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~ Bowl depicting Faridun, Kava, and Zahhak in an episode from Firdawsi’s Shahnameh.
Date: late A.D. 12th–early 13th century
Culture: Persian, Iranian, Islamic, probably Kashan
Period: Seljuk dynasty (1038–1194)
Medium: Mina'i ware; fritware with polychrome enamel on an opaque white glaze.

Aluball and Kava fans, I have a tip for you in case you havent figured it out already.

The Aluball container itself changed in some way when they changed to the new black outlined logo. As a result, the bottom of the shaker can crack and leak much easier then the older all green type containers.

Grab a few Blender Bottles, remove the steel mixer ball, and you have a thicker sturdier shaker for your Aluball.

I find the smaller size don’t work well but the full size work great. Just remember, the shaker is thinner around so you will want to measure the water (I put in 2 “shells” of water using my wooden bowels I use to drink Kava) to get the right amount. Then just fill your Aluball normally and shake shake shake.

Same results, less breakage. And since there’s less width, and more water height, the ball is less prone to get damaged. Win win.

Another tip, use warm to semi-hot water and shake a while and let it sit for 5-10 minutes, then repeat for another minute or so.

If you are frugal with your Kava, put the remaining Kava into a muslin bag and put that (tied) into a container with some coconut water or milk in the fridge and let it sit. In a few days, it will have a few servings of kava in it, kneed traditional style and you will get another round of Kava grog out of it.

I’m also experimenting with more water for the same amount of dry Kava to see if it has any effect. So instead of 2 shells of water, I get about 2.5-3 from the same dry product. It’s more grog to down but the extra water helps my belly deal, and I shake more between shells to get more out.

Due to my somewhat large meal tonight I’m having to go a little heavier on the amount of shells then normal. And I’m spacing them out more.

All I have to say, without Kava, this taper off the benzodiazepines would suuuck more. And I don’t drink alcohol so its my only “glass of wine or joint” I got.

3000+ years of use of this stuff has a reason behind it. Its a miracle worker. And I enjoy it a few times a week, take a break, repeat.

I’m hoping to introduce my friend to it this coming weekend. I think he’s going to dig it. He drinks a lot of beer, so this will be a (gross) alternative to help him let loose. Plus some vinyl and the sofa after getting a little krunk is always nice.

This has been yet another Kava post by me, the man who seems to be one of like 3 people here who enjoy the stuff as an escape.

I’ve been asked about it, sent a few care packages, but overall its almost like a secret right out in the open. I’m in the club and no one else is here kind of thing :D

And to those of you who don’t care, blah blah kava blah blah is all you hear and that’s OK too.

Trust me, if medical pot was legal here, I’d be baked all the time instead. However probably not posting about it because what a man does with his weed is a sacred bond. James Bond.

I had a shit day at work and my anxiety has been sky-high to the point of me being physically ill bc of it but this kava stuff is actually helping chill me out some

10/10 would recommend if you don’t take something to combat anxiety/don’t drink alcohol with it/don’t take it everyday

I can actually think relatively clearly which is highly unusual when something kick-starts my anxiety

Kava, I know again right?

I am trying an experiment. I normally prep my Kava using an Aluball, hot water for 2 shells, shake the crap out of it, let it sit and repeat 2-3x. I fill them just above the half way point on the taller side no packing.

Tonight Im trying my fave Loa Waka in instant form and used 4 teaspoons. I know what two shells of Aluball does but not sure about the instant. So I guess we’ll find out.

And for those who wonder about Kava. It’s not drugs. It’s not illegal in the US or most places. It’s not addictive but it does touch on some of the same Gaba receptors like Gaba A that benzos do so it helps my withdrawal symptoms as I taper. A good heady Kava like Loa Waka leaves you feeling happy, like you had a beer and a xanax almost.

When you do instant, you are getting everything minus the nasty bits in a super fine powder and just mix and drink, vs the Aluball which is a course grind powder that is violently shaken through a mesh ball in a sealed cup. Since Kavalactones are not water soluble, its not uncommon to add a little lecithin to the mix if done this way. Traditional prep involves putting the Kava powder into a muslin bag, soaking and hand kneeding off and on for 15-20 minutes so you can use coconut milk who’s fat will pull more Kavalactones out. I find that I get the same end result from the Aluball with a lot less work.

Since the powder can have a um, belly effect and an exiting effect, I mix it with some fiber (psyllium husk ground to a powder) to help calm the belly.

So far, I am feeling about what I’d feel from one maybe 2 shells. So I may have to do another 2-4 teaspoons to get “krunk”. I have a nice big bag of the course grind so I am set for 10 or so sessions. I’m going to mix up some of the two kinds I have to take to a friends maybe this weekend so he can try it.

Everyone I’ve shared it with is like “how have I not found this before?” And I ask, “It’s been around 3000+ years so, you werent looking very hard”.

And the bonus, I’m going to wash it down with some GOLDEN MILK for the mother flipping win.

Amazingly (or not) the drug scene on here is kinda depressing

Give me the chill hippies, the lucid dreamers, the nature lovers, the psychonauts, and those looking to expand their consiousness instead of mute it 🙂

If this describes you, like this post please!

Here’s the ones I’m into: dxm, kava, cbd, Benzedrex/propylhexedrine, kratom, yerba mate, and shrooms–which I haven’t gotten to try yet. Notice besides for stipulations on shrooms these are all legal in the US 😜❤ Probably nootropics later too

For what it’s worth I’m also planning on using this blog for psychopharmacology, biochemistry, tea (I have around 60-70 types), space, and art. My main is Sapphicsugar & I’m type ii bipolar.

Shout out to @queercraft for this idea!✨
I made a kava chai latte and it’s amazing! I prepared a black pumpkin chai tea and mixed it with dried apples and cinnamon spice and on the stove I warmed almond milk (mostly because almond and kava flavor mesh well together) and added vanilla extract, nutmeg and cinnamon to it then steamed kava in it last. I used the milk wand to froth it and put the tea and the milk together then added a bit of nutmeg and brown sugar on top. It tastes amazing and I feel amazing!


Contax 139-Q

December, 2016

Kava is a popular non-alcoholic, psychoactive drink in the Pacific Islands, made from the ground roots of the kava plant, that has been used socially and ceremonially for hundreds of years. It has medicinal properties, such as acting as an anxiety reliever, increasing male libido, and cleansing the intestines, and gives drinkers a feeling of relaxation and heightened attention. Much like marijuana, it’s benefits are somewhat contested, and it’s a banned substance in some countries because of suggested links to liver damage. For most, however, sampling the dirty brown water is an interesting experience while on holiday.