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{{I saw this prompt here several months ago, and decided to write a little something Coldflash in the midst of finishing up my Killerwave Week fics.

–Prompt: Person 1 is having the family over for dinner, but he only has one of everything (plate, fork, cup, etc.) So he visits his neighbor, Person 2, in hopes to borrow some dinnerware. }}

It was, without a doubt, embarrassing. Barry Allen had moved into his new apartment several weeks ago, about two months perhaps, and still hadn’t gone out and splurged on the necessities. Sure he had opted for the fastest available internet and a mini-fridge next to the couch, but going out and buying throw pillows and patterned rugs had never really occurred to him. Now his family and friends had decided to come for dinner, and while Cisco had been perfectly amused with the beer fridge and bean bag chairs, Barry knew he wasn’t going to get off so easily with Iris or Caitlin. Or Joe, for that matter.

And maybe the throw pillows weren’t so important, and maybe they could take off their shoes since there wasn’t a Welcome! mat to wipe their feet on, but having only one plate and one cup wasn’t going to fly for a family dinner. Even after Barry had used that super fast internet connection to Google dinners in different cultures he couldn’t find a proper excuse to have everyone eat off of their laps. And so here he stood, across the hall from his own door, starring at his neighbors front door.

Tentatively he knocked on the door, eyes averting to his feet as he heard rustling from inside, followed by the click of the knob twisting. “Uh, hi, I moved in next door a few months ago, and I, well, my names Barry, and-”

“We’ve already met.” With a sudden shock of realization Barry snapped his attention to the man in the doorway. Barry’s speed carried him a few steps back before the other man had even finished the sentence.

“Wha- Snart? You live here?” 

“It is much nicer than the evil lair I lived in previously.” Snart offered dryly, though amused. “You should really get to know your neighbors better, seeing that you have a secret identity.”

“Riiight.” Barry drawled, before the two fell into silence. Well, this was awkward. Barry knew that Snart had been working to do some decent things in his life, that he’d been off time traveling and had almost died for the sake of his companions, but that fact that he was standing here, next to where Barry *lived* sent a shiver down his spine.

“Did you just come over to gawk, or did you need something?”

“Oh, right.” Barry felt heat on his cheeks as he continued. “I, um, I’m having everyone over for dinner tonight, but I don’t have any plates.”

“…You don’t have any plates?”

“Or silverware. Or cups.”

Snart was starring at Barry with a mixture of utter disbelief and amusement, and for a moment Barry thought the door was going to close in his face. Then it opened wider, and Snart stepped inside, gesturing for Barry to follow. 

It was surreal, being inside Snart’s apartment. It wasn’t heavily decorated, but he did have throw pillows. The smell of a slow-cooker pot roast filled the dwelling, and Barry found himself taking a deep breath. Surprisingly it felt like a regular old place to live- There was a couch-side table with a lamp and some pictures, and the Walking Dead was paused on the television. “How many place settings do you need?”

“Let me see… About four? Maybe five to be safe.” Snart nodded, stepping behind the small half-wall and into the kitchen area. Barry wondered over to the table next to the couch, glancing down at the pictures placed there. The one that caught his eye was a picture of a young Leonard Snart. He had thick black hair that sat curled on top of his head, and he was grinning from ear to ear. In his arms he cradled a small baby, who Barry assumed was Lisa since she had those same dark curls even though she looked less than a month old. Sitting on the couch next to them was a beautiful African American woman, who had her arm draped around Snart’s shoulders. 

“Snooping, are we?”

Barry wasn’t phased as Snart called him out, stepping back into view with a stack of dinnerware in his arms. “Who is that?”

Snart looked as though he wasn’t going to answer, then changed his mind. “That’s my Mother.”

“Oh.” Barry smirked, turning his attention back to Snart. “Nice fro, by the way.”

“Thanks. I think I might grow it out again.” Barry laughed, crossing the room and taking the plates from Snart as they made their way to the door. 

“Whatever happened to her?” 

“Barry you came here to borrow my plates, not find out my villain origin story.” 

“True. But you know what happen to my family, so-”

“She died that year and I went to juvie and met Mick. Fast forward a few decades and I’m now handing off a stack of plates to my arch-nemesis.”

“I’m also your neighbor.” 


“I have one more question.” Snart raised a brow as Barry stood in the hallway, balancing the stack of plates and silverware. “Iris wants chicken marsala for dinner..”


“And do you know what “marsala” is?”

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come back to bed kisses left on A’s neck and shoulder, unhurried and tender, with arms wrapped around A’s waist. Clawen again 😝❤️

Okay, a few things before we proceed. 

First, I’m not really back. I just had this idea that I needed to get out of my system. Also, I have a ton of prompts, so I’ll try to maybe incorporate one or two of them into this story. It’ll be 2-3 chapters long, nothing crazy - I’m still figuring out some details. 

Second, I’m not sure how to add a warning without giving away the main plot point of the story, so… It might get emotional. Or maybe it’s just me. 

And third, I don’t expect everyone to like it, but if you really, really don’t - please don’t be an ass about it, okay? Thank you. Enjoy! 

AO3     or     Fanfiction.net 


“Thought you might want this.”

Karen put a cup of tea on the coffee table in front of Claire who was curled up on the couch.

“Thanks,” Claire nodded, offering her sister a weak, grateful smile, but made no attempt to reach for the drink. She looked away instead, her gaze sliding unseeingly past Karen.

“Scooch over,” Karen instructed, and then plopped down when Claire drew her knees closer to her chest. She pulled a blanket over both of them and placed a reassuring hand on Claire’s ankle. “You doing okay?”

Her arm folded under her head like a pillow, Claire peered at her sister across endless expanse of cozy plaid stretching between them. “I’m fine,” she said without much conviction. “You don’t have to… babysit me.”

Karen snorted. “Please! Babysitting implies screaming and a mess in the kitchen. This is a piece of cake.”

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Really, truly, the best Bellarke fanfiction out there.

Well, according to me. Many of the below contain adult scenes, so proceed with caution. I give the rating listed by each separate site’s rating scheme, so as usual, AO3′s “M” may not be equivalent to fanfiction.net’s “M,” and anything posted to Tumblr is listed as unrated unless given an official rating by the author.


And Done With by Chash [E]

Clarke has sex with all her roommates, and Bellamy moves in. Smut. Also, anything by Chash is amazing, but this is the fic that got me into the show.

And I Love This Place, the Enormous Sky by Chash [E]

Bellamy is a Grounder, and they’re stuck in an arranged marriage.

By Tomorrow We’ll Be Lost by WiinterIsNotComing [M]

Clarke goes blind and Bellamy is a boxer. An amazing flashback fic.

Co-stars AU by notmylady [unrated]

Inspired by Love Actually. Bellamy and Clarke are body doubles in R-rated movies together.

In My House on the Hill (there is room for you still) by monroeslittle [M]

Clarke and Bellamy meet on the Ark. I love the look at class dynamics, as well as the slow burn. This is the first of a few recommendations of her work, but monroeslittle is one of my favorite fanfiction authors ever and her stuff is amazing. Read it all!

Love is Not a Whisper (or a weakness) by monroeslittle [M]

The 100 land in the ocean. One of my favorite in-universe AUs.

Meet Me in the Morning by monroeslittle [M]

Clarke and Bellamy are stuck in a time loop. Bellamy’s character arc in this is fantastic.

Nemesis by iamsnowwhite [M]

Set at the end of S2. Bellamy convinces Clarke to stay.

Slow It Down by monroeslittle [M]

Bellamy and Clarke have a one-night stand, and a baby (as well as a relationship) results.

You’re The Only Home I Know by prosciutto [T]

Clarke moves in across the hall from Bellamy. Another slow burn with lots of fluff.


Etre by AJRedfern [M]

Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship throughout the years, thanks to an extremely slow burn. Told through several different viewpoints. This one will rip your heart out.

Love Will Come Through by monroeslittle [M]

Clarke is forced into an arranged marriage with Bellamy, one of my favorite tropes. Be warned: this is pretty dark, with mentions of rape and a fair amount of violence. 

Picking Up What You’re Laying Down by verbaepulchellae [E]

Without a doubt, this is one of the Bellarke fandom’s classics. Bellamy and Clarke start out as friends with benefits, and turn into an angsty mess of feelings. Lots of smut.

why don’t we go somewhere only we know by bowlingfornerds [T]

In which Bellamy and Clarke grow up together by a lake. Kyle Wick is Clarke’s stepbrother in this, and I love their relationship.

Hawaii Residents Honor Orlando With A Mile-Long 'Lei Of Aloha'
The hand-woven gift contains 49 shells, each inscribed with the name of a victim who died in this month's massacre.

The hand-woven gift contains 49 shells, each inscribed with the name of a victim who died in this month’s massacre.

Hawaii may be thousands of miles away, but the islands have touched those affected by the Orlando massacre with the spirit of aloha.

A group of volunteers from the island of Maui flew to the Florida city on Wednesday to honor the 49 victims of a gay nightclub shooting and help the city heal with a mile-long “Lei of Aloha.”

The lei was so large, they had to divide it into three sections and deliver it to three separate memorials, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

The group laid one lei in front of Pulse nightclub to honor the victims who died there. They presented another section to the Orlando Regional Medical Center, in support of medical professionals and the wounded who are in their care. The last section of the lei was displayed at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

Each one “represents joy, love, and healing and peace,” Lehua Kekehuna, a Hawaii representative, told WKMG Orlando. “That’s what we’re hoping it will do for everyone here.”

Why be Kind?

1. Everyone is struggling in one way or another, and it makes a huge difference when someone’s kind to us.

2. It improves your mood, and enhances self esteem. It is, therefore, good for your own mental health.

3. Kindness is innate – it’s at the heart of who we are. Thus, we’re being more authentic when we choose to be kind.

4. Kindness is contagious and will likely ripple out, so the others in your world will be inspired to be kind, too.

5. It builds connections with others so we feel much less alone, more cared for, more connected, more valued and more loved.

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