in a compliment about another pairing entirely. It made the comment all about me, instead of about their lovely story and excellent writing.

Basically, I was a self-absorbed asshole in that comment. I didn’t deserve the mauling I got, but my comment was shitty, even though I didn’t intend it to be, and I obviously touched a raw nerve to boot.

When I give feedback now, I try to only talk about things I liked in the work itself – the actual pairing in the fic, lovely turns of phrase, interesting character moments, deft use of theme, intriguing plot, and so on.

Or even just, “Wow, I love it!” which is a classic for a reason. :)

This kind of approach means I’m focused on the specific story and the author’s skill in writing it, and it reduces the chance I’ll accidentally put a whole heap of insulting fandom politics into my reply.

The reason I’m making this post is because I’m seeing a trend in some of the comments on Teen Wolf meta this season (not just on my meta, but on TW meta in general), and I think it’s the same kind of unintentional insult.

Here’s an example:

I really love your meta. You put a million times more thought into it than Jeff Davis puts into canon. You should write the show, it would be so much better!

Obviously a compliment, right?

Here’s what I think the people mean when they say this kind of thing:

I’m feeling incredibly frustrated by canon this season and fandom isn’t my happy place any more, but your meta gave me a real lift. I wish I still felt this way when I watched the show and hung out in fandom.

That’s a nice sentiment, and I appreciate it.

But here’s how it comes across to me, until I make myself stop, take a breath, and think about it logically:

I’m amazed you waste so much time thinking about this stupid show, which only an idiot would love. Sure, when I read your meta I can see there are a few interesting things, but you made them all up. They aren’t really in the show. I’m completely convinced the show is shit, and while I deigned to slum around in your meta, none of your ideas changed my mind at all and I still think the show is shit. You’re delusional if you think Davis wrote any of this on purpose.

Why do I read it that way? Because of fandom politics.

See, if a word like “delusional” is used or implied enough times, and for things which aren’t actually delusional at all, it starts to become offensive. That’s why it’s used, in fact. It’s a form of policing to make people feel ashamed of their preferences. In Teen Wolf there’s been a lot of talk about certain types of fans being delusional. In particular, shipping of various stripes is called delusional, especially queer shipping (it mostly isn’t delusional, as the majority of fans are perfectly aware their ships are subtext); and intellectual readings of canon are also increasingly often called delusional (again, not actually delusional, but rather speculative in most cases).

A comment like the one I talk about above doesn’t use the word “delusional”, but it’s strongly implied that the meta writer is seeing things that aren’t in the text. In other words, it hits the emotional hot-button that’s been created by the fandom trend of shaming fans for their preferences, even though that’s not what the commenter intends.

At first, it puzzled me a bit to see that kind of comment pop up on meta. Why would someone say they liked the meta, and then say the meta can’t be based on the actual show? That’s… so strange.

Now it’s to the point I expect that sooner or later I’ll see a comment like that on just about every meta post I read and admire. Add in the “delusional hot-button” aspect of fandom politics, and I feel like I’m seeing meta writers being insulted a dozen times a day, even though I know that’s not the intention.

I’m sure you can see how that starts to grate a bit after a while.

I think a lot of people commenting on meta this way haven’t realised there’s an accidental insult in what they say. That’s why I thought I’d make this post. I wish someone had pointed it out to me before I unintentionally made that BNF snap and attack me back in the day. I wouldn’t have done it if I’d known better.

Lately I’m finding I have a newfound sympathy for that long-ago Lotrips BNF. I wish I could go back in time and apologise again. I really was such a jerk.