otp: let love bleed

Destiel Parallel that doesn't get a lot of love

This is one of my favorite things from Season 6 and I don’t see it around as much as I would want to.  Probably because I’m reading too much into it.

So on my favorite episode (perhaps ever), The Man Who Would Be King 6x20, we have Dean finding out that Castiel has betrayed them by making a deal with Crowley.  At the very end of the episode, we have Castiel showing up at Bobby’s house while Dean was sleeping (and watching him sleep from the shadows like a total creep).  They have an argument in which Dean asks Castiel not to go through with his plan. Yes, this is the same scene where Cas tells him “I’m doing this for you, Dean.  I’m doing this because of you..”.  But as usual, things go sour when Cas acts like a rebelled teenager and challenges him, “Or what?”In my opinion is one of those moments where a phrase like this could turn sexual tension into actual sex, but whatever.  Destiel is nothing but wasted opportunities. And of course Dean, who will not back down from this tells him he will have to do what I have to do to stop you”.  Finally, we get to my point:  Cas reminds Dean of his own Humanity (heh) by telling him they are not equals:

After this assert of dominance (top!cas, am I right), the conversation and the episode ends.  Which brings me to my other point.. Next episode (Let It Bleed 6x21), we have Bobby Singer warning his old friend and creature of Purgatory, Eleanor Visyak about Castiel.  Bobby is a total gent and offers his former lover protection from Cas acting crazy: “If I found you, he ain’t far behind. At least let me take you somewhere, protect you.” She gives him the usual ‘I’m an independent monster that don’t need no man’ speech.  She turns him down by telling him:

We have Dean asking Cas to trust him, even after he has already betrayed him with Crowley.  And on the other corner we have Eleanor telling Bobby she doesn’t need his help.  So I know a lot of meta writers must’ve dissected this parallel by now, but I just wanted to throw my view out there.  Just an episode apart, this doesn’t sound like just coincidence. Also, I think about this a lot.