otp: kismet

Kismet – A Hiddleswift Drabble

His eyes roam around the room, resting his gaze momentarily on each person as he does so, his heart warming as he takes in the sight of their smiles and laughter.  This was exactly the evening he envisioned.  The perfect evening for her.

They had made their way to the restaurant under the cover of darkness a few hours before.  He simply telling her to trust him when she would ask where they were going.  I always trust you, she would smile.  

Her mother had called a few days before.  He had sat in his chair pretending to read a book as he listened to the sound of happiness inflected in Taylor’s voice as they spoke.  And when she hung up, he couldn’t help but not a different inflection, a small hint of sadness, though she never said so.  

He knew she missed them, knew that the greatest part of the reason she missed them was due to her desire to be with him and their desire to keep their relationship private for the time being.  He knew all too well what missing someone you love felt like.  He had felt it extensively and painfully during the time she was absent from him.  

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