otp: kava


Kava has a long history in Vanuatu. It is a drink made from the pepper
plant that contains a mildly intoxicating drug. A nakamal is an area
where the men from a village gather to drink kava after a working day.
Held under a large tree or ‘lean to’, the men from the village gather to
talk about current issues.

Often, the chief will use this time to mediate and/or make judgement
on village disputes. This method of mediation and reconciliation -
if an issue has reached a high level of conflict - has led to Vanuatu being very peaceful, especially compared to its Melanesian neighbours

An Incomplete List of Names I Call My Dog

- Káva
- Kav
- Kabi
- Kab
- Miláčku (Czech for “darling”)
- Miachi
- Bug
- Buggy
- Gremlin
- Grem
- Gremmy
- Queen Dog
- Nub
- Nubby
- Nubulon
- Dobby
- Kabi Dobby
- Peep
- Poopoo
- The baby
- Da baby
- Beebee
- Babe-ulon
- Mudge
- Mudgegy
- Kabulon
- The bayboo
- Corn on the kab
- Kabenstein
- Buggy wuggy
- Peepee Girl
- Peepee Squirrel
- Black Dawg
- Hot Dog
- Hot Dog in the Summer Time
- Stink
- Stinky
- Stank Dog
- Bagey
- Bagel
- Beg dog
- The Begginest Dog
- Smudge
- Demon
- Devil Dog
- Demon Child
- Demon Seed

This is my neighbors making Sakau at the community house which happens to be right outside of my house. This is a drink made of kava root pounded and mixed with water, and then strained into coconut cups with hibiscus leaves. It looks like mud, and doesn’t have a strong taste—although the after taste is strange. Or rather, there is no taste because your lips and tongue have gone completely numb.