otp: king and queen of spades

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Hey hey! Who was that other demon just now? Are you gonna stand him flirting with your girl, Arthur??

Seeing as I’m a succubus, I’m not very highly ranked on the list when it comes to demonic beings. I’m just a step or so above Imp, and that’s getting pretty low. We’re considered more shape-shifters…Gophers of the underworld, if you will. We do what we must to aid our masters in collecting souls and causing chaos. Before I met Arthur, I was technically an underling of two higher powers: my true “Master” who was a devil, and this demon-who ironically often tends to go by the name of “Arthur”.

He was young at the time when I found him, newly committing himself to the crimes of the underworld in exchange for the life of a loved one (new song, same old story), and yet he had achieved surprising status in a short amount of time. I saw something in him, though I’m still not sure what, and decided offer my services. He was all but willing to accept my aid, and I did a few jobs for him under the table….but one day, he just vanished.

A long time passed before I was assigned the position I was that allowed me to meet Arthur and saved me from having to return to the Underworld ever again. So aside from a working relationship, there’s nothing between I and the demon anymore, as I have been freed from my duties. It was…a relief to see him in higher spirits, however. Even for one cursed to damnation, he always seemed particularly melancholy.